first time for fun

True Story

this was a few years ago when i was 16 and went to camp. i thought it was going to be boring as fuck as every year till i saw this really hot guy. his name was Mike and he had dark brown hair and a firm and beautiful. everyday i would dress up in tight tube tops and mine skirts with cute sandals and walk past him. everyday i would talk to him and flirt and we became real close friends. one day after i got into the pool he called me over. "hey Mike what's up" "nothing just chilling,hey help me get these bags up to my cabin"
i grabbed some bags and went. as soon as i got there i saw him lock the door and begin to kiss me. his lips were so smooth and perfect that i couldn't resist, i began kissing him more and more. we ended up against the wall where he started to take me top off and i helped him unclasp my bra. he began so suck my nipples all over. "oh Mike i wanted to since the first day" "me too baby" i started to take his cock out and sucked it. it was so hard and good i needed to continue. after a while he took my panties off. i told him "Mike take my virginity but FUCK ME HARD AND GOOD FUCK ME MIKE!" he inserted his cock in and it hurt. "oh oh oh oh!" he went faster and faster.

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   "OH YEA FUCK ME FUCK ME HARD!" now he went as hard as ever and felt amazing. "I'm going to cum" he said. "cum inside me baby!" he then goes in me and it was gushes and gushes of cum inside me. i lay ed on the floor panting and him too. "wow that was great, fuck me tomorrow?" "yes baby" we started making out after that till the bell rang and it was time to go to our cabins. .