Two and a half girls! part two


Topic: Friday Night        Roberta was calling, so I heaved Sophie off my lap, and kissed her once more. I walked to my room, wondering whether it would be possible to hide my hard dick. I walked through the door into my room to find Roberta changing. She had her back to me, and was pulling her underwear off. She had bent from the hips, allowing a near perfect pussy facing me. I quickly turned around as I realized there was no hope of hiding my erection. Even though I was wearing sport shorts, which make it easy to cover such things, my 7-inch dick was hard to hide.   
So I asked out loud, "Yes What’s up"   
I felt her approaching me, her soft footsteps hardly making a sound as she walked towards me. I was suddenly conscious of Camilla showering in the background. Just then my mind went blank as I felt Roberta's hands land on my hips. I was sure she hadn't put on any clothes. Being the kind of guy who views girls as humans, I felt that I was somehow cheating on Sophie if I let this go on. Just then I lost my train of thought again as a slender leg wrapped itself around mine and tightened. My shorts rode up a little on my legs and I felt bare skin.   
"Yes, uh. .

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  . " Roberta said softly in my ear, " I was wondering if you could. . . oh look, what’s this"  
Her hand had drifted down to my crotch. I closed my eyes, praying that it wasn't a dream, and yet hoping it was.    
"I see Sophie has already started with you. "   
That was when I opened my eyes in surprise, "She has already what… How do you know?"
"Simple. When we told you to go get our stuff, we discussed it. Sophie and I decided we had to have you in us loads of times by Tuesday evening. "  
There was a national holiday on Tuesday, and by law that meant we got Monday off too. My parents where gone till then, so where my sisters.   
Then I turned around, saying, "Wait, what about your—"   
My breath was cut short as Roberta pressed her lips against mine. She raised a leg, honed by being in the soccer team, over my legs, and pushed me against the wall. She let her tongue find mine, and I will spare you the next moments, as I am not quite sure as to what happened.

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   Next I knew I was forced back down to earth when several things happened at once.   
I heard the shower switch off, and Roberta broke the kiss. Instead of hurrying to get dressed, she whispered in my ear," My dad will be in hospital till Thursday, and my mom told me to see if we could stay the weekend with you. "  
Just then I heard my towel being pulled off the rack, and I leant down to pick Roberta up around the waist and pick up her PJ's. Then I tore out of the room, leaving just as I heard the bathroom door open.  I ran down the stairs with ease, and jumped off the third, landing using my legs as shock absorbers. Remember I said that I was the scrum half Well, it was no problem to sink almost to the ground and set off again. I found Sophie in the living room and pulled her along with my free hand. Time to have a serious talk.    
I walked into the study and slammed the door shut. I locked it, and then sat Roberta down on the couch. I don't know what Sophie thought this was, since she had already taken her top off and was un- buttoning her shorts.    
"Right," I said, trying not to look as Roberta spread her legs open, showing me a pussy I was sure was virgin. "What is going on here I mean, you and Roberta seem to be wanting me all weekend long. Why?"  
Sophie paused, and Roberta took a deep breath, and then spoke.

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"We decided that it was time we had sex. I mean, Sophie is turning 18, and I’m turning 16, and it is about time we did. "   
Before she could continue, I said, "Does Camilla know"  
"NO! she doesn't. " Replied Sophie, with a sort of shocked look on her face.    
By now she was completely naked, and moving towards me slowly. Roberta got up too.  I slowly backed away. I was still a virgin, and I didn't really know what to do. I hit against the desk, and Sophie quickly. . . Tackled me, I guess, for the next thing I knew, my shorts were down and my 7-inch cock was right in Sophie's face. Both she and Roberta stopped in their tracks. It was three inches thick, and I'm not kidding. Just then Sophie leans forward and starts to lick the tip of it, then rolled the skin back to be able to lick the head.

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Roberta seemed to be lost at the moment, so she kind of paused, wondering what to do next. Then she decided that Sophie could have me first, or that’s what I thought. For, just as I was climaxing, Sophie stopped, got up, and they both got dressed. I just stood there, wondering what the hell was happening.    
"Well, we had better go get busy on something else" Said Sophie, in a cheerful manner.    
I couldn't believe this. She had being teasing me. By gaad, she was going to pay, allowing myself a smile. She was going to pay tonight.    
Just then, Camilla showed up and dressed in a pair of thongs and a long t-shirt that barely covered her panties, giving the impression that she had nothing on. We ordered pizza that night, and shared it. Camilla didn't seem to be worried about Roberta and Sophie sidling up to me and putting their hands on me and everything. Later, I dashed down to the blockbusters by my house and rented a movie. When I got back, no one but Camilla seemed to be around.    
Camilla by the way, seemed to have larger breasts than I had noticed before, and she lay herself across me, her stomach on my lap, and her body curving to give me a very exciting view of her crotch area.

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   It seemed to just dip away out of sight. I began shifting around, wondering how to make sure my dick didn’t poke a hole in her back.
She noticed it and said, “Do you mind me being here?"   
"No of course not, don't worry. "  
The menu had come on, and Roberta and Sophie arrived. Of course, Camilla was stretched out, making it impossible for the others to sit down, so they sat on the floor.    
About half an hour later, Camilla turn over, her T-shirt riding up as she did, and the hem somehow ended up at the top of her shoulder blades, giving me a view of a smooth tanned back. Then I noticed that her panties had no back part so to speak of. It has a slip of cloth going up between her ass cheeks and joining the side ones with a ring. I couldn’t help myself. I started giving her a massage. My hands were still a bit oily from the pizza, so it made it all the more comfortable. She seemed to purr as I got near her backside. I skipped it and went on to her legs.    
Just when someone in the movie screamed, Camilla said, "Do my ass, what are you thinking of, skipping it"   
I obediently went back to her ass, and she parted her legs so I could massage the inside of her thighs. Just then junior woke up, and began growing at an alarming rate.

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   When Camilla noticed, she started pushing down with her stomach and then releasing the pressure, giving me a sort of a. . . belly job (?) I Moved up the sides of her thighs, noticing she was dripping wet. Then, right in front of her sisters, I slipped my hand into the heat.    
Camilla gasped, but luckily someone had just being shot that moment, so the other two also gasped. I slowly moved my fingers around until I felt what could only have being her love button. I rubbed it slowly, carefully, and Camilla bit into the sofa to stay quiet.   
Later, however, I stopped, when I felt her tensing up. I couldn't have her scream. Camilla seemed to understand.   
The end of the movie came along, and it was 1 in the morning. I said good night, and Roberta flashed a half smile at me, and Sophie touched her pussy through the jeans, signifying there would be more activity later. Neither had noticed Camilla, and she and me didn’t notice the other two.   
I threw myself into my bed, wondering what would happen next.


   Then I remembered my plan to get back at the teasers. It was perfect.   

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