The first time we met.

True Story

I'm not sure how it really happened. I have two lovely but very different girls with whom I'm intimate - unknown to my wife. I'm now 60, a retired lecturer who doesn't get much sex at home. I came across Ross, a 21 year old nurse on the web. We talked a lot on msn and eventually met. The first meeting was in my car, because her flat was unavailable. We parked in a quiet place - it was day time. We talked, she is a very clever young woman. She plays the cello ( first had sex with her music teacher when in school), works hard as a nurse and likes sex, especially with older men. I asked her why older men, and she said they usually knew what a girl wanted, and treated her better. The young ones usually wanted a quick fuck and blew their load, leaving her unsatisfied. Good for me, because I wanted to please her as well. It was a bit difficult to go for full blown sex in the car.

But, boy when we kissed it was blazing. She sucked my tongue into her mouth, she almost swallowed it and both of us were soon gasping for air as we probed deep into each other's mouths. Soon I was inside her thin blouse, she had worn it open to make it easier and I was fondling her breasts.

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   They were not huge - I was glad because I prefer them small and firm. She moaned into my mouth as my hands fondled her tits and her hands, meanwhile, were working on my trousers. I was very hard - so hard it almost hurt and soon her small hands were fondling my balls and up my penis. She was good - but much more to come.

We untied our tongues and my hand went inside her pants - she was sopping wet, and two fingers went straight into her love tunnel while I played her clit with my thumb. She moaned, and said, "Oh, sir . . . please, sir . . . " That music teacher had done a good job! My students didn't call me 'Sir', not even the ones I had sex with!

As I finger-fucked her deeply she pressed against me, and then with my fingers still deep inside her and one hand fondling her breasts she bent over and took my cock in her mouth. It is quite thick, and not too long, but no one had taken it so easily. She worshipped it, pulling it deep into her mouth, I pushed up and was soon at the back of her throat. I looked down and saw her face full of my cock.

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   She was down to the very hilt, my hairs wetted by her saliva. She was easily the best ever.

I asked her whether it was the music teacher who had taught her, and she just noddoed. She couldn't talk with such a mouthful. I fucked her mouth with my cock and fucked her cunt with my fingers. She moaned, and I moaned. If she carried on I would flood her very soon.

"Ross", I whispered and checking no one was about, " do I come in your mouth?" A silly question really, because she like me was far gone. She looked up at me - a glaze in her eyes, as I pushed hard three fingers deep inside her, her legs splayed wide open.

I brought her up for air for a moment and we kissed deep and hard - she was almost frantic. And then she went back to work below. I told her that I would not be long, and she replied that she would come at the same time as well, especially with three fingers shagging her for all she was worth.

Her mouth covered my penis again and I was fucking deep - getting into her throat, and she was not gagging.

Suddenly I said, "Hold it babes, I'm gonna cum". And she decided at that to push even more into her throat and I pressed up.

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   She held my balls and I streamed into her. She swallowed it all and came up for air. "Please, sir," she said, "one more finger". Instead I took my other hand down between her legs and used two fingers from each hand and rubbed her clit with two thumbs. What would I have given to shove my cock there.

"WAw . . . " she said - along WAAAAW and then as her climax hit her she collapsed as my fingers were gripped by her legs and cunt.

I mouthed her tits and sucked. "Ross, you are the best . . . " She smiled, "You are quite good too, sir", she smiled

We kissed and dressed and drove away. Next time we met at her flat she was in her school uniform, her legs spread around a cello, which soon gave way to my rampant cock.

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   Good old cello. She liked my cock even more.

And the other girl . . . obviously that will have to wait for another day. .