She ignored me totally!

True Story

This story is based on a true incident. Enjoy!

I sat in the train for Manchester, where my cousin lives. My cousin and I have always had a good relationship, so there was nothing special about this time. When the train came to Newcastle I saw Christine standing on the platform. "Omg. ", I thought. I've always liked Christine and I was therefore afraid of 'silence' if she were to come in here. We knew each other fairly well.

Christine went into the cabin next to mine, but I could see her - I was not sure if she could see me, but I 'looked' at her evert time I got the possibility.

"Next stop, Manchester," sounded over the speakers on the train. I took my suitcase and went towards the doors. There I met Christine, saying "hi" to her and she smiled back. Normally we give each other a hug when we meet, so when I came out on the platform, I put my suitcase down and was abort to give her a hug when she just went. I was a bit disappointed and thought why would she do that.

My cousin lives briefly from the train station in Manchester, so we walked there, but it was as if Christine would not talk to me, she was always around 100 meters in front of me.
When we arrived Christine had already pressed the doorbell - my cousin is living in an apartment - and my cousin replied that we could just go in.

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We went in and up on the 1st floor where my cousin lived. The door was open and there was as usual fair - until we got kicked our suitcases:)

I went into my room - that is the room I usually had when I visited my cousin - but there was 'rescued' up to two people, so I thought it was probably my cousin and Christine and I took up my suitcase with out again, while Christine went with her three trunks (why do girls always have so much . . ?)

My cousin asked why I still walked around with my suitcase and I explained that I thought that I should not sleep where I used to. But would I, she said. She got a visit from his girlfriend and his parents were not much for them to be sleeping together, so when they had visited, she had promised them that he could sleep on the bed that stood alone in a room. So now there was only a double bed back to Christine and me.
"Okay," I said. I think I stood and stared a little, because my cousin asked, suddenly there was something wrong with it. "Oehme . . No "I replied and asked if she had talked with Christine about it. She had and she was a little shy at first but my cousin had her persuaded to go along with it. "Okay", I thought and went in with my suitcase - now I understood suddenly why Christine had been as "absent" when I had met her on the train - she was probably more shy than I?

The time was approaching 18. 00 so when I had packed the main thing out, it was dinner time, but there was only covered for three.

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   I asked, therefore not my cousin's boyfriend came, but he was - apparently - been sick, so there was only us three. Christine said that so she could then take the room with a bed, but my cousin said that if she wanted it so she just took other people to visit in the night. I do not know what she was up to, but I thank her for it. We sat and ate and had fun, as Christine says that she just wants to come and prayed - the clock was approaching 21:00 and she had been up early because she works as a shop assistant and therefore met at 8:00 to make clear.

My cousin smiled 'sexy' to me and asked if I felt good, etc. "I then" I replied and asked her why she definitely wanted me and Christine to sleep together. She explained to me that Christine - the last time the two were together - had said that she liked me - and now she wanted to help. I just smiled and said "thank you".

My cousin gid into the bathroom to Christine and I could hear their 'småfisen' and I was naturally curious. I therefore went to the door and put one ear and I could hear half the words. They talked about sex - no doubt about it. Words like 'cock', 'sperm' and 'horny' I could hear, but I got no respect out of it. I could hear footsteps approaching the door and had to remove me as the door opened and I fell halfway into the bathroom where Christine stood naked - only with a towel around your body.
I think my cock it responded there! With one stood stiff in my pants and my cousin and Christine both began to laugh. Whether it was intentional, I know today is not, but suddenly let Christine's hand drop the towel so it fell and I could see her naked body - it did not lower against dick.

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   She was quickly into the shower with the curtain, but she still laughed a bit.

I 'apologized' to her and said I was sorry. My cousin went out and here I stood back embarrassed and stiff (dick, that is) with a naked lady less than 5 meters away. I was a virgin and had never experienced such a situation before and knew not what to do.
I went over to the door and took the handle, but it turned out that my cousin had locked the door from outside, so now we were 'caught' in the bathroom. One can hardly help but to think of the cheeky in the situation, but I was still very shy when Christine said: "Thomas, I like you - do you know?". It did not dick smaller - probably quite the opposite. I stood and cleared his throat me a little before I got the answer something like that, my cousin told just before. Christine came out of the shower and asked now whether I liked her. I told her that I had never thought such on it before, but I could not help but think of (and with) penis and said why I think I've found it - without saying how.

"Do not I see you naked, now you've seen me," said Christine suddenly. I stood and thought, "now takes you fan'me chance" so I started taking his shirt and had now wore upper body. When I started to unbutton my pants up asked Christine if not she would take over from here. I did not know that answer until she had hold of my trousers and they were halfway down around my knees and she now took hold of my panties and pulled them down too. I stood with a cock at 20 inches only 10-15 centimeters from the girl's pussy, which turns out to be the first I had to fuck.

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Christine came back into the shower and turned slowly to the water. I took my pants and underwear completely off, so I now stood completely naked and went over to Christine in the shower. Only started to kiss me on the mouth and soon our tongues intertwined. Shortly after Christine began to kiss me farther and farther down the body and soon she would be the first to give me a blow job. She looked - with his head down around dick - quickly up at me and I certainly did not resist as she took hold and began to lead dick in and yd of her mouth. I was so horny at this time that oak could not think.

I could feel the sperm get to pikhovedet and said it is for Christine, but she was indifferent and continued until I came in her mouth. My cock was a bit weaker - but still very stiff. I said thank you to Christine but she was certainly not finished with me. She lay down on the back of the shower and pulled me down, so even though I had just come to me on it again. I lay down on Christine and only here, I had told her that I am a virgin. "No matter," she said briefly, and began with 'fuck movements'. I could feel that Christine was more wet for each minute that passed, and no more than five minutes before she got her orgasm - I think - as she shook almost the entire body.

Shortly thereafter, I came again, this time in Christine's pussy and I'll never forget this day!

It was so my contribution to this page. Do you have any comments to the story or you have some experiences to share with me, you can add me on msn: @ thomask.

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