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   Hmmmph. And I have to dress warm. In that big, ugly, oversized antique parka from the fifties that my dad makes me wear every single time I leave the house. Not that I even want to leave the house this time of year. I hate wearing warm clothes. They're too big and they hide too much of me and make me look huge. If it was warm in Winter, I could try wearing that skirt again *giggle*. I remember the look on Daddy's face when he saw me wearing it last June. Boy, was he mad! "No way in hell are you going out dressed like that!" he yelled. "But Daddy, why not?" I asked, even though I knew good and well why not. But it wasn't my fault if he couldn't construct a sentence that said exactly what he meant. He'd told me that the hem of my skirts had to be 'at least four inches above the knees'. And so I was following his instruction perfectly, and had even gone above and beyond the call of duty - the hem of this skirt was a full ten inches above my knees! Now obviously, what he'd meant to say was 'no more than four inches'. I knew that, but since I didn't want to be accused of not following directions, I'd done exactly what he'd said. So I tried to explain how I'd obeyed his rule, and stressed the fact that if that hadn't been what he'd meant, then he should have said it differently, because the proper choice of words makes all the difference in the world.

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   Who says kids don't pay attention in school any more? Anyway, Daddy, perhaps understandably, was not impressed with my argument. To tell the truth, he was something considerably less than impressed. Once Daddy had me face-down across his lap, the hem of my skirt ended up a good two feet above my knees! "All right, young lady," Daddy said, "How's this for proper sentence construction? I'm going to spank you until your butt is at least as red as the inside of a ripe watermelon!" Well, I had to admit that his sentence made perfect sense and clearly presented his position. Of course, I would need to evaluate the shade of red for myself when he was done, in order to make sure his sentence was accurate as well as being properly constructed. For the time being, though, I had to focus on squealing and yelling, because he got right down to business. You wouldn't believe how long it took to produce that shade of red. Daddy was only using his hand, and so he had to spank and spank and spank and spank and spank. Oh yeah, it hurt! A lot! And I was getting impatient because it was taking so long. I mean, Melissa and Aimee were going to be here any minute, and they always get mad when they have to wait for me to come out. And I wanted to get to the theater in time to watch the previews. So Daddy finally quit spanking me just about the same time Melissa and Aimee showed up in Melissa's parent's car. I had to hurry upstairs and change into a pair of jeans. I did take a second to check my bottom in the mirror, though, and was satisfied to see that Daddy's sentence had, indeed, been accurate.
    I didn't study my butt too long, though, because if Melissa's mom had to wait too long (yeah, Melissa's mom was driving - being fifteen sucks because we need to have somebody drive us everywhere) she would come to the door to get me and then Daddy would probably tell her that he'd just spanked me, and then she'd tell Melissa and Aimee, and they'd flip me shit. Like they never get spanked! The movie sucked.

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       I hate snow. Look at it! It has to be at least two feet deep now! That means that Daddy is going to make me wear those stupid insulated pants and big heavy boots that don't even match my stupid antique parka from the fifties and make my butt look almost as big as J-Lo's butt and what does Ben Affleck even see in her anyway, just because she can sing and dance and act even though she probably wouldn't even be famous if she didn't look like that Mexican singer that got killed by her manager who was probably just jealous because that Mexican singer was so pretty and J-Lo doesn't really look that much like her but I guess she can sing though even though I think Ben would probably think I sing better if he ever got a chance to hear me, like that's ever going to happen. Sigh. Too bad it's so cold when it snows, because it would probably be fun to wear a bikini in the snow if it wasn't so cold *giggle*. Like that thong bikini I wore to Aimee's pool party back in July. Boy, was Daddy mad when he showed up early to get me and saw me wearing it! Now, I know he told me to never wear something like that in public where guys could see my butt showing. But I tried to explain that I hadn't really been in public. After all, Aimee's house was private, wasn't it? And sure, Aimee's older brothers and her dad had seen my butt showing, but they didn't count because, well, they're Aimee's brothers and dad! All Daddy had to say about that was that I should be happy that I was not going to get spanked in public where Aimee's brother and dad could see my butt turning red; instead I was going to be spanked at home, in private. Well, okay, I had to agree with that. Winter sucks. I hate snow. .
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