Swimming Sperm [TRUE STORY!]

True Story

This is a completely true story, all the images and pictures are being put up on here after me taking permission.

Let me first tell you about myself, I am 6ft, quite athletic and well built, black hair and dark brown eyes. I like doing sports, and I work at an office as a Lawyer or as a Solicitor as some would say.

One of my favorite sports was swimming, I love swimming since it helps me relax after I come back from all the stress at work, but I normally go on the weekends as then is the only time available for me to go.

However today was a Monday, thankfully the work load wasn't as much as it was on a Monday, so I had a nice time at work, not exactly fun, but not a 'hard day' either. As some would call it. So I came back, and I had nothing to do, so I just decided to go swimming.

As I arrived I paid, went into the changing rooms and did everything as I would normally do. Since it was a Monday the Pool was a local one, and was completely empty. There was nobody else there, I thought of this as a good chance to practise different ways of swimming without embarrassing myself.

As i got in and started splashing around, just trying out different stuff like dives and stuff, a girl around the age of 18 walked in, she was alone, she was around 5'9, so a little shorter than me, but a perfect height for a girl for my size and opinion.

She had medium sized blonde hair, blue eyes, and was extremely cute. I wouldn't say her tits or ass were perfect, but they were just about the right size. As she walked in my dick turned hard, and i tried to hide it (the pool was quite small in length) by just swimming the furthest side.

As she jumped into the pool she gasped quite loud, which was just turning me on even more. When i looked towards her again i noticed she was wearing arm bands, so i kinda figured out she was a new swimmer.

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   I was quite shy so i didn't have the guts to go up to her and speak to her. . So i just stared at her hoping she wouldn't realize.

About 10 minutes passed, she splashed around in the water and then i saw her take the arm bands off, then she walked to the furthest side of the pool where the deeper water was, and dived in. After the splash I didn't hear much So i looked to see what had happened, I didn't see her so i swam to the side she dived into the water on, i went there and i saw her waving her hands around panicing for breath. I quickly swam under and brought her up to the surface.

As my hand touched her body my dick turned extremely hard again. By the time I had got to her I had noticed she had passed out, so I had to do whatever I did quickly. So I grabbed her from behind with one hand, around her chest (on purpose obviously) and swam up to the surface while my arm was squashing her nice firm tits against her. I laid her out on the side of the pool wondering what to do, So i started pushing down on her stomach, hoping that movies would help me out. with something.

After about 10-20 seconds of pushing down into her chest/stomach, she started coughing and opened her eyes she stared at me and gave the 'what the hell' look. Then she realized what had happened after I explained to her, she said thanks and kissed me on the lips.

It felt like nothing ever before, i was 19 and a virgin, and never had a girlfriend before because i was shy, and now a girl kisses me, on the lips for the first time ever. Wild thoughts went through my mind.

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You would have thought she would have tried to give up on swimming now, but she went right back into the pool, holding onto the side she said to me ' you looked pretty good out there swimming, could you help me please?' the way she said please was just so sexy, i said yes without thinking.

I went into the pool with her and held her with an arm guiding her with the correct posture. My dick was rock hard at this point, and i think she new because she kept trying to look down towards it but i tried my best to distract her attention by talking or speaking to her.

As I let her try to swim herself, she again went wrong and was about to drown, so i quickly swam towards her, bringing her back up to the surface, and she looked me in the eyes saying 'thanks, i dont know how to repay you for saving my life. . twice!'

Lots of thoughts went through my mind at that point, and my dick went rock hard again, this time since i was holding her, she could feel it against her bum cheek. She looked down and looked back up at me smiling, then suddenly she pushed me towards the side of the pool, right next to that part where the pool water comes gushing out.

She then brought her hands down towards my dick and massaged it, i moaned with pleasure. She then kissed me again but this time with a full lock on the tongue, i wasnt expecting it, she then shifted her swimming costume just so the lips of her nice pussy were accessible, it was nice clean shaven, she then guided my dick towards it, i didnt know what to do , what this really happening?

I mean i just had met her, and already?

she then rubbed my dick against her pussy lips teasing me, the water was gushing out from the side so she moved me away and stood next to it, while rubbing her pussy hard for me.

She then started rubbing my dick with her other hand, you know, girls are good at multi tasking. She told me she was about to cum, and I should tell her when I'm about to, after a few more seconds i was ready, i told her im going to cum. she then stood infront of me, and told me were both going to cum at the same time.

She came right infront of me, i saw her lips open while her juices squirted out, mine squirted out towards her, the water which was gushing out dissolved the juices and we never saw them again :(

A few seconds passed, we just stood there, thinking what had just happened. . she looked at me in the eyes, and said to me: 'want more?.

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  . wait in the parking lot. . '

Tell me if u want me to continue with part 2.