Out in public wearing only a G-string.

True Story

I had this girlfriend that I insistedall she was to where were slutty cloths. Whether we were in public or at home she dressed like a slut. Very skimpy clothing or G-strings is all she wore. One time we were down visiting here folks when her and I went to town then to a big county park. At the park we walked over to the lake, and she took off her hot paints and went in for a dip with only her G-string on. There were a lot of people there but no children. She come out of the water and I handed her hot paints to her but she said no I'm okay. We walked the beach and through the whole park with her in only a G-string bottom and bra style top. She enjoyed all the attention she was getting. People were yelling at her, whistling,etc... We even had two guys come over for a closer look and talk to up. As they turned to walk a way one slapped her ass and said wow what a nice ass.