While the parents were away


Tonight would be different from other nights becaouse for two days my parents would be  gone on a buisness trip to New York and the only people in the house were me and my  brother David I was 16 and my brother was 18.
my parents were getting ready to leave    giving us there number to the hotel they were staying at they hugged us and left to get  there cab to the airport and it was just me and my brother at first we just hung out playing some video games and watching T.V. at dinner we got a pizza and as fun we both had some of dads beers we watched a movie about half way through we finished the pizza and drank about 3 beers
i was getting drowsy and leand against David and we sat together for a while and just before i fell to sleep i fell and landed in davids lap waking me up i could feel a huge erection in Davids pants i liked the bigness and warmth it had so i acted like i didnt notice it just laying there i could tell David was getting a harder erection from me and i felt his hand in his pants reaching for his penis and in a quiet voice i said
"David why do you waist your time jerking off when you could have the real deal if you just ask"
while i was talking i quietly undid his zipper i could already see his huge erection as it stuck out his pants and i started to suck his dick as i started he slowly did a thrusting motion and i felt his big bush against my face as he thrusted into my mouth and suddenly he shot a huge load into my mouth and part of my face I liked up every bit of juice i could get getting more and more horny by the second
i told him lets hit the master bedroom we got up and we went to my parents room when we got next to the bed and i pulled down his pants and we fell on the bed he started to take off my shirt as i did his and he was naked and he said alright your turn to get nude and i slowly took my clothes off exposing my virgin body my brother was already an experienced person he took his huge erected penis and slowly slid it into my moised pussy
i didnt hurt for long but after it was pure pleasure and we went soft at first and than we did it hard for about 2 hours we had sex until we were tired out and i said
"wow that was the best ever and you know what i think you should give your freinds a call were going to have a      To Be Continued....

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