Visiting Home 1943 Part 1


As the train comes to a complete stop I spot her standing with my family, a winter coatdoing a splendid job at hiding the curves of her petite body. Anna, currently 16, standsjust shy of five feet tall, with a very thin body. She could easily pass for a girl a few yearsyounger than she really is. A gust of wind blows over the station platform, tossing herstrawberry blonde hair into the wind. I can’t help but smile as I get off the train, hurryingover to her and my family. My luggage drops into a pile of snow as she runs to me,wrapping her arms around me tightly, not letting go. I look down into her gorgeous blueeyes and she whispers to me softly. “I’ve missed you so much Karl. You can’t begin toimagine how lonely I got some of the time while you were gone. ” Some tears begin totrickle down her cheeks. I kiss her softly, enjoying the warmth of her soft lips. “Don’tworry my little angel, I’ll make up for lost time while I’m home,” as I speak to her I wipethe tears from her cheeks. We spend a great portion of that day visiting with my family, everyone glad to see mehome again even though they all know my visit will end far too soon. We leave thecompany of my family around eight in the evening, planning on spending the nighttogether and alone. After walking through town for a little while we come across a littleinn. A smile forms across her face and she looks up at me, “Can we stay there for thenight? It’d be better than staying the night with one of our families.

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  ” I think briefly beforeanswering her, “If they have a room open, we’ll stay here. If they don’t, we’ll find a roomsomewhere else. ” She giggles softly and we enter the inn and approach the front desk. Itell the man at the desk that we want a room for the night, and fortunately for us they haveone we can use. I pay the man for the room and take the key, and then Anna and I headoff to the room. I can tell she’s getting excited even before we get into the room by the look on her face. Normally she has a sweet and innocent look, but in moments like these the grin she getsbetrays her feelings. We enter the room and as quick as I can I shut and lock the doorbehind us. “Are you ready for an evening of fun my little angel?” I ask her, knowing whather response will be.
    She giggles, “Of course! It’s been so long since we’ve beentogether. . . naturally I’m ready. ” Anna tosses her coat onto the floor and jumps onto thebed, motioning for me to join her. I put my coat onto a table in the room and sit on thebed.

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       Anna stands over me, smiling, as I reach up to her waist. “No need to rush thingstonight,” I grin and move my hands to the bottom of her dress, slowly running my handsup her legs to her panties and stopping them there. She gasps and looks down at me,“D. . Don’t stop. . . please. . ” I continue to grin as I run my fingers along her panties,rubbing her increasingly wet pussy lightly through her panties. She moans softly and sitsdown on me, her body on the verge of an orgasm. “That feels soo good. . . keep going.

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      . . . please. . . ” I slip one of my fingers into her panties, running it along her pussy. “Well. . . since you said please. ” She kisses me deeply as I let my finger enter her warm and wetpussy. Her body tenses as I add a second finger into her, moving them slowly in her. Herbreathing becomes deeper and she begins to moan louder as I explore her body with myfingers. Anna lays her head against my chest as I lightly brush one of her fingers againsther clit, which brings a loud moan from her.

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       Her body shudders as I rub her clit more andmore, each touch bringing her closer and closer to coming. I feel her body tense up as theorgasm hits her. “Ohhh yeahh. . . . that feels wonderful. . ” her words drop off as she beginsto moan more. Her pussy tightens around the two fingers I have in her as she starts tocome. As I feel her warm come trickle down my fingers I begin to brush her clit a littlemore, sending her over the edge. She comes more, my fingers becoming extremely wetfrom her sweet come. Finally she stops coming, and collapses onto me, a small smile onher face. “Rest up my little angel. .

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      . the night has just begun. . ” END PART ONE.

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