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Topic: The experienceHi, its me, Rachel (17). . . again lol. This story is about another of my experiences with Sam (17). It might not be to everyone's tastes. . . but if you are reading this and you know Sam. . . such as his friends at Rossett 6th form or his colleagues at work, then you probably don't really care whether it is to your tastes and you just want to see how I made him feel like a girl for about 30 minutes :P.
So, this took place on Wednesday 6th August 2008. Sam came over in the afternoon to see me. I love it when he comes over and this time was particularly special because I had dressed up for him. I dressed up as this video game girl called 'Aerith' who Sam has commented on as "being very sexy indeed".

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   Sam has some very specific turn ons which I know perfectly so I can get him in the mood in a heart beat. Anyway, I did my hair in a pony tail with some ribbon tied in a bow at the top. Sam loves when my hair is in a pony tail and with some seductive behaviour that alone can get him going but sometimes it can take a bit more. I wore a very seductive dress with a bow on the front right below my cleavage. Right, thats two turn ons down. There are a number of other turn ons I could choose from but I decided to go with glasses. I have glasses as a backup in case I lose my contact lenses so I never wear them but I know Sam loves it when I wear them so on they go. Now that I am pretty much ready for him I just put on some make up and waited for him.
When he arrived I was my usual giddy self and jumped on him hugging him tightly around his neck. "Sammy! I missed you!" (I had just been away for a month). "I missed you too, how was your trip" he said as he hugged me tighter than he ever had. "It was ok, my mum made it boring though" He put me down and kissed me. I just melted into his arms as we shared the most wonderful kiss ever! Lol, anyway once I had managed to come back to reality I stepped back and did a twirl for him, his face instantly lit up. "Wow, you look amazing! You did this for me?" I stepped forward and put my hands on his chest. Looking straight into his eyes I whispered "Of course I did, Don't you like it?" All of a sudden he picked me up and kissed me, forcing his tongue into my mouth.

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   I threw my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist as he carried me up the stairs into my room.
    Once there I pushed myself away from him and got down on my knees. Instantly Sam unzipped his trousers and pulled out his by now big, throbbing dick which I lovingly licked all the way around before taking him in my mouth all the way into my throat.
    "Oh my god. . . you are so good at this" Sam said almost breathless as I sucked and sucked on his member. I took it out of my mouth for a second to lick underneath before I felt Sam's hand on the back of my head willing me to resume sucking. I got wetter just knowing Sam wanted me to continue and continue I did. Sam began pumping his meat in and out of my mouth in a steady rhythm. I licked all around his cock as he did this for about 5 more minutes until he pulled his cock out of mouth and told me to get on the bed. I did as I was told and he lifted up my dress and just thrust straight into me. I wasn't used to him being so forceful with me and I clung on to him as he began pumping in and out of my soaking wet pussy.
    I began moaning loudly as he thrusted a finger in and out of my ass. "Sam! I love you so much.

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      . . " I panted as he kept up his ferocious pace for another 10 minutes, apparently a month without me was enough to turn him into a wild animal! He grunted as he sped up going deeper and harder than he ever had before. "You want to be a mum my little slut don't you!? You want me to fill you with my cum!?" He yelled as he fucked me harder and harder! "Yes, oh god make me a cum slut Sam! Please cum inside your Aerith!" This pushed him over the edge. I orgasmed hard as his cock pumped his cum into my womb. Sam slowed right down and thrusted gently until he was done.
    I put my hands on the sides of his head and pressed my lips to his. He then rolled off me onto his side and just looked at me looking very satisfied. I looked back at him and giggled "What?" "Nothing. . . I just can't believe how lucky I am. . . I owe you so much" He said looking directly at me.

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       "You owe me? For what?" I asked him rather confused, what could he owe me? He is the one that just gave me the best welcoming back present a girl could ever have. I turned over and we spooned as we went to sleep. I woke up about 20 minutes later and could feel Sam's breath on the back of my neck and his arms around my waist. I very gently slipped out of his grip and tip toed over to my dressing table.
    The bottom draw is my draw and no one is allowed in there. . . not even Sam. Inside this draw I keep a 10 inch strap on dildo! It used to be my sisters but since she has moved out I have kept it. Sam would never let me use this on him normally but he said something earlier that gave me an idea. The words ". . . I owe you so much" kept on echoing in my head. I had always wanted to try 'role reversal sex' but Sam had always told me no because I already had enough control over him as it was.

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    I decided to go for it. I strapped it on and attached this special clamp which went on my clit so I got pleasure too and tip toed back over to my bed where Sam was still fast asleep.
      He looked so peaceful lying there that under normal circumstances I wouldn't have woken him up but I wasn't going to miss this opportunity. "Sam?. . . Sam, baby wake up" I shook him gently and he woke up very slowly. He had his eyes half open and looked so cute until he saw the dildo protruding from when he had just been penetrating me. "You know how you said you owed me" I giggled as I spoke. He just stared at my crotch wide eyed as he realised what I wanted to do to him. "It won't hurt, I promise" I said looking deep into his now very scared looking eyes.
      "Are you serious?" he said looking up at me. "Yes. . .

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        please Sam, for me?" I stroked the side of his face as I said this, I knew he wouldn't say no, he never could when I asked him to do something so softly and lovingly. I pulled the bed covers off him and got over him on the bed. Sam pulled back and propped himself up on his elbows, "Sam, I'm not going to hurt you, trust me. " I said this as reassuringly as I could. As if he remembered who I was he laid down on his back and let me get to work.
      I pushed his legs up onto my shoulders and positioned my rubber cock at his rear entrance. I used some of my spit and 'lubed' the dildo and his ass. Just as the tip of my cock touched his opening he grabbed my hand "Go slowly. . . " My heart melted, he was so scared, I had never seen him like that before and I felt sorry for him but I also felt the power I had over him. I was surprised at how much I liked it. I gently pushed forward, desperate not to hurt Sam too much, "Oh. . .

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        God this hurts" Sam winced as I pushed my way 10 inches in to his anal cavity all at once.
      I stopped for a minute or two to try and let Sam get used to the foreign object now lodged inside him. After a couple of minutes I pulled almost all the way out and thrust back in, a little more violently than I had intended. "Shit! I thought you were going to be gentle. . . " Sam said now looking down at the purple member buried deep inside him. "Sorry" I half heartedly said smirking slightly as I pulled out again. I began to thrust in a steady rhythm as I watched to see Sam's reactions. I picked up the pace slightly, thrusting in and out of Sam's now not so tight ass.
      Then he did something I never expected, he slowly laid his head back and moaned! I was so stunned I stopped moving! He just looked at me as if to say "What?" So I continued working my new appendage in and out of my man. Sam started moaning more and more so I started going faster and faster until I was furiously fucking his virgin ass. "Oh Sam your ass is so tight!. . .

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        I love it" I grabbed hold of his rock hard man hood and began jacking him off as I thrust into him. "Rachel. . . I'm. . . I'm going to cum. . . Go faster! Please!!" I gladly obliged and ploughed Sam's rear with all I had.
      I was hitting his prostate plenty when all of a sudden he yelled out "F-U-C-K!!!" He orgasmed very hard and bucked as he came. The clamp I had securely fastened to my cliterous had done its work and I too orgasmed for the second time in 2 hours. I collapsed on top of him trying to catch my breath as I rested my head on his chest. My rubber penis slipped out of Sam with a 'pop' and Sam gasped as he was now very sensitive.

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         "Sam. . . " I panted "I love you" He stroked my hair and looked down at me as I gently undid the straps and threw the dildo off the bed "I love you more than ever" he whispered and kissed the top of my head.
      We fell asleep in each others arms as I wondered how many more times I would do this to him. . . and if I could get anyone else to join in. . .
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