Helping Daddy Pay

True Story

Good morning everyone,
Hope we are all fine. I was just looking through my diaries and found a old one that brought back some very nice memories with my uncle and my daddy. I wrote how Uncle Eugene and Aunt Maggie let mom and Dad know that I was having sex with them and how I had sex with Mom and Dad too and after that the doors were wide open.

Well, Daddy and I were driving to South Georgia for a visit with relatives and we were out in the back country and the car started to make a noise and so, since I was naked and sucking Daddy while he drove I sat up and put on my white tank top and wrap around skirt. No bra and no panties. That is all I had been putting on for stops to eat and go to the rest room along the way. Daddy looked at me and said, "I can't believe my daughter is so fucking hot and that I am letting her show her body off. " I snuggled up and said "Thanks Daddy, I love being hot around you and showing off too. Wait till you see what I am going to do the next time we stop. " I saidand laughed. "What are you up to?" he asked me. "I don't know, I just do it as I go along. " and we both agreed that I do exactley that.

Well, the car gave out about 20 miles from the nearest town and Daddy got on the cell phone and called for some help. After a while a wreaker came up and had two realy hot looking guys in it. I got out to let the breeze blow my skirt and did not try to keep it together.

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   My nipples were hard and dark and showing through the shirt. Daddy looked at me and smiled. They looked at the car (and me) and told Daddy it looked like the fuel pump. Daddy said he would have to get a tow to the town and make a call for money of they could go ahead and begin fixing it while he waitied for Western Union to get the money there from Uncle Eugene. "I sure wish there was some way that this was not gonna cost so much Daddy. " I said in a whinie voice for he guys to hear. "Well, we just pay what we gotta pay Hun. " he said and they both looked at the dress blowing revealing that I had no panties on. THey both talked a lot and then I said I wished I had something cold to drink as they were geting the car onto the flatbed. "All we got is some beer on ice lady. " one guy said and he held one up to show me. I walked to him and looked at Daddy and Daddy said, "Go ahead Hun, have a couple if you want to. " I opened the top and drank half of it down then let the other half pour all over my chest soaking the tank top and making my nipples really hard. THe men were now just staring at me and the guy that had one in his hand still held it out. I took it and sipped a little and the rest went all over my body soaking the tank top and skirt too.



"Damn lady, you know what to do with a beer. " one guy said and I told him as I took the still cold bottle and went under my skirt standing there moving my legs apart and slipped the neck into my wet pussy, "I know a lot of things to do with a beer and other things too. " Daddy had a snake in his pants and the two men had bulges in theirs that told me I was in for a treat. I squatted and the bottle slipped in further and I moaned loud. "So how much of the cost can I work off with you guys?" I said and they looked at each other. "Well, it is not up to us, it is up to the boss. " one said and then I said, "well, let's get to the shop so I can negociate the price for Daddy. " I said and we got into the cab and drove to the town. While in the back seat of the cab I was massagging Daddy and finaly made him cum sucking it all down. "This is your Dad?" one guy said. "Yep, one hell of a daughter I have. She will do anything for her Daddy. " and the guy just smiled. We pulled into the shop and they drove into the garage and we all got out, "Hey Ben," one guy yelled. "Got a business deal for ya.

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  " and a man in his 40s came out, no shirt and wonderful chest. I got out of the truck and was stil wet and the nipples stil hard. "This guy and his daughter said they wanna work out something in trade for the bill, we think he has a fuel pump to replace. " the guy said. I stood there looking at him and his bulge grew. "So waht do you wanna work out?" Ben said to Daddy. "Well, Brenda can pay for whatever part of he deal she wats to and how she wants to. "

I turned and took off the shirt and skirt, "I think I can pay for a lot of it, what do you think. ?" He massaged his pans and said, "Well, it has been slow and I can do trade for he labor but I can't pay for the pump. " You guys mind doing trade on the labor?" he asked the two standing there. Hell no, sounds great to us. " "Okay, pay for the pump and trade for the labor costs. " he said and I walked to him and slipped his pants down and took him in my hands. "Don't want to know how much you will be paying?" he said. "Oh, whatever it is, I can cover it, just give me the bill later.

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  " I said and now on my knees I took his rod into my throat. I sucked him off and then looked around, "Is there a better place to trade off, "I need a place I can really get into my work. " I said and they went to a break room. THe owner, Ben called the parts shop for the pump and said that he would be over before closing to pick it up and hyng up the phone. I was sitting on one of the men's cock that had come to get us and he was sucking my nipples hard. "Oh yes, yeh, suck them good and bite them too, make them really hurt. " I moaned as he did as I asked. He filled my pussy and I had a nice hard orgasm and I slipped off and sat on the other man's cock. "I need another beer. " I said and one was given to me and I drank it down not wasting any.

"I sat on the next one and it was thick and I enjoyed it for about a half hour and finally he filled my pussy. "anyone wanna fuck my ass?" I said and the owner was hard like a flash and he rammed me hard and I moaned and had an orgasm as he entered. I finished and there were three other men there that had come in and asked if this was a private party and I looked and Daddy smiled, "Ask my daughter she is the one that is fucking. " and I said, "I can take all you have and more . " and so they too filled me up a few times.

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   THe guy from the parts shop came over and said he had heard about the party and I slipped him in my ass while one guy was in my pussy. "This is really your Dad?" one guy asked and I saw Daddy showing him our IDs and the guy started laughing and he pulled out his cock and plunged into me too. The two that had gotten us and the owner were gone fixing the car and there were still 5 or so men there all waiting to fill me up and they did. THey finished the car and came in and gave Daddy the bill. I got up finally and had cum leaking from me all over. Ben cgave Daddy and IOU and said, "Anytime you need a fre tune up, come on in, even if she is not with you, we owe you. " and Daddy said Thanks and we left. I undressed in the car and began sucking Daddy again, slow and gently and he relaxed and drove to I-20 towards Augusta. I always liked helping Daddy and Mom pay the bills.

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