Trip to the woods


   ÂThis took place during May of 2007. ÂI have a friend who owns a cabin in the woods not more than an hour from my house, and I thought it would be a good idea to take my girlfriend on a little camping trip. ÂHe agreed on letting us stay there as long as we wanted to. ÂI was going to tell my girlfriend about the trip, but I decided that I would make it a surprise for her.

   ÂLet me explain my girlfriend to you, she is about 5'1" and 17 years old. ÂShe has beautiful B sized boobs that accent her flat stomach really well.   Her long dark brown hair is what really sets her off because of her Indian background. ÂAnd she has an ass to die for connected to the nice cheerleader-like built legs. ÂShe is the most stunning girl I have ever and will ever lay my eyes on. ÂI am 19 years old and I am about 6'1". ÂI have a pretty average build, with medium length brown hair and blue eyes.

      My dick is about 71/2 inches long and about 5 inches thick, its not big but I am very proud of it!  Ok and now back to the story. . .

    Â Â Â ÂAll I told her was that I wanted to take her on a little trip, but I couldn't tell her where we were going, and since she doesn't know about the cabin it wasn't too hard to keep a secret. ÂWe decided that we would leave on a friday evening and come back on sunday.

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      ÂIt wasn'tÂgoing to be a long trip but a nice time away from all the city life. ÂI told her to pack lightly, mainly because of the ideas I had stirring around my mind at the time. ÂNot to my surprise she brought about 3 suitcases of clothing, I couldn't help but crack a laugh when I saw all the clothes.

    Â Â Â ÂIt was a nice drive up, very nature-like because of the nice curvy road away from all of the interstates and turnpikes. ÂShe didn't have the slightest clue of where we were going until we drove along the lake and she remembered me telling her a long time back about staying up here all the time. ÂShe got really excited because she knew how secluded we will be and that made her start feelingÂreally hot while we were in the car.

       ÂShe put her hand on my leg while we were driving and I was wearing my silky basketball shorts without any boxers, and I believe she knew this. ÂWhen she put her hand on my leg it made my shorts slide up my leg while she kept rubbing it. ÂMy dick got instantly hard and sense my shorts were being bunched up towards my hips my dick started sliding out and before long almost my whole dick was out in the open while my girlfriend was rubbing all on it. ÂShe leaned down and took the throbbing head into her mouth as it kept getting larger and harder. ÂShe sat up on her knees in the passenger seat and started to give me a full on blowjob. ÂI couldn't bear to just take the so I ran the tips of fingers right under her thong and massaged her ass cheeks slowly inching closer to her already wet pussy, I did this because she had on one of those sexy hollister cloth skirts. ÂI was close to cumming and I let her know by pressing my hand on the back of her head, while she kept sucking on the head and licking my dick all the way down and back up, and pushing it down all the way until I blew my load all the way down her throat. ÂTo my surprise she didn't let one drop out and swallowed it all.

    Â Â Â ÂWe held hands the rest of the trip to the cabin and then once we got there hurried in a put up all of our (her) luggage up.

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        ÂI was turning on all the fuses in the breaker box went I felt a familiar smack on my ass, my girlfriend likes to spank me often when I have shorts on =]. ÂI instantly turned around grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her up around my waist. ÂWe stared at each other and then both went in for a long romantic kiss. ÂWe continued kissing while I walked into our room and layed her down on the bed. ÂShe layed there as I pulled my shorts off and removed my shirt revealing my again rock hard dick ready to get some pussy. ÂI layed down on top of her and rubbed my dick against her red thong which at this point was soaked by her dripping pussy. ÂI grinded against her and began to massage her boos while doing so. ÂI removed her shirt and went down and starting licking all around her nipples and attempting to put her entire boob in my mouth to suck on it. ÂI wasn't aware of it but she had pulled her panties to the side and was inserting my dick into her pussy. ÂHowever I knew when I felt her tight pussy walls squeezing together with my dick sliding in and out of it. ÂIt was really tight because we haven't had sex for a couple weeks. ÂI realized I wasn't wearing a condom and told her but she just told me to keep fucking her and to speed up while doing it. ÂSo I began pounding her pussy hard and fast making her scream loud. ÂShe kept yelling "I'm cumming I'm cumming, oh god fuck me harder. .

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        . . . . oh baby cum in me now without a condom"ÂI didn't have to hear that twice as I began shooting my warm cum all inside of her pussy.

      more to come. . . . . . . .

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