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Clay carried me across the threshold as he had 5 months ago, and gently set me down. I've no idea how long we stood there, locked in that embrace, but as we loosened our grips on each other, I pushed Clay down so he was setting on the bed. With him watching closely, I started to remove my clothes, and within a few seconds I stood before him totally naked. My belly bulging, as I was 5 months pregnant with the baby Clay had given me on our wedding night. Tears were running down his cheeks then suddenly he was on his knees in front of me kissing and caressing my belly, talking gently to the baby boy growing inside of me, telling him how happy he was and that this was the best homecoming gift that he could receive. I was a mess of tears, crying so hard my body shook as Clay caressed me and talked to our baby. I pressed his head against our baby bulge and held him tight, never wanting to let him go again. Slowly he pulled away and helped me lay down on the bed, then as I watched he stripped his uniform. When he came to me, he examined every inch of my body asking if I could feel the baby move and other things about being pregnant. I told him that I had started feeling him move a few weeks before, and that the doctor had given me a thourgh exam the day before we went to meet him. I also told him that the doctor had said I could welcome my Marine home with open arms and open thighs, telling me that we could have sex as long and as often as we wanted, only stopping if it became uncomfortable for me. With a childish gleam in his eyes, he pulled me close, and kissed me deeply. I moaned when he broke the kiss and moved to my shoulders and breasts, then gasp with pleasure as he began to suck on one of my rock hard nipples. I whimpered and moaned as he caressed and suckled at my breasts, which very tender. He kissed my belly some more and I laughed as he said "Don't get seasick son, it might be a rough ride". I was quivering with anticipation as he spread me and cried out as he locked his lips on my throbbing clitoris.

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   I pushed his head down to my pubic area while thrusting my hips up to force his face against my steaming pussy. As he licked and sucked, I felt him pushing something into me. . . One then two fingers pressed into my vagina, and when he brushed something deep inside of me I came in a massive orgasm. My body felt as if someone had touched me with a cattle prod and a hot jolt went through my body. I hunched my hips harder towards the intruding fingers and tongue, my hands firmly on the back of his closely cropped head. I cried out, begging him to fuck me, to make me his wife again as he had done 5 months ago. He moved between my thighs, careful to support himself on his arms and to put no weight on my belly. I felt his manhood at my opening and slowly, so slowly he pressed into me. It was somewhat painful as I hadn't been stretched there since our wedding night, and after what seemed like an hour I felt the pressure inside me that meant the head of his cock was deeply planted against my cervix. I wrapped my legs around his slim waste and held his head tightly in my arms. I was loving this so much that I didn't want him to move and when he started to pull out I begged him not to and please stay deep inside of me. We lay there with my vaginal muscles contracting around his manhood, when suddenly Clay cried out and I felt his orgasm splash deep in my body.
    As I felt his warmth spread inside me, I released him from the vise-like hold I had on him and he pulled out and thrust deep into me again and again until he collapsed and rolled to his side.

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      As he lay there panting, I snuggled up to him and took his manhood in my hand. It was sticky and wet from our juices and it was totally flaccid as if all strength had been taken from it. I pushed to roll him onto his back, and I gently took the head of his cock into my mouth. It was a mixture of tastes, all salty, sweet and sour at once. I sucked it while sticking the tip of my tongue into the slit on the end. He jumped when I did that, but didn't complain. As I sucked I felt it starting to harden in my mouth. Soon I couldn't take the whole thing, and I knew he was ready again. With his manhood sticking straight up in the air, I straddled it and with my hand guided into my dripping cunt. In one motion I slide down that mighty shaft and cried out as it hit my deepest point. The feeling was incredible as I began to wiggle and hump his shaft. As I fucked this wonderful man, he reached up and took my nipples between his fingers, causing me to grind harder against him. I was an animal in heat and as I rolled my hips and felt the head of his dick slide around inside of me I exploded again. As I climaxed he lifted me a bit, and started thrusting into me from below. My poor abused pussy was on fire as multiple orgasms wracked my body.

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       Then with a final thrust he came deep inside of me. I collapsed on top of him and lay there. Our baby must have liked his ride, because then he started moving and kicking inside me. I just hoped he was as happy as I was. We are in the process of finding our own place to live now. We celebrated my 18th birthday with our families and pulled out the next day for Clay's duty station. At last we are a real family. .
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