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Hi here is Dan again. The hospital story is now two years ago and since then I have examined much more of sexual experiences with my mother. Today we have sex almost every day, luckily without my father knowing about that. . . As I lie in my bed this night I hear the usually knock on my door. And then my mum appears in the my room in her nightgown with her nipples stick through it in horny expectation. „ Hi, my stud. I need you so bad“ Her nightgown slip to the floor and reveal the gorgeous body, that I have studied so often. Her 36C Breasts waved as she came to me. On her nicely shaved cunt are already drops of her sweet juice shown. She removed my towel and glanced at my stiffening member. „ I could not yet believe this monster belongs to you. . . it is a dream come true“ Without any further hesitation she lowered her mouth on my big red head and started her magnificient curly tongue play on it.

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   I moaned with lust. Alltough it wasn´t the first time she do that incredibly good thing with me, I still can´t believe the pleasure it was giving to me. „ Oh mum its so good. Ohh yeah suck my dick you slut. . . . ohh“ She continued like a blowing devil and it don´t last very long till I feel the pressure building up in my rock hard thing. . . „ Oh I´m going to cum. . . mum don´t stop. .

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  . . “ My mum increased her blowing intense as she could feel my cock pumping, than she released him out off her mouth and grapped it tight and stroked it till I explode with an scream of lust. I sent spurt on spurt out of my prick high in the air like an fontaine. And every drop landed with an squishing sound on my belly and builded a little see of cum on it. „I love your spurting son its so intense“ And than she begin to lick all of my cum sea in her throat and swallow all of it. „ I want to fuck your dripping cunt mum. . . Now!“ „ Yeah I want it too I so horny for it. . . . “ I held my prick in the air so that my mum can sit down on it. I feel her cunt lips on my big head, her cunt juice was soaking on it.

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   Slowly she began to let my mnster in her cunt. . . . She moaned at every part slowly slipping into it. It is always so tight in there, sooo good. I feel as every time that my prick was hit the end of her cunt and there was some rick left out yet but my mum couldnt take more lenght in her. Than she began to ride me with passion. Ohhh, yeah. . . fuck me. . . Danny.

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  . . ohh yeah. . . ohhh you motherfucker. . My mom get hornier and wilder with every minute passing by. . . Ohhh . . . . I´m cumming.

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  . . ohh yeah. . . I can feel her cunt squeezing my prick even more as her body stiffened in her orgasm. But her rding trip was not coming to an end. It continued even more faster and harder. „Ohhh It is sooo good mum“ „Ahhhh you are the bester fucker I had“ We changed positions into doggy style and now I was the active fucking part. And I rammed my dick deep into my mother. With every shove I get faster and harder. . . and to my suprise deeper. I moaned loudly and I can hear my mother screaming in every tone.

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  . „Ohhh Ahhhh. . . . uhhhh argghhhh. . . . don´t stop. . . go on fuck your mum slut. . .

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  “ Suddenly I hear another voice. „ You bastards!! . . . what are you two doing here. . . . “ It was my father. My mom and I stopped moaning just like that. Silence. Deadly silence. „John. . .

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    . I don´t know what to say. . . “ „ You don´t need to, its pretty clear as you still have your sons cock deep inside you. . It is good?“ „What? John. . “ „ It is good to feel your son deep inside you?“ „. . . Ohhh. . .

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      . welll. . . humm. . . Yess. . “ „ And it is good to fuck your mums cunt?“ „ Yes! Nothing like that. “ „ I know“ Than I noticed the bulge in his night pants. „ And I see you also think it is good what you see. . . “, I said.

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       „ Well. . . yes. “ Than he undressed himself and showed his prick. It was the first time I saw his eight inch meat. I pulled my wanking thing out of my mum too show it to dad and to impress him. It worked. His jaw felt down instantly. „ Wow you have really grown up son. Impressive. Where you got that monster from? What size is it?“ „ Well it is 11 inches long and almost 3 inches thick. . . And it is still growing“ I smiled with full of proud.


       „ And you can take it in your cunt, Julie?“ „Yeah it blast me really into space“ Than something unbelievable happend. My fahter touched my meat. . and stroked it. Allthough I never was into have sex with a man, I couldn´t help to be aroused. And i started moaning softly. As he stroked faster he hisper in my ear: Fuck your mums cunt. FUCK IT KNOW. Be brutal. And like I was under mind control I jumped to my mum and oushed it like an warhammer in her cunt. She screamed very loud: AHHHHHHHHHH I fucked her like ther is no tomorrow, while my father stroked his member. „ Got under her“ he said. And as I do he stepped behind my mums ass and rammed his prick into her asshole. And now we both fucked her in her holes. This goes on for almost half an hour.

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       The house were filled with screams and moans of deeply horny lust and it all ended with an simultaneousness explosion of both cocks deep in my mum. While my father and me were pumping our cum into my mother she faded out from her orgasm. As we both pulled our members out of her she was lying on the bed. Unconscious. And cum dripps out of her cunt and her ass. A picture that made me and my father growing again. So we began to stroke our cocks and squirt our next loads on my mothers unconscious body. Than we also sank down exausted. „ Man this was great“ „Yeah“ „ Oh look how you two messed me up!“ My mother smiled as she came back on earth an recoginzed her cum covered body. „ I think there will be a very pleasing time for us ahead. . . . . “ My Dad says grinning.

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