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Val lived across the street from my Dad. My parents were divorced and I would spend a great deal of time as a kid at Dad's house with my half-siblings from his second marriage. One of my first sexual experiences was with Valerie or Valley as we called her.

She was a year older than me and none too pretty. She wasn't ugly mind you, but she was a chubby 15 year old - not fat, but ya know how judgmental and hateful kids can be, but damn did she have some big assed tits. And she was a nice girl - always friendly and as it turns out, a lot of fun too. One afternoon we, my two brothers and I, were over at her house playing Yahtzee with her. Her brother Mike was doing his usual - building plastic model cars - he was a nut for them. In the course of the game I was sitting on the floor across from Valley. It was hot, and they had no AC, so sweat was part of the Summer time normalcy.

That afternoon something happened. I can't really say what it was, but Valley was wearing a button down blouse over her shorts. Everytime she leaned forward to roll the die I got a peep at some major cleavage. She caught me looking once and sort of smiled. Then it seemed thereafter, at each roll of the die she would lean a little more forward, show me a great and seemingly unending valley of flesh, and then she would look at me and smile.

Late that afternoon we split up the gathering and went our separate ways.

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   I headed up to the store on the corner for some baseball cards and an Upper 10 that I was enamored with drinking then. I had gone about two houses up from my own when I heard Valley calling out to me. I looked back and she was trotting up the street to join me, her tits swaying and bouncing with each step.

"Hey Timmy," she said as she neared. "Where ya going?" "To the 7-11," I answered. "Mind if I go with ya?" she asked. Of course it was all good to me so away we went. It was a nondescript journey, but instead of returning to my house she asked me to come over and watch TV with her. Of course I was all for it. We sat on the couch in the living room watching Password and then Match Game. At some point she was fooling around and placed her feet on me. "Mind if I use you as a footrest?" she asked, as if I had a choice.

"Hey, rub my feet Timmy," she insisted.
    "What, them dirty things?" "Hey, you're feet are as dirty as mine," as we were usually barefoot all Summer long, and so it was now. "Yeah, but I ain't trying to get ya to rub mine.

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      " "Fine!" she announced, removing her feet then kicking me playfully. I started tickling her legs and feet and she tried to do me the same but of course I was bigger and stronger. I tickled her all over, getting as close to the meat bags as I could, to no avail. We hung for another hour or so and I did rub her feet and legs and it was enthralling for both of us. Her legs were smooth having been shaved recently. I loved the way the curves of her calves felt in my hands, and her pretty little feet were nice to touch and fondle.

    We got a little frisky. I would rub her calves, knees and thighs and she loved it all. I gently traced my finger on the backs of her knees and she would close her eyes and breath in deeply in ecstasy at the feeling. A couple of times I caught her looking very intently at me as we sat there enticing one another. Her face bore the expression of sincerity, not childlike playing around.

    "So, what time do you usually get up in the mornings Tim?" "I don't know 7 maybe, why?" "Can ya go out as soon as you get up?" she asked. "Yep, as soon as I eat cereal or toast or something my step-mom usually throws us out til lunchtime to get us outta her hair. Why?" "Well I was thinking, my folks leave for work about 7:30 and I'm stuck here all day with Mike, so why don't ya come over after they leave and you can rub my feet some more?" Her expression was sincere and wanton, although as a 14 year old, I missed the nuance at the time. I agreed and went home before her folks got home from work.

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    I arrived at Val's door about 3 minutes after her parents drove off for work, eager beaver that I was. Valley was waiting for me, and this time there was none too much innuendo going on. "Come on," she said, taking me by the hand and leading me to her bedroom. She closed the door behind us and stood really close to me. She almost whispered, "Wanna rub some more stuff Tim?" We sat on her unmade bed and I rubbed her feet, legs and thighs. I stayed away form the delicate areas out of naivety and fear. She made clear she needed more rubbing than just her legs. She lay on her tummy and I rubbed her ass and upper thighs. It was intoxicating.

    Suddenly she rolled over, sat up and said, "your turn. " I laid on my belly and she rubbed my calves and thighs. My cock was getting very hard, but that turned out to be a good thing. After about 5 minutes of my pleasure she put an end to all the guessing. "Timmy, you wanna fuck me?" "Fuck yeah Val!' I replied. We were naked within 1 minute flat.

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       At the sight of her very large and firm tits I was delighted. She looked at me and said "Boys sure do like big tits, don't they?" "Oh Hell yeah," I replied.
      "Why don't you show me then Timmy?"

      I fondled and rubbed and she loved it. She held them up and I licked and sucked each nipple. Then she flipped me out with "I can suck my own nips. Wanna see?" She then placed her left tit in her mouth and nibbled and licked her nip, all the while looking me in the eye as she did it. She dropped her right tit and started rubbing my hard cock. That lasted about 30 seconds before she leaned back and said, "Let's get on the floor. Mike is asleep and I don't want him to hear the bed squeaking. "

      I lay on the carpet and she mounted me. We began to rock in unison and it was awesome. She was the most womanly of any girl I had every fucked. It was great. The only gripe I had was she never kissed me and I love to kiss. Hard to believe I had to ask a girl fucking me if she would kiss me.

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         She did and we both loved that too. It made it all the more hotter. We slobbered all over each other for the 6 or 7 minutes it took us to do the deed. When I got ready to cum she jumped off of me and rubbed my cock til I came all over her legs, my belly and basically all over the room.

      As she was still milking me of the last drops of the seeming quart I had delivered her door opened and in walked her younger brother Mike. He was naked and in his hand was about 8 inches of very thick hard cock. He never looked down as he walked in. All he said was "Mom and Dad are gone Val. Let's fuck before I have to go to Summer School. " Then he looked down and saw his naked sister milking my drained cock. He just stood there stroking that fucking small baseball bat in his hand. Val jumped up and screamed. Needless to say I was confused - embarrassed, shocked, a little scared if he would rat us out and all the rest.

      He looked at me, I looked at him, Valley looked at both of us and the Mexican standoff had begun. He stood there grinning at us.

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         He let go of his monster and it hung there at half-mast. She looked like she was gonna shit out of mortal terror. Mike laughed a bit and said "I knew you liked Tim, but I didn't know how much. " Then he looked at Val and in an almost hurt, puppy dog way he said "I wish I would have known. I would have loved to watch!"

      "You would?" Val exclaimed. "Fuckin A, I would," he shot back, stroking that thing again. Then Val looked at me and said "Timmy, fuck me again so the fag can watch. " I went along, only slightly curious as to why she called him "fag. " I thought she was just being the typical older sister. I mean Mike sure seemed gay. He was effeminate as all Hell, and I just took it that he was a queer. What I would find out over the course of that Summer was enlightening if nothing else . . . .

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