Young whores In Malibu pt2


Young Whores pt2

Young whores . Learning Ashley's secrets. . . A work of fiction

It was good to finally get to my home up the bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. My home is a perfect place to get away from the congested city of Los Angelas . When I'm in the city some times i regret ever becoming successful . I offten find myself feeling like I'm suffocating in the city. But when I come home to my two story Spanish style home with its four sliding glass doors on the west side that open out on a large patio with an inground pool and one of the best views in Malibu . I can finally wind down and appreciate all the hard work that I've down to get here . As I pulled up into the long drive that runs up to the house I looked down at Ashley she had fallen asleep with her head on my lap. She looked so young and I found myself wondering why she left her home in Kansas to come to a place like L. A. .

I looked in the back seat and Mike and Trudy had fallen asleep also I tilted my rear view mirror down I could see Trudy's head laying on Mike's lap . I laughed to myself a little when I noticed that his cock was still hanging out .

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   He just left it hanging after his girl gave him the blow job. "Hey Mike we're here man. See if you can wake Trudy up"
"Yeah dude she's so comfy. I just could'nt move her, "Isn't she a sweet girl Jack". Then I heard him saying . "Hey baby wake up we're here" . Then as I pulled into the garage I reached down and lightly patted Ashley on her almost bare ass cheek she was wearing those sexy daisy duke shorts . And I enjoyed the look and feel of her soft bare skin .

"Hey sweetheart It's time to wake up we're at my house" . "Daddy no just let me sleep a little longer " . I heard her say in a sleepy voice . "No honey its Jack You must be dreaming. Come on now sweety wake up". I shook her shoulder a little bit and she finally woke up . "Are we really here".

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   She said as she sat up . "Yep,I know it was long trip. Do you need to use the bathroom to freshen up . "Oh yes I have to pee so bad" . She said as she put her hand down over her crotch area like a little girl would do. Then I heard Trudy in the back seat ask . "Do you have any thing to eat, I've got the munchies so bad" . "Yes I've got plans to make some chicken stir-fry" . "That sounds good dude I'm so houngry I could eat the chicken raw" . Said Trudy as she looked at me with her pretty green eye's and a cute grin .

"Come on baby lets get your things and Ashley's to" . Said Mike then he climbed out and offered a hand to help his girl out . When we came into the house I showed the girls where both bathrooms were and I started for the Kitchen
As I passed by the stereo and turned on the radio . And a song called {damn I wish I were your lover} came on and it made me think of Ashley and wish that I were twenty four years younger . Then I tried to put that crazy Idea out of my head by starting dinner .

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Mike came up to me first and asked "Can I help" . "Yes you can, Pleas make me a Martini" .
"Ok dude, Shaken not stirred right old boy" . "You've got that right old shap" . I said with my worst english accent
Then as I was cooking I felt some soft young arm's wrap around me and then her fingers started playing with my cock through my bermuda shorts . "Hey Jack baby, Did you miss me" . I heard Ashley say from behined me . I turned around and gave her a hug and kiss . "Oh yes I sure did " . "Mmm that smells so good . She said . "I hope you cook this good In bed" . She joked . Then Mike handed me drink and I took a sip . "Ashley would you like a drink, MIke asked .

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   And she asked for some wine . Trudy came back and she asked for a beer . And thats when the party got started .

We ate our dinner and then Moved into the living room . Mike turned the lights down dim and I opened the curtins to let the moon light in . Then when I turned around I saw Trudy and Ashley dancing together to a slow song that came on the radio . They were dancing and kissing. Then Trudy untied the string that held up Ashley's sexy white peasant blouse. And Ashley took the top all the way off and started dancing topless . I heard Mike give a loud whistle and then Trudy started stripping in a slow sensual dance . First she took off her yellow midrif top exposing her breast that were slightly bigger then Ashley's . Then she took off her short little skirt she had on. She wasn't wearing any panties . So now the only thing the beautiful sixteen year old had on was the red stelleto high heels and her pink nylon knee high stockings . Now I could see why Mike liked this girl .

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"Take it off take it all off Ashley" . Trudy started yelling . Ashley seemed a little shy at first then she started slowly unbuttoning the snap that held those sexy daisy duke shorts up. We all laughed a little when she tried she dropped the shorts down and got them stuck over the pink cow girl boots . But she saved the sexy move by kicking the boots off . Then she let the shorts drop to the floor . Then she wiggled sensualy out of the burgundy colored thongs and then she tossed them at me . And they landed perfectly on my shoulder . Then this vision of beauty came dancing over to me totaly nude . My heart was almost beating out of my chest as she came and pulled me out into the center of the living room that was now a make shift dance floor . Trudy went over to Mike and pulled him out .

They undressed us and we all danced naked for a while . Then we all went and sat on the couch Mike lit a joint and we all became totally stoned . Then the sex began Ashley went down on her knees infront of me and put my half limp cock in her warm mouth . "Oh.

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  . Yes. . now. . I was hoping you'd give me a replay of the one you gave in the car, .

"I like your big dick Jack, I just cant get enough of it " . Then she put my cock back in her mouth . I looked over
at Mike and Trudy she was doing the same to him . I just had to say it . "MIke I think we died and went to heaven". Then Mike raised his hand up and we high fived Like a couple of teenage boy's . When I was hard Ashley stopped her blow job and rolled a condom on to my cock . Then she climbed up over my lap so she could sit on my now rock hard cock . She leaned up and whispered in my ear .

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  "Now I get to ride your big hard cock baby" .

Trudy started riding Mike so hard that the couch started creaking . "Oh fuck yes ride it baby. . Ride . . my cock" . Mike screamed out . This must have egged Ashley on because she started getting wild on my dick to . "Oh. . Shit. . Oh . .

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  Yes she screamed out . I new I couldn't hold out to much longer with this foxy little teen riding me like this. So I decided to slow things down by rolling her on to the bottom . I let her lean on some pilowes . "Now its my turn baby" . And I started slowly humping her at my own pase .

When I looked over at Mike and Trudy he had her on her knees with her hands holding the back of the couch . "Take it doggy style bitch" . I heard him say then Trudy replied . "Yeah baby talk dirty to me, That really gets me fucking hot". I could smell the scent of sex as it filled the room . This was such a turn on I then felt my come begin to rise and I started humping Ashley harder . "OH. . .

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  YES. . Thats it fuck me hard Oh. . shit yeah" . Ashley screamed out so I did just what she asked . "OH. . I'. . m. . . coming. .

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  . Oh shit yes". I wished I didn't have the rubber on so I could have let her feel my hot jiz inside her young cunt . But god when I came I felt like I was sixteen again .

"Oh. . Trudy. . Oh baby. . oh yes" . Mike said as he shot his load . " Oh. . Yes.


  . fuck. . yes" Trudy said as she came to .
We all sat on the couch kissing and cuddling as our orgasms faded . Latter on I woke up and dicovered Mike and Trudy got up and went to Mike's room . They left me and Ashley sleeping totally nude on the couch . So I picked my pretty young date up and carried her up the sprial staircase to my bedroom . She moaned softly as I laid her
Down. Then a guilt feeling came over me That I probably should have felt earlyer . As I Iooked down at her she looked even younger than befor . It must of been the way the moon light shined down on her pretty young face . She looked so young and innocent . "What happened to you sweetheart why did you leave Kansas" . I thought as I laid down beside her warm young body .

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  I placed my arm around her and fell off to sleep .

I've always been an early riser I woke up with the sun shining down through a sky light in the ceiling of my bedroom . I heard the sound of Ashley talking in her sleep . "No daddy not now I've got school today, Dad. . dy. . no"
Then she woke up with a startled look on her face . "Are you ok sweetheart, I think you we're having a bad dream"
"Oh yes I'm sorry,I guess I was having that recurring dream About a monster attacking me again . "I'm sorry Jack did I wake you . "No thats Ok baby I was already awake anyway . "Hey baby why don't you and I get up and take a shower. Then take a saturday morning walk down on the beach . "Its something try and do on saturday's would you like to join me" .

She got a big smile on her face and said .

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   "Now your talking mister last one in the showers a rotten egg".
We both ran to the shower like a couple of kids . We took some time and explored eachothers body's while slowly washing eachother . I ran my hands and fingers over her small round breast . Then I pulled her to me and kissed her.

My cock was hard again and I lifted her up by her ass cheeks with my hands. Then I pressed her up against the wall . I Quickly reached down and guided my stiff prick into her wet cunt .

"Don't come in me please". She said. "But yes by all-mean do fuck me".
"I promise I won't come in you baby" . I then began thrusting into her . "Oh. .

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  ahh. . Yes. . That . feels so good Jack. . You really know how to fuck a girl right" . I said nothing at first I just enjoyed making love to this beautiful girl in my. shower . But than a thought came to me and I asked "Can I come your mouth baby" .

"Hee. . hee she giggled, "yes baby you can feed me my breakfast". And I let her down she dropped down on her knees and began sucking rockng her head back and forth.

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   And jacking me off with her soft left hand as her right hand messaged my nut's until I came . "Ah. . . ahhh. . ohh. ahhh . And I let all my come shoot into her mouth as I looked down I was amazed the way she swallowed it it all down .

As we dressed she explained to me. "Its Jimmy's rule that we use condoms . "But for you Jack I'l make an exception . "I'm sorry Ashley I just lost control of myself, Its not everyday that I have beautiful girl like you in my shower" . I said As I watched her pull on some pink silk thong panties then a slinky looking pink and white tyedye sun dress . I put on some surfing trunks and a black tank top t-shirt .

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Then I took her hand and lead her out of my room back down the stair case and out on the patio deck . "Wow Jack you're so blessed to have a home like this, I've always fantasised about a home like this". "Thank you sweety, But you know what my true blessing is" . Ashley looked up at and asked "Whats that Jack" .
"Why it was meeting you of course. "Since the first time we met.
"I thought to my self what a lucky man I will be to spend time with someone like you" .

"Jack thats so sweet . "But I don't want you to get to wrapped with me I'm a whore,
"And I'm just to messed up for a guy like you".

"Thats not true Ashley, I think something happened to you back in Kansas,
"You have this idea in your pretty head that your damaged goods . "I don't see that in you I see a young girl that needs to be loved. I have to get you out of that city . "Befor it eats you up and spits you out, LIke its done to so many other girl's like you befor".
"The idea of hearing about your body being found in'a dumpster just makes me sick".

As we stepped down on to the beach Ashley said to me .

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  "I can take care of my self Jack don't worry about me ok"
Then she stooped down and scooped up a handful of sand and let the sand slowly fall from between her finger's
"I'm here I'm finally here, I never thought I would be standing on a place like Malibu beach" .

    I took her hand and lead her to where the Pacific kissed the shore . Then I asked her "How did you and trudy meet.

    "Well I had been in L. A. for a little over two months . I came here wanting to be an actress . But know one wants to hire a sixteen year old runaway . "I wandered into a bad part of town. When a couple Chicano gang bangers decided they wanted to pull me into an alleyway. "They tried to rape me but I was able to fight them off by kicking one of the assholes in the crotch. And I gave one of them a hard punch in the nose and they gave up, "But they took my purse when they ranaway. "I had almost a thousand dollars in there and that left me flat broke" .

    "So I ended up sitting in the Compton grey hound bus station crying my eyes out . "When this beautiful red haired girl with green eyes sat down beside me and said .

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      "Hey girl there's no need to cry,Even though you are in the arm pit of L. A Compton Cailifornia" . "We became friends right away, Now were like sister's . "She took me to meet Jimmy and between the two of them they talked me into hooking . "Hell after all I had learned a few things thanks to my Father".

    "So is that the monster you dream about". I asked . "Yes he's my monster he's not really all that scarry, "My mother died when I was twelve . Daddy's heart was broken. I think he was so in love with Mom that he went a little crazy
    "As I grew older he started saying that I was looking more like mom everyday . "When I was thirteen he talked me into sleeping with him . "I loved my father and at first I thought it was fun, That night he took my virginity.
    "It really hurt at first he was so sweet the way he held me. And told me the pain would go away".
    "After that we were like lover's that had a dark secret to keep".

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    "But I never knew he thought I'd always be there for him" .
    "Not to long a'go I met a boy he was In my High school drama class his name was Tom . He was so hansom".
    "He asked me out on a date. "But when I told my dad that I wanted to go out on a date. He became so angry and told me . "There's no way that I was going out with anyone but him. "And that I was his girl . "And he made me tell Tom that I wasn't allowed to date Yet" . "After that Tom never talked to me again"

    . "Before I ranaway I left Daddy a note
    "Saying not to look for me . And if he did find me I'd tell the police what he'd done to me all those year's" .
    "So thats why you don't want a girl like me Jack . "I'm to messed up for someone like you".

    She turned to me while wiping tears from her eyes and I pulled her to me .

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      "Thats not true I can help you.
    "Your looking for work . "You can work in one of my stores . "I also have an Idea to help both you and Trudy .
    "You can model my new line of clothing . "I'll do what ever it takes to you get away from hooking".

    "Oh come on Jack you just want me close by so you can have me to". Ashley looked at me with angry eyes"
    "I could tell the way you fucked me last night. And in the shower . "Your no diffrent than my father" .

    I should of realized that she'd feel this way . And I did enjoy her body last night . "I can understand that you'd think like that . "But I care about you . "I think I could truly love someone like you.

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       "Please just give it some thought ok".

    She came to here senses and gave me a hug. "I'm sorry jack I shouldn't have ever compared you to my father . "I know your nothing like him . "I also don't think Jimmy will let us go we're big money maker's for him and Keisha" .

    After our conversation we came back to house finding Trudy and Mike swimming Nude in the pool . "Well there they are . Said Trudy . "Come on in you two . Said Mike "I tried to get her down to the beach but she's afraid of sharks . "Oh you're such a fraidy cat". Said Ashley as she pulled her sun dress off and then ran and jumped in doing a cannon ball dive splashing everyone . I took my trunks off and jumped in also . The rest of the weekend with the girls went way to fast . It was hi-lighted on sunday when Mike and I took the girls out on our Harleys up the coast highway to a seafood resterauant in Santa Barbara .



    It was early monday morning when I woke up with Ashley sucking my cock until I was hard . "Well good moring baby. Said Ashley in between sucking "Suck. . slurp. . suck. . slurp . "Oh baby you surly know how start a man's day. . . Oh. . ahh .

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      Then she climbed up and lowerd herself all the way down on my stiff cock . "Don't tell Trudy I rode you bare back,Ok But I like how skin on skin feels" . "Oh ride me baby ride me" . I said and she rode me for all it was worth . "Oh. . Jack. . . You. . have the best cock In Malibu" .

    We made love that morning it wasn't fucking it was love makeing . She lowered her body down on my chest and wispered in my ear . "I want you to come in me Jack.

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      . . . Oh. . . please come in Me" . I rolled her over and laid on top of her . And fucked her harder now with My hips slapping against her thighs . I wispered in her ear . "Her it comes baby. "You can take a piece of me back to L. A, Oh. . .

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      ahh. . Oh. . ahhh . I pushed myself deep into her tight pussy not caring what might happen . Ashley wrapped her legs around my back and she came with me . We kissed for what seemed like for ever . But both of us never said anything about love . Altough both of us knew how the other felt.

    As she was packing to go back I gave her my business card and told her. "If you ever need me for anything you call me. "I do truly care about you, And Trudy to for that matter". She took my card and said "Thanks Jack,Its good to know there are people like you in this world, "You're now one of my best friends" . Then she stepped over to me and hugged me tight I didn't want to let her go but there was no stopping her she had to go .

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      I just had to tell myself that she would be safe and nothing bad would happen to her . Mike and I had to go into town to chek our store's and we gave them a ride in .

    From the back seat Trudy said. "Now you guy's don't forget us now" . I looked back at her and said. "you girls are unforgettable" . Then she gave me her big Unforgettable smile .

    The work week seemed to drag on forever . But friday finally rolled around and I drove out of the rat race called L. A. . It was a long drive back home and I couldn't help but Think of Ashley and Trudy. I wondered where they were . And I did something that I hadn't done in a long time. I said a silent prayer to god to watch over them .

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       As I pulled into the drive way to my home There stood both Ashley and Trudy . I stopped the car and jumped out quickly Ashley came running to me jumping up onto me wrapping her legs and arms around me .
    She gave me a kiss then said "We quit, And I talked Trudy into quiting to".

    "Girl you didn't talk me into anything. "Shit I came along to keep you out of trouble" .

    Then Mike came walking out . "We thought we would surprise you .

    "Hell you've been moping around like love sick pup,Ever since the weekend was over".

    As I stood there holding Ashley I thought to myself . "I guess god does work in mysterious ways".

    THE END. . . . .

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      . . MAYBE.

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