Would you like to suck my Lollypop, Sir?


Would you like to suck my Lollypop, Sir?

©Shyblueeyes1968 - 2010

(Appox. 3006 words) Mf, teen, 16, tease, teacher, oral, anal.

Summary: 16 year old schoolgirl sets her sights on her science teacher, and plans to force his hand, not realising that she is, in effect, destroying everything the teacher as worked for.

Authors Note: I wouldn’t normally write a story with a character under 18, but this was a special request, and it’s hard to write a convincing teacher/pupil story with an 18 year old. However, this should not be construed as in any way condoning nor encouraging the activities in this story. It is a work of fiction.


“Isadora, can you stay behind, I need to discuss your course work” called Andrew, as the class milled around the door, in the end of day stampede that always came with end of school bell. Towards the back of crowd, a girl, with her hair in braids, turned in a slow bored manner, and moved back to her stool. Christ, thought Andrew, she’s still sucking that bloody lollypop. “Wait there a moment; I’ll be with you in a second Isadora. ”
“Yea, Ok…” replied the girl.

Andrew went into the office at the back of the class room. Well office was bit of an exaggeration; it was more a storeroom for equipment and supplies. It was large though, and he’d managed to get a desk in and his personal pride and joy, a two seat sofa. In addition, there were a couple of mismatched easy chairs and a kettle, and it served as his own private little refuge from the stress of modern teaching. Stresses, that had taken on greater significant and meaning in the last month or two.

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   Things had definitely become more stressful and dangerous for him, since that girl had turned 16. Since then, the room become increasingly vital to him as somewhere safe and private.

God that girl! Didn’t she realise just how much trouble he’d could get into, well, was already in…didn’t she realise it didn’t matter if she was 16. Oh yes, it had started innocently enough, just a little flirting, you expected that, and dealt with it appropriately. That wasn’t a problem, but with this girl it hadn’t stopped at a little innocent school girl flirting, there were the notes, little stories, about him…telling him that he could…

God, what would have happened if somebody else had got them? He shivered at the thought. Then the skirts got shorter, so much so that she would sit on the stool at benches at the front, and he could see all the way up her skirt. At first it seemed accidental, then more obvious until she was sitting there, her knees open. Then the knickers became more revealing until today. Today was the final straw…no, he mustn’t think about it. He must put a stop to it now, today, while he still could. The problem was that he was tempted, more then tempted, he wanted too…in fact he’d gone too far already. Last week, hadn’t wanked himself in the room, after class, thinking about that little slut! God, it was a good job he could stand behind the lab bench…he just couldn’t keep the one eyed monster down with what he was seen today.

Just then there was a knock, which made him jump, and before he could reply, she walked in, still sucking on that lollypop! “You said you wanted to talk to me sir?”
Andrew stood with back to her, leaning on his desk, collecting his thoughts and bracing himself. “Yes, emmm, yes, take a seat” right, ok I have to do this. He turned and immediately all thoughts about what he had to say evaporated…Oh Christ in hell.

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Isadora had sat down on the sofa, and was learning back, but she had also placed onefoot up onto it, spreading herself wide open…her smooth naked pussy openly on display. The lollypop that she been sucking so suggestively all through class, was in her hand…the hand was now rubbing the red lollypop around her outer pussy lips.
“You wanted to talk about my assignment Sir?” As she said this, she pushed the lollypop between her pussy lips and began to twirl it with her fingers. Andrew couldn’t take his eyes off the little white stick, and he swallowed hard.

“Or would you rather have piece of this young juicy teen CUNT Sir?” The word sounded so shocking from such a sweet innocent looking mouth…fuck you just couldn’t judge a book from the cover…no he had to end it, stop it.
“Isadora, we, you shouldn’t be doing this…we…you have to stop this now…we can’t”
“What’s wrong Sir, don’t you like me?” she lowered her head in mock sadness, but she was still twirling a lollypop insider her pussy. She had thrust her breast forward, and he couldn’t help noticing that she’d taken her jumper off and that under the white blouse, he could clearly make out her dark nipples…Oh god, no bra.
“No…yes…I do like you…but we can’t, I can’t do this, you know I can’t…PLEASE ISADORA…we can’t, surely you know this,” he pleaded.
“I don’t know Sir…emmmm, I know one thing Sir” she looked up “I know that you want to taste this pussy and I know that you want to stick that big cock into my cunt…its no good pretending…you want me. ”
It was all true, he wanted her, but he tried one last time “no, I can’t please” he was almost sobbing in frustration “this as to stop, it’s gone to far already…. Please Isadora. ”

“But Sir, I need it, I need your cock” as she said this she slide off the sofa and onto the floor, her knees spread open, and her skirt held by her hand around her waist. The hand holding the lollypop had come up and it now hovered next to her mouth.
“Wouldn’t you like to suck my lollypop, Mr Andrew, Sir; I have added something special to the taste?”

She offered up the lollypop, and before he even realised he was doing it, he had bent forward and opened his mouth. It was a cherry flavoured lolly.

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  . . and yes he could clearly taste the extra special something, a sweet yet bitter taste mingled in with the cherry flavouring. While he sucked on it, Isadora ran her hand up his leg and caressed the bulge in the front his trousers. He closed his eyes, as she began to pull at the zip of the fly and slowly pulled it down. He should stop her, but really, it was already too late, from the moment he had told her to stay behind, it had been too late. Had he meant this happen. . . after all hadn’t he been thinking of her, as he wanked? His eyes still closed, he released the lolly and stood up straight.

He felt her hand snaking inside his trousers, and worming its way into his boxers. The cool touch of her fingers on his cock was nearly enough to make him explode there and then. . . but now, because it no longer matter, he began to relax.

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   He opened his eyes and looked down to meet her gaze looking back up at him. Her eyes were filled with a mix of adoration and wanton lust. The lollypop was back in her mouth, as she used both hands to pull his cock out.

She gasped. . . God she thought, its big. . . . very big, or at least so it seemed, compared too the few boys she had experienced. For a moment she felt a tinge of fear, perhaps she’d gone too far. However lust quickly rose up and overwhelmed any misgivings about what might happen. “WOW Mr Andrew Sir, its very big” she stroked her hand down the shaft “you want to put this big old thing into sweet little me. .

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  . ”

Before he could answer the question, she lent forward and kissed the end of his cock, and then, licked it. She started at the tip and then ran her tongue around his bell end, and then she parted her lips, and started to slide them over the end of his cock. Her lips stretched, spreading wide as she slide them over his thick knob. This had to be the most erotic, sexiest thing he had ever seen. He dropped his hands down, placing them around her head and griped it firmly. Well little slut, let see how you like this, he thought silently. Without any warning, he thrust his hips forward, at the same time pulling back with hands, pulling Isadora’s head forward, forcing his cock into the back of her throat. She tried to push his hips back, but he held her firmly, and then pulled back, and then he began to fuck her mouth, forcing her back against the sofa.

At first, shocked by his aggressiveness and the simple fact that she had always been in control, she tried to pull away. After few minutes she began to respond to it, and started sucking as he pulled out, and pushing her tongue against the invader as he thrust forward, filling her sweet mouth full of thick cock. Each inward thrust caused Isadora to emit loud gulping and gasping noises, as she tried to regulate her breathing with his motions.

She felt him tense, and heard him groan loudly, and even though she knew it was coming, the first squirt of thick hot spunk came as surprise, he pulled back and thrust in again, and then another squirt. Before, she had always spat it out, but this time she began to swallow. She had no choice, as he was holding firmly around the head and so it was a case of swallow or choke.

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   The thrusting cock began to slow down and after a few slow, but deep ones, was removed from her mouth. He stepped back and fell into one of the easy chairs. Fuck, he thought, that was something. . . and then when he had got his breath back; it might have almost been worth destroying his life for.

Isadora remained on the on her knees, still spread wide open, although her skirt had fallen back down and was concealing her pussy. She looked up at Andrew, and he could see spunk, his spunk, dripping down the side of face. She lifted her hand and whipped her mouth on the back of her hand, and the she began to slowly lick it off.
“Hmmm I love the taste of your spunk. . . Mr Andrew, Sir. ”

Andrew felt is cock twitch, as she stood up and began to walk towards him; he could feel himself getting hard again. It had been a while since he had recovered so quickly, he thought, but then this wasn’t something that happened to him every day. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

   She climbed onto the chair and straddled him, leaning forward she placed her lips firmly on his and kissed him hard. He opened his mouth to receive her, and felt her tongue pushing into his mouth, hot and slippery. He could taste his own spunk, mingled in with the cherry flavouring of the lollypop in her mouth. As they kissed, he felt her wetness on his cock, and he pushed up. His cock touched her pussy, but she lifted her hips slightly, teasingly, and lowered her self, so that she could rube her wet pussy up and down his shaft. Andrew bucked his hips upwards as they continued to kiss deeply. He could feel her firm breast pressing against his chest, and he brought both his hands up and cupped them through the thin cotton of her blouse. Her nipples were hard, and sensitive, he could tell, because when he touched them, he felt her push forward, pressing them firmly against his hands. He squeezed them a little harder, and she threw her head back and pushed her hips down hard, crushing her wet cunt onto his cock, and sliding it down the shaft and back up again.

“Fuck, Mr Andrew, you something, do you wanna stick that big old cock into me…”
He pushed up and felt the tip of his cock enter her, but again, she pulled away, teasing. Suddenly he felt angry and frustrated, and he stood up, nearly throwing the girl on to her back, but she was just able to steady herself and landed on her feet. Before she could say anything, Andrew had caught hold of her, and twisted her around. He pushed her towards the sofa and bent her over its arm.


She turned and looked over her shoulder, and the expression on his face sent a tingle through her body. He stood behind her and pulled her hips back, and then placing his cockhead against her outer pussy lips, he pushed his cock into her in one long hard thrust.

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   She was like a tight, wet velvet glove, gripping his cock like a vice as it slid in all way in until is balls bounced against her thighs. Isadora gasped loudly, because despite not being a virgin, he was very big, bigger than any of the little boys she had played with before, but it was a good and she loved the feeling of the thickness. She gripped the arm of the sofa, as she felt the cock being pulled back, before being rammed back in. Oh God yes, a hard, slow fuck…just what the doctor ordered.

Slowly at first, he told himself, fuck, she was so fucking tight, make it last, make it worth the price he was going to have to pay for this little hot slut. He had no doubt that this bitch had cost him everything he had worked for. She grunted loudly with each hard inward thrust, and sighed softly as he pulled back slowly. After a few minutes he began to make faster, shorter thrusts when he had pulled back, just inside her, before making another hard deep thrust. Again he pulled back and did a dozen short, fast thrust. Oh yes, he mouthed silently, this was something, as he thrust forward eyes closed and his head back. He pulled slowly back, but this time he went a little too far, and when he thrust forward, his cock head slipped up against a another, much tighter, whole. Instead of pulling back and putting himself back into her cunt, he continued to push hard against the other hole.

Isadora snapped back into full awareness at the sharp stabbing pain from between her cheeks.
“Owww…no, you can’t put it there…” she tried to push herself up, but he was too strong and ready for her. He held her down with his hands pressed against her back.

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   He wanted to do this, hurt her, make her suffer and pay for what he was going to suffer, she deserved it. Suddenly, and with a loud howl of pain from her, his cock was inside her tight anal passage, and he started pumping his cock back and forth.

“Owww, fuck it hurts, please, take it out…Owww!!!”
Fortunately for Isadora, his cock was slick with her pussy juices, but it was still very painful, and yet, with her pussy and clit being pressed hard against the arm of the sofa, oddly exciting. She stopped struggling, and tried to relax, and focused on her pussy, she pushed herself up a little and this time, Andrew allowed her to rise up. He snaked his hands around her body and took hold of her breast. He fucked her slowly, making short thrust, unable to go any deeper without proper lubrication. Each short thrust made the little slut gasp with a sharp intact of breath as he stab is cock into her arse. She arched back, allowing the hands cupping her breast to take the weight of her body, the motion of her body as the cock fuck her causing her sensitive nipples rube against his hands. She couldn’t believe how incurable this all felt, her cunt rubbing over the arm of the sofa, the burning sensation from her arse combining with the twin sensation from her breast; they were rapidly building up into a huge a single wave of pleasure that suddenly crashed over her. She lost all awareness of the world around her as wave upon wave pounded through young teen body.

She was shacking so much that Andrew struggled to maintain his hold on the girl. He picked up his pace, amazed that he’d lasted this long and fucked her faster, pushing in a little deeper. He’d have loved to have driven his entire length into her, but she was far too tight and dry. Even now, he only had a third of his cock in her, perhaps another time he thought. He was close, he held her firmly by her breast and pumped his hips, until suddenly, like a huge bubble bursting, almost painfully, he began to cum.

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   With each inward thrust of his hips he squirted his spunk into her tight little anus, until shuddering, he finally pulled back and out of her. Isadora simply collapsed onto the arm of the sofa, panting and lost in the aftermath of her orgasm. Panting himself too, Andrew collapsed, head back, into one of the tatty old armchairs.

After a few minutes, when he’d got his breath back, he considered his position. Looking at the girl still lying on top of the sofa arm, her skirt around her waist, exposing her firm pert little arse, he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop himself doing it again. It was just a question of going soon, voluntarily or waiting until it got out, then he’d be looking at a prison sentence…Christ! They’d call him a paedophile for this. No, as it was, he’d still risk that even if he got out and resigned now. No, he needed a reasonably good excuse to get out, and then just hope that nobody ever found out. In fact, they must have both made a hell of noise, it’s a wonder nobody has come to investigate. What about Isadora? Should he still see her? The sensible part of him said no, but he already knew that he couldn’t resist the temptation. Could she keep this to herself, would they be able to hide this?

Just then, Isadora stood up and turned, her head hung low and her face obscured by her hair. She brushed herself down, and then swept her hair back. Andrew felt a pang of guilt, because she had clearly shed some tears because of his brutal treatment of her arse, but then he saw the smile on her lips and look of lust in her eyes. Any thought of remorse evaporated instantly, as she hobbled towards him.

©Shyblueeyes1968 – 2010

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