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Then almost 2 years later the family discovered she was pregnant. He mother was furious, but let her stay for quite a while. It wasn't until after the baby was born that the arguements in their house became unbearable and Jesse was sent to live with us. Jesse was young and easily regained her sexy teen form long before moving in with us. I was shocked when I saw her, she was more beautiful than ever before! It seemed the only effect her pregnancy had was enlarging her breasts. She had red hair, a smooth pretty face, light skin, about 5'8 and a perfectly curved body. She was the youngest MILF I'd ever meet. We had teased a relationship before and couldn't help but flirt from time to time being under the same roof. We spent so much time together it was hard not to be attracted to one another, especially for her now that she wanted a father figure for her child. She would take almost any man willing to consider the responsibility, which I told her at one point I most certainly was not. I was only 16 and I had no intention of becoming a father, so any relationship between us couldn't be emotional. Regardless, she was like family and we often talked about her life, her relationships, anything. One morning I was lying in my bed next to across from her listening to her problems with her boyfriend. They had broken up and I was there for her, of course. I listened, gave a bit of advice, and reassured her that she could do much better. ***** The next day she was over at a friends house and I was home.

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   She called and we started to chat, when she mentioned our talk in my room the day before. Jesse, " You know when you were talking with me the other day on your bed. . . I know this might be weird. . . but I really wanted to kiss you. Did you feel the same? "Me, " . . . Uh, heh. I've wanted you since you've moved in. "I coughed. Jesse hesitated, " So.

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  . . "Me, " I guess we should go on a date, if we have feelings for each other. "We did. We went to the mall and then to the movies. It was a little awkward at first but by the time we were in the movie theater it all felt very natural. We sat in the back, to be honest, I was hoping for a make-out session but I wasn't going to force anything. She told me that she didn't want to do anything because she still had some feelings for her boyfriend. I told her I understood, but I was actually pretty pissed off, her ex-boyfriend was an asshole. It didn't matter much, by the end of the movie she had her leg thrown over mine and her body pressed against me. When we got home we waited outside the front door as if I had been taking her home, even though we would both be sleeping in that house tonight. We kissed and held each other tight. I had a hard on like crazy, but I tried to remain respectable. For the next couple of weeks I would sneak into her room or she would sneak into mine and we would make out. We didn't want my parents to know because we weren't sure what they would think of it.

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   So we kept it secret, but took every chance we got to show are affection for one another. This went on for a while. ***** We cherished any time we had the house to ourselves, especially if her baby was gone. This day her child, Terri, was still with us but my parents were gone and the kid was sound asleep. We joked around with each other a bit, poked fun and eventually it turned into a tickling match on the living room floor that I was dominating. I was on top of her, with my hands under her arms but by this point the true meaning behind the tickling match had lost it's purpose and became an excuse to feel each other up. I was surprised when Jesse said blantantly with a giggle and seductive look," Oh, this is making me wet! "I stopped for a second, " Huh!? "She smiled, " You know what I mean. "I helped her up, " I think we need to go back to my room, we don't want to wake up Terri. "We jumped onto the bed and started passionatly kissing. I had my hand under her shirt feeling her breasts, playing with her nipples. She probably felt my hard cock rub against her leg, because it wasn't long before she reached down and started massaging my nearly 7" inch dick through my pants. When she did I slipped my hand down her pants and started feeling her pussy. It was shaved and she wasn't kidding when she said it was wet! The way our relationship was secret and we had known each other for so long must of really turned her on! I know I would get turned on just thinking about it, personally. I slipped in a finger and we started kissing again. We were way past the point of no return as I broke away from her kiss and pulled off her jeans to access her pussy easier.

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  I started licking her nipples as I fingered her with two fingers. I was enjoying it almost as much as she was, her body felt and tasted wonderful. She started to arch her back and breath quick, after a moment longer of me concentrating on her cunt to give her the most pleasure possible she came hard! I could feel her pussy tighten around mine, and for a mother she was already pretty damn tight again, I guess it was because she was so young and stayed in shape. I let her catch her breath, and started making out with her again. She pulled me down beside her and sat up. I had my arm around her as she began to slowly reach under my jeans and felt my aching member. She unzipped my pants and wrapped her hand around my cock, her touch sent shock waves through my body. She slowly started to move her hand up and down, whacking me off. I leaned up a little and slipped my tounge inside her mouth and kissed her. As I did she started moving her hand faster and faster on my dick. This went on for only a couple of minutes when I was so worked up I was already about to cum! I hinted that it wouldn't be long, so she stopped. I started to protest, but she moved inbetween my legs, smiled, and started to suck my cock. My penis is only about average size but I was surprised that she could almost deep throat it all. I watched as my 'favorite cousin' as we would call each other in public bobbed her had up in down in my lap. Her mouth was so warm and wet, her lips were so soft around the head of my cock.

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  I put my hand on her head and she started moving faster. In a few moments I was shooting my hot cum in her mouth! She pulled out just after the first squirt and keep stroking me as the second shot went into her open mouth and chin and the third streaking from the side of her hair to her cheek. I was literally shaking from the powerful orgasm. She smiled, " Aw, now I'm all sticky! "I laughed and motioned towards my hand I had fingered her with and a bit of spilt cum on my thigh, " Hey! I'm sticky too! Don't you think it was worth it though? "Jesse got up and put her jeans back on. I jumped up and zipped and buttoned my pants back. We walked into the bathroom to clean up. Jesse, " It was worth it, you've got much better hands than my ex. "As I wash my hands, " Ha! Well, I try. I'm sure we'll get some more practice next weekend. . . "*****. . . To Be Continued?Sadly, this is most of what truly happened.

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  However, if you people enjoyed the story it wouldn't be hard to write a sequel. The relationship still had a few twists left. Comments and criticism are welcome. ~ Alcohol.
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