Guy works with guy, guy sees another guy cheating on his girl, tells the girl, guess what happens?

True Story

This is Completely true
I'd only known for a day but I had to say something. That night I was working at subway, a whole group of teenagers turned up outside. We had just closed so we weren't letting them in, however something caught my eye. Was it him? Yes, it was, but that isn't her! For you to understand this, I have a massive crush on a girl, Abbey, a 5'4" petite blond with C cup tits. I work with her and i absolutely hate her boyfriend Matt. And there he was, standing outside hooking up with some random brunette. I continued working, but i had decided to tell her the next day when i do the 4-9 shift.

The next day…
We were almost done for the day and i was just grabbing the last of the trash, and switching off the lights. We walked out, down the ramp and towards the bins. Abbey grabbed the lids as i chucked the rubbish in. We said goodbye and began to walk separate ways. This is when i made my move. . .
"Abbey, wait, there's something i have to tell you…" I yelled down the ally
"What?" She replied innocently. She began walking towards me, her tits shining in the moonlight.

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"There's something i have to tell you, i don't know if I'm the right person to tell you this or even if i should but…" i was frozen, i couldn't speak. "What?" she asked impatiently "last night…when i was working with Tim…Someone showed up after we closed. " i stuttered. "Who?" "…Matt" i blurted "so?" "um…He was hooking up with a random brunette. " She stood there, frozen, i felt guilty, like I'd broken her heart. I probably had. "THAT LYING LITTLE SHIT" She stood there yelling, then suddenly stopped, and start crying. I moved towards her, and gave her a hug. "are you ok? did you want me to walk you home?" We begin to walk toward the end of the alley way. But she stops. and yells at me. "i don't wanna go that way, he live across the street" she sobs "do you wanna go back to my house then? "anywhere but that way" she sobs as she points in the direction of her house. She isn't up to walking to far, so I instinctively call a taxi. As were going along in the car, she randomly asks; "are you sure it was him?" "sorry what?" "i said are you sure it was him" "oh sorry, yeah, broken arm, Adidas hoddie, blond hair" "yeah that's him" she sobbed quietly The taxi driver gave me a strange stare "shut up and keep your eyes on the road" i yell furiously

We pull up outside my house, i apologize, give a brief explanation and pay the driver. I lead her up the path, and open the door.

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  "my parents are away for the week, I've got the place to myself" i explain sympathetically "do you want a drink? I've got UDL's, Carrona's, Vodka and JD's" "raspberry UDL thanks, can you add extra vodka?" "you know I'd do anything for you" i say as i move her towards my bed, she's slowly regaining herself, and coming out of shock. I disappear, then come back a second later with drinks, she has rearranged herself on the pillows. I can see a little lump in the thong that cover her virgin pussy. She has completely changed, the person that i left on the bed has left, replaced by a horny little 15 year old. She winks at me as she takes the drink. She sits up…"i know about the rumors going around subway about what me and Matt got up to, and I'm happy to say there not true. " Wait, she said something, I'm stunned by the lack of clothing on her upper half,the girl of my dreams lying half naked on my bed. My finger draws circles on her tummy. She places her drink on the table, and her hands slowly move towards my chest.

She raises my top, takes it over my head, revealing a 6 pack and looks surprised. "i knew you worked out, but your absolutely tank. I kiss her on the neck, and slowly move towards her lips. I breath her smell, still struggling to believe this is real. We kiss, i feel her tongue inside my mouth, my hands caress her, feeling her firm C cups, and perky little nipples. She moans softly as i play with her nipple.

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   Her hands move down my chest and slowly, undoing my belt buckle. I look at her, slightly confused, she says "don't you want to go all the way?" she continues. I feel her hands slide around my shaft, caressing my head. She stands up and pulls my jeans down, exposing the rapidly rising lump in my pants. She move down toward my cock, she notices that the lump keeps growing.

She pulls down my briefs, and stares half curious, because after all this is her first time, and half excited at the sight of playing with. 9 ½"cock, half nervous about what lays ahead.  "i never knew they were so big". Her tongue slowly teasing my head, moving down my shaft. She continues licking as she slowly takes it deeper into her mouth. I can feel that I'm going to cum soon, so I slowly take my cock out of her mouth, I stand her up and gently lay her down on the bed. I slowly role back her skirt, seeing what her sucking my cock did to her pussy.

The thong is not a thong at all, just a red shoelace, that runs between her lips. I tease her by moving my tongue up and down her slit and side to side. I still can't believe that this is happening - I'm licking the pussy of the girl of my dreams.

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   I slowly part her lips, she lays back a moans softly, I slowly insert my tongue and taste her vagina, a millimeter at a time,  it tastes so sweet, like nothing I've ever tasted. I remove my tongue as she moans loudly. I move up toward her neck to kiss her. She begs me to put it in, so slowly we move our hands down, i feel her hand grab my cock and slowly move it toward her opening. "abbey, you haven't done anything sexual before have you? I ask innocently "no and hopefully this won't be the last. Why?" "I don't know if you know but when a girl first has sex, whatever go's in , finger or cock, will tear the hymen. This will probably hurt but it's. The only pain you'll ever feel ok. " "ok"

I slowly slide my penis is, she moans, I keep going, I stop, I can feel her hymen, I am her first guy, i move quickly, tear through her hymen, I feel some blood trickle as she screams in pain, I slow down hut keep going, Deeper into her pussy. I slide back, then forwards, and back again, she starts moaning with pleasure, she starts screaming deeper! Deeper! I say i can't go any deeper. She says  to go on my knees, as  I do so I see her put some pillows under her neck, she bends her legs then raises her pussy, making the arch position and offering it to me. I oblige, sliding 9 ½"'s back in, I go in, then out, in,out. We keep going but suddenly abbey sits up, with my cock still in there, she grabs me, I hold onto her, supporting her weight, like in the piston position. She keeps moaning, i feel her pussy tighten, oh god she moans, I feel my cock getting wet, she's coming, I'm coming, keep it in there she moans, I pull her tightly against me, forcing my cock to act as a plug to her juices. I ram my cock all the way to the back of her pussy and unleash, she's screaming her head off as she lays in my arms.

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   I lay her back down on the bed, "please, take it out, I wanna taste" I can't help to oblige, as soon as there's a slight gap, abbey screams as our juices rush out of her pussy. I completely remove my cock and slowly straddle my way up towards her head. "taste it" I say softly. One of my hands move to cup her breast, the other teases her clit. I can still feel the wetness of it. She takes her tongue to my cock and licks of our juices. "it tastes so nice" I move off her stomach, and down to kiss her. We kiss for what seems like eternity, then  out of the blue she says; "are you up for round two?" hell yeah. I turn her over and slowly massage and kiss her back, slowly making my way down towards her perfectly round arse. It's so tight I exclaim. "then you'd better loosen it up" she winks. I move my mouth down toward her ass, then start kissing her cheeks, I move my finger toward her anus, and slowly try to insert it. She moans with delight, I move to try and insert my cock, but I can't, i can bend it far enough. Abbey picks up on this and so she moves the edge of the bed, I realize what she's doing so I move off the bed, as she positions her self like an Lon the edge of the bed. I move toward her ass, slap it, she giggles, I grab my cock, and without warning slam it into her ass, she screams with delight.

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   I take it almost completely out, then ram it back in. We keep going, abbey is screaming her head off, I feel her ass tighten, almost strangle my cock, I feel I'm going to cum so I do one last ram, and unleash, jet after jet of hot creamy jizz into abbey now very tight ass, I try to take out my cock but I can't abbey just lays there on the bed moaning with delight. I tell abbey that my cocks stuck, she starts to panic, but I calm her down and realize I've either loosen her up, or looses the boner. So I just collapse on top of her, and keep massaging and caressing her, all over, inside and out from behind, she eventually loosens up and I go to remove my dick, i hear her moan as I notice some cum trickle out of her ass, we collapse and slowly fall asleep.

The next morning I wake up and begin to panic, we had unprotected sex, and abbeys past the age where you can get away with that. I go to the med cabinet and find some morning after pills, I calm down. I notice abbey is still asleep, so I move towards the kitchen and decide I'm hungry. I thought why not surprise her, so quietly I begin making pancakes. I make them as quietly as possible, and plate them up. I get everything ready, including the glass of water and the pill. I go back to my bedroom and say good-morning. We lay there in bed, eating, she finds the pill, and says "what is this?" "oh, in case you haven't notices you've got a pussy full of cum, so yeah, I didn't want to be a father at 15 so. . . " "awe thanks Chris, whoa that is a mess" she squeals as she looks down at the bed sheets that are a  mix of blood, pussy juice and cum.

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   "you were so great last night, are you busy today?" "abbey if you haven't remembered it's the first day of the school holidays. " "oh yeah, that means we have at least the rest of this week together. " "anything you had in mind?"I moved the plates away as she began again" your tongue - my clitoris now!" "yes miss!" 

The end.

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