Tom and Mary Chapter 1- Babysitting my GF and her sister.


I raced down the hallways of the school that day, eager to get home. And with good reason. Mary's parents were out of town. I met Mary at the exit of the school. She was about 5'4 and 16 years old, with long black hair that went well past her shoulders, intense brown eyes and a slender, beautiful body. She was wearing a white dress with colorful polka dots on it. She always wore dresses. I knew she wasn't wearing any underwear because she never wore any underwear, and likewise I knew that she was also totally shaved- she had told me as much on the first day we had met.

It was at a party with my friend Elizabeth, a tall skinny redhead with brilliant green eyes. We were playing a drinking game, and we each sat with a bottle in hand. Someone called out "take a drink if you're not wearing any underwear". Mary took a drink.
I later asked her why, and she said. "I always wear dresses, I never wear underwear, and I always shave my pussy bald. For me, that's the best part of being a girl; wearing nice clothes and having a naughty secret underneath. Plus, I love the way the wind tickles my pussy"

That was 2 years ago, and it was a pretty wild party.

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   But that is another story.

Anyways,I met Mary by the exit to the school, out on the front steps. Her parents were out of town and that meant one thing- babysitting night. It was a roleplay me and Mary did. When our parents were out of town, we would take turns babysitting each other, and use it as foreplay for sex.

Mary kissed me, and I saw in her eyes that this would be a night to remember.
"I'll be at my place" she said.
This would be the last time of that night before we went to bed that we would treat each other like boyfriend and girlfriend. From then on, we would be immersed in our game.

A few hours later I arrived at her door.
"Oh," she said "you must be the babysitter"
"Yes," I said "I'm here to look after you while your parents are away. I'll make sure you don't get into any trouble"
"I'm afraid you'll have trouble with that," she said "I can be a very naughty girl"
"Be careful" I said, "if you're bad, I may have to give you a spanking"

After that, we went about the evening as usual. I made her dinner, and we sat at the table and ate. She told me things about herself I already knew, and I listened as if I did not know them. That was the nice thing about these roleplays, it was like each time we got to fall in love again for the first time.

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After dinner, we watched a movie and ate popcorn. While it was a good movie, I grew impatient towards the end, as I knew we were nearing one of the best part of the night. As soon as the movie was over, I turned to her and said
"bath time!"
and doing her best to impersonate a whiny little girl, she replied
"I don't want to take my bath"
"Well that's too bad" I told her
"No! You can't make me. "
"I can, and I will" I said. And I grabbed her and lifted her dress up, revealing her tight, bare ass. I spanked her three times accross it, with a satisfying smack each time.
"OK, OK, I'll take my bath" she said, her eyes watering.

I took her upstairs and turned the water on. She looked at me expectantly.
"Well, aren't you gonna leave? I need to take my dress off"
"Oh, come on Mary. I'm just a babysitter. Your parents told me to take care of you, and if you got hurt in here, they would never forgive me. Plus I have to make sure you get all clean. "
"Fine" she said, feigning disappointment. She slipped off her dress and for a second I almost broke character.

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   She was even more beautiful naked then she was curved, her thin body curving gracefully down to her bald pussy, her slender shiny legs leading up to her tight ass. Then she stepped into the bath.
I moved over towards the tub, and sat beside it.
"You should probably take your clothes off" she said innocently "you don't want to get water on them"
"You know what, you're right" I said, and I disrobed.
My cock is 7. 5 inches with a high tight circumcision. I pride myself on my very thickdickhead, which Mary said gives her extra pleasure.
"Oh my" she said, acting like she'd never seen a penis before, "it's so big. Do you mind if I touch it?"
"Go ahead" I said delightedly.

Mary grabbed my now throbbing cock and began to stroke it, using conditioner as lube. She was quite familiar with my cock and knew just how to work it. She twisted her hand over my big, circumcised dick head, then moved down the shaft, giving me time to recover from the spasms of pleasure she gave me. She brought me to the brink of orgasm, then stopped, turned and looked at me innocently, then said
"Oh, silly me, I still have to wash myself"
She reached for the soap but I stopped her.
"Let me do it. We don't want you to miss a spot"
I then proceeded to rub down every inch of her body with the soap, leaving her shiny and clean.

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   I paid special attention to her C cup boobs and her tiny bald pussy. She moaned in pleasure as I "washed" her clit, and I continued to rub it. But then I said.
"But look at all this stubble. It looks like you forgot to shave"
I picked up her razor and started with her arms. Unlike most girls, Mary liked to shave her arms, so that her whole body would be smooth. I then shaved her armpits, then worked my way up her legs to her pussy. There wasn't much to shave, as she kept it clean and smooth and shaved sometimes more than once a day. Still, there was a fine layer of stubble on her mound and her outer lips. Shaving her outer labia was easy, as her inner lips were very small and didn't get in the way.
As I finished the deed and got ready for the final stage of our game, I was interrupted.
Mary's sister Sandy entered the bathroom without knocking. Sandy was 14, and had fairer hair then Mary's, a very light brunette. She was shorter then her sister but had the same beautiful form, but instead of a dress she wore low cut jeans that showed her pink panties, and a tight fitting T-shirt.
"Sandy, I thought you went to the movies with your friends" Mary said, annoyed.

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"Nothing good was playing" she said, with an air that implied that she had never planned to go to the movies to begin with. "Oh, who's this man. " she said, looking at me. At this point I knew she was on to us, as we went to school together and she knew me very well. Sandy didn't just want to barge in on us, she wanted to play along. Not missing a beat, Mary replied.
"He's my babysitter"
"Oh right, the babysitter" Sandy said "since mom and dad were out of town. I'm sorry I missed meeting you" she said "but I was out with my friends"
"Well" I said. "Your sister is just finishing up a bath, but you probablyneed one too. I guess I'll have to drain the tub"
"Oh no" she said "don't waste your time. When we were kids my sis and I used to bathe together all the time. I'm sure she won't mind now"
Without hesitating, Sandy stripped off her top. She then pulled down her jeans, leaving herself standing in a matching pink bra and panties. She undid the bra and let her B cup titties out, then pulled down her panties. Her pussy had bigger inner lips than Mary's, and while her outer lips were shaved bare, she favored a landing strip over Mary's bald beaver style.

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She then hopped into the tub with her sister.
Mary was still somewhat annoyed that her sister had interrupted our romantic evening, so, pointing at her sister's pussy, she said "you missed a spot when you last shaved"
"Yeah" I said, picking up on Mary's hint. "you need to shave all the hair off, it's unhygienic"
Sandy was disappointed. She was proud of her landing strip, for, as she was younger then us, she used it to prove that she was a woman. But with a few quick strokes of the razor it was gone.

After a few more minutes of bathing, I drained the bath.
"All right girls" I said. "It's bedtime"

bedtime. my favorite part