Winter Formal: That Night (m/m)


The night of my girlfriend's winter formal for her high school was a night to remember.   Rachel and I had been dating for about 7 months at the time.   We both went to different high schools, which made things a little difficult at that age to be only thinking of that one person.   Especially when I have been having a lot of bisexual feelings since, o I don't know. . . birth!  Anyway, my friend Peter that I went to school with was really my only friend there.   I hated everyone else and thought they should all die.   :) 
I wanted to bring Peter with Rachel and I to the formal so we asked Rachel's friend Heather to blind date, which she did.   The night at the dance was about the norm of any stupid high school get-together.   Seeing a bunch of people that you don't really like anyway just in a different surrounding.   Throughout the night Rachel and Peter had been flirting more with each other than I thought should be going on, so I decided that that was enough of the night and took everyone home.   On the way home Heather and Peter were making out the whole way. . . it was almost annoying, but ok to watch.

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    After we dropped off Heather, we went to take Rachel home.   That was eventless.   Then it was down to just Peter and I.
We went to his house, which was a lot easier to find in the daylight.   When we got there I looked at him and said, "I don't think I am going to be able to get home from here. "  He laughed and asked if I wanted him to just come home with me then and I could take him home in the morning.   Sure I said, no problem.   So we drive to my house, which was only about a 10 minute drive away.   We pulled in the driveway at about 11 pm so my parents were already asleep.
We went into my room and giggled about the night.   He told me that he actually got to finger Heather a little bit in my car.   I didn't believe him of course, "You just met," I said.   He then held up his fingers to my nose, which still had that distinct fragrance of female juices.   I smiled and called him a pervert.   He grinned and said "Let's go to bed now.

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  " I agreed that it was getting late and I had to pick up Rachel in the morning to spend the day with her.   We got undressed. . . down to the underwear, then looked at each other and decided that was enough of clothes on the floor.   We hopped into my queen size bed that easily fit both of us.   Lying in bed looking at each other and whispering back in forth under the covers was a lot more intense than I thought it would be.   We were almost like little schoolgirls giggling back and forth; looking back it was almost pathetic.
After getting the little laughing and talking out of the way, I said goodnight and moved in close to give him a hug.   While looking at Peter to hug him he inched his face toward mine.   I met him with a kiss.   Lying there puzzled and anxious I looked him in the eyes and got this confirming grin from him.   Then my hug turned more into a body-to-body touching.   I started to touch his muscular chest which only had a bit of hair on it, and that is exactly was I was twisting around in my fingers.   We kissed again, this time longer and deeper.

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    Exchanging tongues and loving every second of it, I reached down to his tazmanian devil boxers, and grabbed his hardening penis.   Blood was shooting through my body as my heart went wild.   I was a nervous wreck; I had never done anything like this before.   Maybe thought about it but never actually did anything.   I decided that I wasn't going to hold back and slipped my hand under his boxers this time and met his large patch of pubic hair.   Pubic hair wasn't really something that I liked, since I did shave but I didn't care this time.   My hand fought through his forest and then got what it wanted.   I started to massage his dick in hand and felt it get rock hard in about 3 seconds, which means that he liked this a lot.  
I looked at him again and asked him if he wanted me to go down on him.   He looked at me and smiled lightly and shook his head yes.   That was all that I needed, I immediately was crouched over on my knees at the lower half of the bed looking up at him from between his legs.   I reached up and grabbed either side of his boxers and then started to pull them off.   Once I got them on the floor, I looked back at his gorgeous naked body.   That sight alone almost made me cum in my shorts.   Then I leaned over him and kissed his mouth again and slowly made my way down his chest past his belly button, and then to his pubic hair which made my nose itch.

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    Then it was there his thick 6" penis just waiting for attention.   I gave him one last look while I grabbed a hold of it and then shoved it in my mouth.   It tasted a little salty at first; since he was uncircumcised it gets a little sweatier down there.   I nearly gagged myself with the first thrust; I wasn't sure how much of his big member I could take.   Getting a little more under control I started to only put it in a little at a time.   His moans were plenty to tell me that I was doing well.
I continued to put little by little more into my mouth.   Soon I had about 3 inches of his meat in there.   Any more I thought and I would die.   After working on him for about 5 minutes he started to get pretty r ambunctious with his thrusting and I knew he was going to cum soon.   So I put my head up and started to jack his cock hard and fast.   Within seconds streams of his beautiful seed were all over my hand and his stomach.   He looked up at me and smiled big.   Then within an instant he shot up from his laying position and grabbed my shoulders.   Pushing me onto the bed right next to where he was just laying.

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    In an almost animalistic way he pulled down my briefs, which I never thought to take off because I wanted him so bad.   There I lay in front of him with now naked body shining in the moonlight through my window.
Giving him a confirming nod he started to kiss me the same way that I did him not 10 minutes ago.   Starting with a nice long and passionate french kiss and then kissing my chest and licking my nipples, he headed down more to my shaven pubic hair and giggled and said, "I like this shaved better. "  Then he finally arrived at my 5" erect penis that was looking right at him and just begging him to do something!  Without any warning he shoved the whole thing in his mouth.    I don't know how he did it, but he did.   And boy did that send a good feeling through my body.   I jolted up and down and he kept me in his mouth the whole time sending his tongue all around on my dick.   What seemed like 2 minutes later he came up for air and laughed at my amazed look on my face.   I said, "I know I am not as big as you but how did you do that. "  He laughed again and said that he didn't know, but could and it didn't hurt him or anything like that.   He then started to suck my cock some more, sending me into various wonderlands of pleasure.
The only problem was I started to think about what I doing and then started to second-guess it.   Which then made me go limp in about 10 seconds.   Peter looked up at me with this pouty look on his face and asked what the problem was.

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    I assured him that it had nothing to do with him, and that he was doing fabulous.
      It was Rachel that I couldn't stop thinking about.   He understood and lied down next to me.   We began to spoon and feeling his hard soft body next to mine made my loins want him even more now.   After about a minute of lying like that and slowly rocking back and forth I became really hard.   I was laying just at the perfect level for his ass to be directly in front of my dick.   Slowly rocking back and forth into his crack was quite pleasing actually.   Next thing I know his hand comes around and grabs my penis and leads it toward his hole.   This was something that I did not plan on.   But how could I resist.   The hottest guy I knew who I just sucked off wanted me to fuck him.   So. . . I did.

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        I followed his lead and put the head of my dick up to his anus.
    After confirming with him that it was ok, I started to thrust.   Not getting anywhere at first since we were using no lubrication and no condoms it was a bit rough.   A minute or so passed of just trying to get it in then all of a sudden, pop, I was in.   With just the head of my cock in his ass was better feeling than any pussy could ever feel.   I knew this would make me do what he and I wanted.   So very slowly I gained a little elevation by pushing up on my elbows and let the rest of my rock hard dick slide into his unprotected anus.   His body was spazaming and he would wince in pain every now and then but for the most part seemed to like it.   I started to pick up the pace of my newly found love and began thrusting in deeper and deeper.   Soon I was holding his shoulders while watching my cock go all the way out with the head still in, and then ramming back in.   Not long after that I started to feel my orgasm building up.   He asked me to stop, but I told him that he felt so good and that I was going to cum soon, and he said ok.   Then I really let him have it, I asked him if I could cum inside of him, and shook his head yes and started to rock back and accept my dick being shoved into him.   After about another minute I started slamming my hard cock in his ass so hard I could here him starting to cry.   Watching him in his weakened state, I thrust one last time and buried myself deep in his cavity and sprayed his insides with my semen.

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        I didn't think that I was going to stop, several squirts more than my normal amount was emptied into him.   It was the best orgasm that I had ever had.   Spending about another minute cooling down and letting my dick go limp in him I finally pulled out.
    Lying back down on my side of the bed, Peter rolled over and hugged me and said thank you.   We fell asleep just like that about 5 minutes later, cause we needed rest, Rachel was coming over tomorrow. . .

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