Summer Camp Pt. 2

True Story

Well, Jill and I were friends now, we really did enjoy a lot of fun times for camp and were friends after that too since she was not from far away. The little Hitler, Gina, was our cabin monitor or leader and she was always watching us but soon I told Bob and she was not the leader after that. One night Jill came to my bunk after lights out and we really had lots of great sex and then fell asleep naked and in each others arms. Gina had walked by the bunk on the way to the rest room and seen us sleeping in a finished kiss and we know she told one of the counselors since Donna came to us the next day after lunch and very roughly said, "I need the two of you in my ofice now. " she said it in front of Gina and I saw Gina give us a little "Got you two now" look. We went to the office and Donna walked in and closed the door behind her and we did not see that she had locked it too. We sat down and she looked at us and I saw a little smile on her face. "So you two like to fool around and fell asleep naked in the bunks?" she said. I looked at her, then at Jill. "Yeh, guess we did. " and then I got annoyed and said, "So there is a problem with that?" Donna looked at me and said, "Only when a little prude bitch sees you. "

She stood up and suddenly tok off her t-shirt and bra and her wonderful 38DD tits fell out and then her shorts came off and her shaved pussy came into view and it was soaking wet already. "Now, suppose you two show me what is was that you did that wore you out so much that you fell asleep after. " I stood Jill up and took her shorts and shirt off then mine and began going all over Donna on one side as Jill took over the other. I was on her lovley tits and sucking her nipples that got hard as rocks and she just leaned back and let us take care of her and was moaning. Jill said, "I wanna eat her.

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  " and then did. The scent of sex was all over the room. We were there for over an hour and so after we finally got dressed and we al smelled like boiling pussy. One final kiss and she opened the door and then put on a face, "And if I talk to ya again you both go home. " We looked down and said okay and left walking past Gina.

We managed to hide our love making for a couple days. We had to always look for Gina to make sure we lost her since she seemed to be trying to catch us to turn us in. Donna would not have a choice if Gina told someone else. Well, one day Jill and I were swimming at the lake together and Gina was watching us. We were close enough to play under the water and could not be seen fingering each other. Well, I turned to Gina hiding behind a tree and said, "Come on in Gina, the water is really good today. " she stepped out and said "No thanks. " and left. Later that day Jill and had been talking and decided to seduce Gina. It would be taking the chance that she would not go along but she was a bitch and a pain so we would either go home early or enjoy another "play mate.

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The next day I Jill told me, "Come on the lake. " and I told her no that I was not feeling good and thought my period was starting. She said okay and left and I laid ther moaning so finaly Gina took her towel and suit and left. I gave her time and then went out too knowing where Jill was going to go. I got near and came up behind Gina squating down behind some bushes and sitting on a towel she had. She had her hand in her bottoms fingering like crazy and her top was half off and she was pulling her nipples hard. I waited and then she was having an orgasm and fell back on the towel and I stood over her and said, "So, the little bitch likes to watch, and we thought you were trying to turn us in. " She froze and began to get up and then Jill came to us, naked and soaking wet from playing with herself. "Yeh, she has been going at it like crazy while I did myself. " Jill said laughing. "Well then it is a threesome. " I said and took off my suit and fell at her shoulders and held her down. Jill was between her legs and had them apart and her face was in her pussy sucking her clit. "Oh no, no please, no, I have never done this. .

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  . no please. . . " she said and her voice faded off. NOw she was moaning and moving her hips and I was massaging her very nice tits and sucking the nipples. She was carressing my head and then I kissed her slowly at first and she hesitated and then she let me run my tongue around her teeth into her mouth and we really got passionate. Her orgasm came suddenly and she almost bucked so hard that Jill had a hard time staying with her. She laid there glassy eyed and so I moved to her pussy and Jill to her tits and face and kissed her. I began eating her slowly and she was quickly building up to another orgasm and soaked my face. I ate her through two more and then we all sat up, naked and began kissing each other. "Now you need to eat me. " Jill said and laid down. Gina went to her pussy and said, "So just do like you did for me?" Jill said, "Just do what you know feels good. " Jill quickly reflected in her face that she was doing good.

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Jill roller over and said, "Now do Sandy. " and Gina laid next to me and said, "I wanna do it with you all the way like it was just you and me if Jill doesn't mind. " Jill laid next to us and said, "If you don't mind me laying here playing some. "

She began kissing me and she was really amazing. She had lots experience kissing at least. Then she moved down my body and soon found her way to my pussy and she was really expert already at eating me. Then I moved her to a 69 position and we were eating orgasm after orgasm. We all laid there a couple hours later and were just touching, kissing and carressing. Gina looked at us and said she was sorry but that she was jealous and did not really have friends. I was proud of Jill since she kissed her and said, "Well, you now have two very intimate friends. " We got up and went into the water for a little and then got out and diried off and put our suits on and began walking back to the cabins. On the way, Donna was on the path, "So girls, getting along now?" We all said yes at one time. "And been swimming?" she said and we all said yes again. "and all of your suits are totally dry. " she said and we all looked at each other.

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   "Well, we were skinny dipping. " Gina said. "MMmmm, three hot girls skinny dipping, next time be sure to invite me. " she said and walked off. I looked at her, "We will Donna, hope you are ready for three hot girls in the water with you at the same time. " She stopped and turned around, I hope you are all ready for me. " and walked off.

We walked on and had the meeting with the group for the late afternoon and then ate supper. Gina asked what we were doing and we said we did not really have any plans. "Well, can we not have any plans together?" and we said sure. So we just walked around the property and as it got darker we walked the wrong way and were at the edge of the property and there was a farm next to the property. A huge german shepard came bounding over and through the fence and up to us. He was really friendly and came to all three of us and wanted attention. We all petted him and he was wonderful and then Jill said, "Oh no, he is getting extcited, we need to let him go. "Sure enough he was half way out of his sheath and was very big.

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   I looked at him and said, "Oh baby, three hot women got ya turned on?" and I was scratching his side. He licked my face and pushed me over and then he dove right between my legs. "Oh Sandy, let me get him off. " Jill said and I puched her away, "Hell no. " I said and moved my shorts aside and let him at my pussy. His rough tongue slipped inside and I let my head go back and began moaning. "Oh god Sandy, what are you doing. it is a dog!" Gina said. "Oh yes he is. " I said and moved my legs apart more. He was licking my wet pussy like crazy now and an orgasm was close and then it came and he licked more. NOw Jill and Gina were watching and I pulled off my shorts and got on all four and slapped my ass, "Come on boy, you know what to do for Sandy. " and he mounted me and after a couple thrust his now huge cock slipped into my pussy. He gripped my sides and humped into me and I met out a loud moan and he was humping harder and then his knot went in and I let out a louder moan. "Oh fuck yes, yes.

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  " I began saying over and over. He humped me for I don't know how long but was filling me with his cum and after the knot went down and he slipped out and I stood up dripping cum down my legs. I slipped my fingers in and licked them clean.

Jill came to me, "Let me taste" and she licked my fingers. Then she got on her knees and licked my pussy to get a better taste. Gina came to me and diped her fingers into my pussy and said, "Oh hell, why not. " and licked her fingers too. " We walked back to the cabin and hit the showers and then slept really great all that night. The next day Gina and Jill both wanted to find that dog and maybe see if he had any friends.

Talk to ya later.