Two and a half girls! part three


Topic: Friday night, Part two I repeat, this is real, and I’m the lucky guy. Please don't act as like the girls are objects, since Roberta is my girlfriend now and I love all three of them.
So, I lay there for a while, thinking, wondering about many things. I heard a floorboard creak outside my parent’s room, and I glanced at the clock. 2:00 am. I rolled over, leaving a space for whoever was coming. The door opened, and Roberta came in. I smiled at her as she dropped her PJ’s. She slipped into the bed and inched up to me. As she put a hand on either side of my face and kissed me deeply, I completely forgot my plan to tease her back. I reached up with my hand and slid it through her soft hair. I slid my tongue over her teeth, feeling the smoothness and tasting the slight mint from the toothpaste. I slid my other hand along her back, massaging her softly, and came to a rest on her hip.   
Roberta, in turn, took one hand off my cheek and somehow managed to wrap her arm around my shoulders, pushing her breasts into my chest. We turned over, leaving me on top, and it took me a lot of effort to keep my 140 pounds off her. She had well toned muscles, since all three of the sisters where on the girl’s soccer team, but I doubted her frame would be able to take my weight.

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Roberta curled a leg around my hips, which moved my hand onto her ass, and pushed her pussy against my hard cock. This was my first actual experience of making love. Boy! Was it good! I had no PJ’s on, so my cock was sliding up and down her slit. A slight fuzz of brown on her pussy that I had not noticed before mingled with my thick hair. Just then, Roberta angled her hips and pushed down, slipping my cock hard into her depths. Wondering if she was going to scream, I turned my head away and pushed her head gently against my shoulder. She promptly bit it hard, and my eyes opened wide. She definitely had sharp teeth. I felt something warm drip down out of her pussy and slide down my balls onto the sheet below. I didn’t know it then, but it turns out she was mega virgin, and it was blood that dripped out.   
Anyway, we lay there for a while, I was unsure of what to do, and so was she. Eventually, She opened her eyes and looked at me, and then slowly started moving. I took that as a cue, and started thrusting in and out, gently.   
"God, Chris, you are HUGE!!" Roberta gasped after a while.  
"I don't think so," I replied, "I think that I'm your first, and that is what makes me seem huge.


   By the way, you are really tight!" 
Roberta opened her eyes, glanced down, and then met my eyes.  
"I don't think so. " She said, a smile twisting her lips, "I think that I'm your first, and that is what makes me seem tight"  
"You cheek, don't copy me!" I smiled at her, and gave an extra hard thrust to emphasize.   
Roberta opened her mouth wide, as in pain, and let soft moans escape, the sounds slowly increasing in pitch. I knew Camilla did not know I was doing her older sisters, so I leant down and kissed Roberta on her mouth to smother the sound. I slowed in the speed of my thrusts, but instead started searching her tunnel. I suddenly hit a rough spot that sent a spasm through Roberta’s body. I knew immediately I had touched her G-spot. I leant forward again and pressed down on it. Immediately I felt Roberta's muscles clench down on my cock like a vice. I grunted and spasmed, not expecting it, and we both had our orgasm at the same time. At this moment Roberta wrenched her head away from me and screamed so loudly I saw stars.   
"Oh Shit, Rob, Camilla is going to hear you!" I grunted, my cock still in a vice grip.   
Roberta wrapped her legs around my hips, every visible muscle on her body straining against some invisible force. My cock suddenly started straining somehow against the vice grip Roberta had on it and just then, she loosened.

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   My cock jumped forward and buried itself far into her pussy. I felt some kind of tight ring at the tip of my cock, not letting me go fully into her. I still had about an inch out of her, and I had never ventured more than four, five inches into her. Just then, she relaxed a bit more and the ring opened. The head of my cock pushed in on its own accord and the ring closed again around it. Just at that very moment, I felt something magical hit the tip of my cock and shoot through me, making me shiver suddenly. The same happened to Roberta, and I asked her, 
"What happened?"  
She looked at me, and said, "It felt like a little electric shock that left your cock and shot through me. " 
 "Funny, same happened to me!" I said. And in that moment, I felt whole.   
I suddenly understood that the little ring was nothing more than her cervix. It opened up and I pulled out of Roberta. She gasped as my cock left her, still hard, with an audible pop. She relaxed even more, letting her legs drop to the bed, and she crashed out. Like a light, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.   
I chuckled and slid out of the bed, still naked.

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   I tiptoed to Sophie's bedroom. I walked in and found her asleep, so I decided not to wake her. I turned to leave when suddenly Camilla sat up and got out of the bed. She came over to me and led me to my room. She somehow knew that Roberta was in my parent's bed. As she led me, she slipped her thong off and then her top. Even from behind and in the dark, I could see big breasts spread out on her chest, free of the confining blouse- thingy. Getting to my bed, she jumped onto me, wrapping her legs around me and pressing my cock against her flat stomach. I was still struck dumb, and her unexpected weight pulled me over and I fell on top of her onto my bed. I got up onto my hands and looked down on her. The sight made me feel like exploding. I pushed my cock against her virgin lips, which had no hair by the way. I pushed harder, but then I found that. . .

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 more coming. By the way, be nice when you comment on the story. This is my girlfriend and her sisters we are talking about. " 
I will be able to post about one story per week, usually on Fridays or Saturdays. This is because I have lots of homework, and time playing rugby. Damn, there is so much more story each day I wonder whether I will be able to catch up!
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