Lost In The Country

True Story

Hi Al,
Hope you are doing good. I love reading through my diaries and reliving some of my younger days. They make me very hot sometimes and even to the point of finding someone to go to bed with. Well, anyway, I was reading one that happened before I was old enough to drive. I asked Aunt Maggie if I could go for a drive just to relax. She told me okay but be careful in **** county cause they wait to pull you over. We had driven through there a few times and it was south of the way I was thinking of going so I did not worry about it. I put on a tee shirt and skirt and nothing else, just sandals. Kissed Maggie, and that almost changed my mind about needing to go for a drive. She slapped my ass and said to go before she would not let me. I got in the car, a convertable Mustang, I think it was a 1970s something. I don't know, I am not into car stuff much. Anyway, I put down the top and drove off. The moon was full and the night ari of the Fall made things perk up so to speak. I was driving with some romantic music on the radio and out in the coutry. It happened to look at the speedometer and said, "Oh shit, 75.

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  " and as soon as I did blue lights went on behind me. They had been on the side of the road and I drove right past them. In fact they had just finished writing a ticket I found out later. I pulled over onto a kind place that is a road side viewing place in the day but no one there at night. The daputy pulled in behind me. I waitied with my ID and insurance and registration for hem to come to the car. Instead I heard over the loud speaker of the police car, "Please step out of the car and bring your lisense, insurance and registration to me here. Stand in front of he car. " I did and the brisk breeze blew my skirt all over and a few times I know I had put on a show for the guy I thought was in the car.

Finally a woman stepped out and I thought, "Oh well, ticket tonight. " and kind of looked like it I guess. I gave the stuff to her and she looked at the school ID. "I asked for a driver's lisense but I see by the ID you can't even have a learner's permit. " she said firmly. She was looking at me up and down and since I had no way of concealing anything like a weapon I began to get chills and my nipples were hard as rocks.

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   I let my skirt blow open whenever it wanted to and did not try to conceal I had no panties or bra on like some women do. "You know how fast you were going? Plus not old enough to drive, this is serious. " she said again and I said, "I am sorry, I just had to get out to relax. My aunt said I could take the car. " "Did she really?" she said more of a statement than a question. She looked at me hard and said, "Turn around and put your hands on the hood and spread your legs. " and so I did. I leaned foward with her help and now was spread out for whatever she wanted to do. She began feeling my long hair and said it was for anything concealed in it. Then down my shoulders and the waist of my tank top. She was close to me and I could smell her perfume and it made me a little horney. . . "Nice perfume. " I said and she said to shut up.

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   She felt my waist and then up and cupped both of my tits one in each hand. I moaned when she squeezed them and ended by pinching the nipples. Then she worked down my body to my hips and I found myself moving my legs apart a little more. She went down the outside of my hips and the outside on my legs and then up the inside of my legs, to my thigh, to my very wet pussy. Her fingers slipped inside me and then she jammed maybe 4 in me and lifted me onto the hood and slammed me down. Her fingers were now deep in me, "You know, I hate you little bitches that ride around and think that they can do anything they want to. Well, tonight you learn otherwise. " she said and something hard and long sank inside of me. She pushed it deep in me and then out and in again over and over again. An orgasm escaped from my pussy and I shook all over.

THen she told me to stand up and spread out my arms and legs and I did. She walked around me as my arms got heavy and I asked if I could put them down. "No little bitch, not yet. " she said and then as she came into view in front of me her uniform shirt was off and her bra and some very hard 36DD tits were standing there. They were implants but looked nice.

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   She stepped up and said "Suck them. " and I took them in my hands and did just that and moaned as my pussy got wetter and wanted something in it again. She was grabbing my hair shoving my face into her chest. When I could I asked if she could put whatever it was that was in me again. She said, "Oh, you like my PR-24? Good, it likes you too. " and it sank deep into me again. She stopped and said, "Stand right there. " and went back to the car and called in she was of duty. The headlights went out and she now walked towards me and now she was naked. Totally naked. She had a hard body and those plastic tits but I did not care. She took me hair and said, "Come with me. " and pulled me with her. She sat me down in a kind of hidden cove and told me to wait there. I did and heard the cars moving and then she came back.

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   "Don't want anyone seeing the cars now do we?" she said. She stood over me while I sat there and spread her legs over my face, "Eat it little bitch. " she said and I began licking her and followed her instructions on how she liked it done. She had a wonderful orgasm that soaked my face and hair and shoulders spraying all over and she almost could not stay standing. It made me have a nice orgasm also. Next she told me to get up and follow her. We walked on a path in the woods and we came to a small building. She tok my hands and tied them together and put the rope through a heavy ring over my head. Then she tied my ankles to some rings so that I was spread out. I was there helpless and she turned and started to walk back up the path. "Wait, I thought we were going to, ah, well, you know. " I said and she looked at me, "Another time Hun, got some friends that will be here soon, they will want to have some fun. " and she walked off.

My arms hurt and I was afraid and then I heard voices. Help me please.

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  " I cried out. Several men and women came out of the bushes from the other direction on the path and they stopped, "Damn Deputy was right, she left us a good one this time. " and the men came up and just began licking and sucking and biting me all over. One laughed and said to another, "See if she is virgin. " and he shoved fingers into me. "No, not this one. I'd say she cane take anything and then some. " and he laughed and out came his cock at the same time I was cut down and dropped at his feet. His hard cock was in my face. "You know what to do with it lady. " and I sucked it into my mouth. He began moving his hips and grabbed my hair. "Oh this girl knows how to suck. " she said aand then his load filled my throat. Somehow a fire was started and rocks around and people sat on them drinking and smoking.

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   I was taken the a blanket on the gorun the fire and told to spread out and stay that way till they said diferent. A woman steped to the fire and pulled out a hot iron that had something on one end. It looked like a a fire red cock that had been heated up in the fire. She brought it to me and it was inches from my face and she said, "Now, eith you enjoy everything that is going to happen and do all we tell you to do or you are gonna make love o this. Understand?" she said and I said "Yes," right away. "I will do everything you say and I will do my best to make everyone enjoy al of it. " I said and she said "Good, I gotta piss. " and she pulled off her jeans and underwear and stepped over my face and began to piss. "Drink it bitch. " I was told and nbegan trying to swallow it all down. She finiehs and said, "It always feels better that way. " Now everyone was naked and the men all had good size cocks and I thought to myself that I would realy be able to work off the stress I had.

Okay, Jake fucked her good, anyone else wanna have her before we begin?" the woman said. And everyone said no, get it going, lets see her jump. " and the woman came over with some heavy clamps and one went on each tit coverin the whol;e nipple.

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   I cried out in pain since they were not the kind that are supposed to be for human nipples. A cable went from both to something I could not tell whay it was. The something like a good sized dildo was shoved into my pussy that had wanted cock before. It was secured and tied with something around my hips so it would not slip out. They looked at me and the woman said, "Okay, it is ready, make her jump. " and I felt a jolt through my body and I convulsed. I was dazed and tried to look at the people that I heard howling with laughs and all kinds of things. As I tried to speak it went through me again. I felt my body convulse again and I think it came off the ground. "Okay, exercise that cunt some. " one man said and someone undid the straps and began fucking my with the dildo. I felt my body change from pain to pleasure and then an orgasm somehow shook my body. He put the dildo back in and again I felt electricity go through me. The clamps were taken off my tits and men began fucking me hard and rough and just to get off. No one cared if I enjoyed it.

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   I was fucked a lot then the shocks came again and then fucked again.

I woke up naked and with cum and rit all over me in my car and next to the same place the deputy had left it hidden. A knock on he glass woke me and the same woman deputy, "Best get something on, we don;t like little slut bitches in our county unless they are will to pay the fine. According to the judge you paid yours. " she saidand I looked at her dazed. "all I did was get fucked and torured last night. " I said and the deputy laughed. "Who do you think the lady was that conducted the fun, she is the Judge. " sshe said and I woke up and pulled on my clothes over the piss nad ncum all over me and drove home. Aunt Maggie asked whwt hapened and I told her. "Oh yeh, I told you not to go there. I had marks on my tits for months after I did. " she said and I went to the tub and soaked for hours. .

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