There is more than one way to eat cum, and sharing is caring especially with loved ones...


Julie was always considered the 'Nice' girl, however behind closed doors with her boyfriend she was a completely different person. Nick couldn't believe his luck to be with such a hot girl. Julie a 17 year old c cup with an amazing ass, dating him. Nick was a typical semi athletic mediocre student with an unconventionally kinky girlfriend. Every other day he would visit Julie spending most of their time fooling around or just watching a movie. On Monday Nick had decided to pay a visit to his girl.
"Hey. " Nick said as she opened the door.
"Hey love. . . "she said with a smile on her face thinking about all the things she was going to do to him in just a few minutes.
As she lead him up the stairs Nick couldn't help but stare at her amazing ass. Unfortunately for him on this particular day she had decided to wear a mini skirt with a red cotton thong. As she hopped up the stairs her skirt seductively rose up almost revealing her panties before floating back down against her athletic thighs. Nick immediately got a hard on.

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   Julie continued to lead him up the stairs and down the hall to her room, knowing very well that his eyes had not left her ass since he had entered her house. This turned her on a lot, and in no time she was soaking wet.
After entering her room she turned and closed the door, however she forgot to lock it. Turning to face her boyfriend she immediately noticed that he had a hard on. She wasted no time and began to kiss him while her hands lead themselves to his zipper and began undoing it. He moaned slightly, knowing full well what he was in for. She continued to kiss him, flicking her tongue around the inside of his mouth. As they kissed she began to slide her hand down his boxer looking for her favorite piece of candy.
She just couldn't get enough of his cock, she loved its taste and rubbery feel. She also loved to stare at it. Sometimes when he was asleep she would quietly unzip his pants and get a taste before quickly tucking it away.
After she finally found her yummy candy, she pulled down his pants and she dropped to her knees. As she knelt before her object of admiration she wet her lips as she prepared herself for her feast. She had asked Nick last week not to wash his cock. She knew that after a few days the smell became strong and smegma would form around the crown of his cock.

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   Of course she didn't want him to smell bad but luckily he was uncut. He could easily take a shower so long as he didn't pull his foreskin back and wash his glands. As she got closer the smell of his cock floated into her nose thickly.
"hmmm. . . " she cooed as she looked up at him with an innocent look. "all this food for me? but how will I finish it all?" she asked.
"oh well I’m sure you can do it. " said Nick with a slight flush on his face.
At the tip of his penis a pearl of his precum informed her of his excitement.
"yummy. . . " she moaned as she leaned in and gave his cock tip a quick lick.

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   "Sit. " she commanded him as she pushed him slowly backwards onto her bed.
She began slowly by kissing around his inner thighs and sack. She buried her nose into the base of his cock. As she did her tongue left her mouth and began to trace the contours of his groin. She made her way up to the tip of his cock slowly kissing, licking, and biting it.
Nick moaned as his girlfriend continued to make her way up his length.
After she finally reached the tip of his cock she began to lick the extra skin that was his foreskin. She began nibbling at the folds as she began to tighten her grip at the base of his cock, pulling back his skin.
As his foreskin began to retreat downward the beginnings of his smegma began to show. Some of his dry semen and smega got left stranded at the tip of his cock. Julie quickly lick it up and placed it at the back of her mouth chewing it softly savoring the strong flavor.
"Thank you. " she said politely as she kept on sucking and chewing on his yummy cock.
"WHAT THE FUCK!!!" Yelled Julie's sister standing at the door way with her hands on her hips.

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   Julie quickly got up and turned around with some of Nick's smegma on her lips.
"What the fuck. . . why. . . didn't you tell me?!” asked Daniel Julie's sister.
Even though Daniel and Julie were related they didn't quite look the same. Daniel was a blonde 21 year old with glasses and a small waist along with a small chest. An overall petite girl. While Julie was a redhead with a bigger ass, waist, and tits.
"Why didn't you tell me he was coming over? I wouldn't have filled up on Jake half an hour ago.
"Damn it Daniel!" yelled Julie "why the fuck do you have to eat Jake’s cum everyday? What the fuck, why can't you leave me some too? No wonder whenever I try to suck him off he runs away. You've already sucked him dry! What now? You want me to share.

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  . ?" She paused for a minute and a small smile began to spread across her face. "Fine. . . . I can't hold a grudge. " Julie giggled as she walked towards her sister looking her up and down. Daniel did the same and halfway in between they met with parted lips and darting tongues.
"Jake. . . omg. . .

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   that is so hot!" Nick thought to himself. Jake was their pure breed golden Labrador he was only 6 years old but thanks to Daniel and Julie he had developed his sexuality early. Julie liked to suck him off while saving the excess amount of cum in a container which she would eat later as a midnight snack or use as a condiment for her food. Daniel like to do the same however, she also allowed Jake ride her and fuck her anally.
As Daniel and Julie made out in the corner of the room, Nick's cock throbbed angrily after being neglected and having been witness to this lurid act between sisters.
"Hey how about me?" Nick asked, half whispering, not wanting to stop the show.
Julie and Daniel exchanged looks for a second before Julie broke the silence by saying "after you. "
Daniel made her way over to Nick who was laying on the bed. With his 6 and a half inch cock pointing straight up in the air. As she bent over to get a taste of her little sisters' boyfriend, her white thong began to peek out over the hem of her jeans. Her tube top hugged her tightly emphasizing her small waist.
Daniel's tongue made contact with the tip of his penis and an electric shock shot though his body making his cock spew yet another drop of his pre cum.
"Hey don't eat it all!" growled Julie as she quickly dropped to her knees next to her sister at the side of the bed. From where she knelt she had a perfect view of her sister licking the tip of his cock. She also had a perfect view of his anus and his balls.

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   She pushed her face into his balls and began to suck each on in turn into her mouth while letting her tongue wander over his anus and then back up to the base of his sack.
Nick groaned and moaned as he looked down at his amazing luck. Getting sucked of by two girls, sisters!
Amidst his pleasure Nick managed to utter the words
"switch places. . . "
Immediately Daniel licked and sucked her way to the tip of his cock while Daniel made her way down to his balls. As julie licked the shaft of her boyfriends cock she saw the spit trails where her sister had licked the tip of the cock they were sharing. Luckily she left behind all the smegma that Julie had wanted to eat. Without delay they both got to work, almost flawlessly Julie opened her mouth and swallowed the entire length of his cock while Daniel swallowed Nick's left nut. As she slid back up Julie scraped of some of the smegma, that was stuck to the crown of his cock, with her teeth.
Nick winced at this slightly but continued to enjoy the pleasure their tongues brought him. After Julie got a nice chunk of her favorite candy she moved the soft wad to the back of her throat and continued to lick and bite off chunks of the remaining smegma. After a week of not washing his cock there was enough there for a cheek full. After she was contempt that she had cleaned his cock completely she backed of his cock and began to chew the mouthful of smegma she had in her mouth.
Savoring the salty and tangy taste it had.

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   As she backed off Daniel slid her tongue back up to the tip of his cock. After finding out that there was no smegma left she turned to ivonne and pouted asking where she had put it. Julie answered by opening her mouth and showing her sister the chewed up cock food.
"Aww. . . " groaned Daniel sadly.
"don't worry I won't swallow it, we'll use it as a topping for some toast.
"O. K. !" beamed Daniel happily as she went back to work on Nick's cock. "Go. . . g.

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  . . et. . . b. . . u. . . . . ed. .

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  "Daniel told Julie with a mouth full of cock.
Nick couldn't believe what was happening to him. He just couldn't believe how lucky he was. He was going to actually feed a family his cum. Well two sister of the same family. He smiled at this thought as he looked down at Julie's sister who was greedily slurping away at his cock while looking up at him with her brown eyes behind her black rimmed glasses and blonde hair draped over the sides of her face. Her glasses made her look so hot and professional that he almost lost it right there but he had to hold off at least until Julie returned with a piece of bread. Over Daniel's bobbing head he could see a tattoo on her lower back, this turned him on further. .
"Oh, my. . . that feels soo. . .


  oo. . o good oh god. " groaned Nick as Daniel happily sucked his fat dick. Just as Julie walked back into the room holding a piece of bread in her hand, Nick began to feel that familiar bubbling feeling in the pit of his stomach and the tightening of his balls.
"I'm going to cum. . . " Nick moaned while Daniel kept on bobbing her head up and down his cock, pushing the tip of his cock down the back of her throat every time. After Julie heard this she quickly dropped to her knees holding the slice of toasted bread close to Daniel’s bobbing head and Nick's cock. On the bread a thin layer of smegma had been evenly spread.
"Ahhh! ugh omg!!!" Nick moaned loudly as his cock began to throb violently. Just as the girls heard this, Daniel lifted her head as his first shot of cum spurt out of his pee hole and onto the piece of bread Julie had placed before it. "oh. .

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  . " Nick sighed as his cock continued to shoot its load onto the bread.
"Yummy!" the girls said in unison as they saw the cum begin to drip unto the bread. The girls looked at each other and began to giggle.
As the force of his spurts began to lessen Julie place to bread under his cock to catch the rest of the dripping jizz on the bread. After the cock had stopped throbbing Daniel scraped off the remainder of the cum with her finger and flicked it unto the bread. The bread not seemed utterly soaked with cum. There was at least half a cup of cum . It seem almost inhuman but then again he had not masturbated for over a week. He had been saving it for this day.
"And some for the chef!" Julie said as she leaned in and lick the tip of the cock glistening clean.
With that Nick, exhausted, fell asleep.

The girls looked at each other and laughed as Julie offered the bread to Daniel. Daniel took the piece of bread carefully and took a big bite out of the corner.
"Hey leave some for me!" whined Julie as she took the bread back and took a bigger bite herself.

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The girls continued to giggle as they spit out particles of bread and cum. Just as the girls had finished eating their delicious bread and cum lunch, the sound of a collar was heard outside of the hall. As the girls looked up from licking their finger tips, Jake walked into the room sporting a fat 7 inch purple, veined, and shiny cock. The girls look at each other and smiled mischievously, all the bread had done was tease their appetitive.