Xavier, Philip and Alexandra - Chapter 4


Chapter 4I was lying in bed, it was around 11:30 pm. I was still thinking about a plan to get all of us, Philip Alexandra and I, together. I would eventually need to tell Philip. I would have liked to have a cell phone right now so I could talk to him. My mom passed by my room even though the door was closed she saw that the light were on: “Go to bed Xavier, you have school tomorrow. ” I didn’t answer her, I turned down the light but I could sleep. My mind was still on that plan. I stayed there in my bed idly until around midnight it came to me: I would tell Philip before school started, I would need to wake up earlier and go to his house before going to school. Then I would get him and Alexandra together and he would kiss her and tell her that he loves her. Then I would sneak up from behind and. . . I don’t know we’ll see her reaction then. It was the best I could come up to for now. I woke up twenty minutes earlier than usual on Tuesday morning I hurried up to Philip’s house. When I got there he was just going through the front door.

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   I called him and on our way I explained to him what happened yesterday: “You kissed her!!! We said we wouldn’t do anything with her. - I know, I said, but she started and I think I got a way to be all together. ” Philip wasn’t too concentrated on what I said. He must have been a bit disappointed that she chose me first: “Philip, you’re still with me? - Yeah, yeah. - So my plan is to get you two together, then you would get all flirty and all. Then you’d kissed her and I would sneak up from behind and ask her if she’d be fine having a three person relationship. And we’ll see her reaction then. - That’s your plan? - It was late; I was tired I couldn’t come up with anything better. - I’m not sure if I want to do this. ” Before doing anything I verified that the street was empty and it was so I stopped Philip and kissed him. When I was done I said: “Remember what we had during the weekend, it could be even better with her. ”I knew he enjoyed our weekend, even if he was a bit sorrow from me getting her, he still wanted more of what we had during the weekend: “Ok, but what if she doesn’t want too? - Then I won’t be with her. And we’ll have each other. - But she’ll know that we had. .

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  . something. - Yeah, you know we can say that at first she could be with me and little by little she could get to know you and she’d be with you. - Of course you’d her. - No, I mean that, she went to me first so I could get to be the bridge between you two. ” He eventually accepted, a bit reluctantly with the part about her. I hoped that she would accept from the beginning and we would need to make any concessions. When we got at school, I made sure that she didn’t see me until Philip asked her. I was really stressing, we decided that we would do it during lunch at his house, Philip lived at ten minutes from school so we’d have plenty of time. The two first classes were really long and I couldn’t get to concentrate. When lunch time finally came I went to his house first and I would want until they got here. His parents were (obviously) at work so I waited alone, Philip gave the keys in advance. When I heard them arrive I hid in Philip’s room: - So, what about the project? asked Alexandra, Did I really needed to come to your house? Shouldn’t we wait for Xavier? - Come down, let’s go in my room the rest of the work is in there. ” I could hear their steps: - Listen Alexandra I got something to tell you, said shyly Philip. - Hum? - I love you.

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  ” She didn’t move at first then said: - Hum, I love you too but. . . I also love someone else. - Couldn’t you just say that you don’t love me? It wouldn’t give me false hopes. - No, listen to me. I really love you but I also love another guy and I already told him. . . - Is it Xavier? interrupted Philip. ” At that moment, I came out of my hiding. Her back was facing me so she didn’t see me and was too concentrated on Philip to hear me. I gently grabbed her waist and asked: “If you love us both can’t we be all together?” She was more than surprise to see me here. Philip approached us and kissed me, I let her go and my arms were around Philip. When he stopped he asked: “Will you be with us?” She was even more surprise to see us kissed, but her gaze enlightened and she replied by joining our hug.

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  After a while of hugging she started to undress Philip. We were both hard by now, even if we’d just hugged our minds were already in their fantasies. I then undress her and myself afterwards. Her beautiful body was now uncovered. I wanted to see it but it seem so perfect and fragile that I wanted to cover it to protect her. Her legs were shaved and smooth, her breast weren’t the biggest but their shape was perfect her face looked a bit ashamed of being naked but still inviting us. She lay on the bed and Philip leaning toward her. She said that it was her first time and Philip said that he would be gentle. Honestly at this moment I would have wanted to kill Philip. I wanted her first time, I wanted to be the guy that she’ll always remember. But I let him go because I knew he loved her more than I. He penetrated her softly and gently, I kissed her to reassure her and then put a condom on. I positioned behind Philip and went in is anus. He turned his head to me and looked surprised, I would be too. But he quickly got back to Alexandra.

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   We fucked for a while than when we were ready to cum Alexandra said that she wanted two dicks in her mouth. She sucked us at the same time, her hands caressing us, Philip and I were kissing. Then she really took us by surprise and started fingering our anuses. I could tell that she didn’t know anything about it but it still felt good. We both came in her mouth, we took our penises out and Philip kissed her and swallowed some cum. I was still disgusted by it. Then we slept on Philip’s bed and skipped school for the day. Around 3 pm we woke up and each went home. I was really happy, not as much for the sex but because now we could be the three us of us, my two loves and I. .

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