Topic: A DIRTY LITTLE EPISODE A dirty little episode.
 My dirty mind utilized a moment presented to back at this moment still gives me a hardon. My wife then about thirtytwo,plump,somewhat nievely wholesome and sexually orientated as I myself was and still am. We both realised my two mates were attracted sexually to my wife,not all of this was because in my nievity after a drinking bought I had a tendancy to shoot my mouth off about my wife's sexual attributes and demands after I leave them on Saturdays.
 Having indulged a bit more than usual on this particular Saturday evening,we all finished back at my home wherea's,they usually left me at the corner too go there own way. The chat had gone on a lot more than normal,again my mouth had caused this as I indicated that my wife would be at home snuggled up in the settee having drunk a small amount of wine, - she was a lightweight drinker, - already in her bedclothes waiting to drag me off to bed like the vixen she turned into after drinking.
 I must admit here,I did tend to torment these two mates a bit and on this occasion I noted as we entered our front door my torment had affected their trouser set. Both had a protrusion visible but not fully hard. So what followed was down to my tormenting. On entering the room,sure enough my wife was tucked up as usual,her cleavage was plentifully revealed and by the hardness of her nipples pushing at the material,not a lot if anything was underneath. Blushing slightly, "Oh! I didn't expect company,I'm all ready for bed,you two don't usually call in at this time,sorry I'm all undressed,I didn't realise" Moving a bit uncomfortably,she closed her top a bit and gave me a glower. She also moved her legs from how she was sat with them tucked under her bum to back to the floor. Innocently showing a lot of thigh at the back almost up to her bum cheeks.
 My two mates eye's were watching every move and again my wife flushed up although I got the impression she never realised just how much she had shown in changing her position. "I suppose you wont say no to a bottle each,I'll get them. I didn't ought to but in the circumstances I need another little glass myself" She on getting up revealed a certain amount of inner leg and again my mates clocked every bit on show.

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   I,realising I'm in the shit moved to follow my wife to the fridge in the kitchen aiming to quell any outburst after they leave. 'I'll get one for myself while you're at it' Following her out,now out of earshot, "How could you do that?" she whispered, "What if I'd been playing,they'd had caught me" 'I didn't dream they'd come in,it was only because I'd been acclaiming your virtues and I thought they'd just pop up for a pee and piss off,with perhaps just popping their heads round the door to say goodnight to you'
 "Well its all really embarrassing for me,how long do you think they'll hang in there?" 'Offering a bottle wont help,they've had more than usual tonight' "Oh! I guessed as much when they appeared,I hope they don't try any funny business,being they've been drinking" - "You know what I mean,I know your mates,I sometimes wonder what you and they get up too behind my back" Shit I need to change this conversation fast! My wife done it for me as she chirped up again. "Should I get dressed again just in case?" 'No,they'll read that like a book,Just play it by ear' "Okay,but the wine has made me sleepy,I nearly dropped off as you were later than usual" - From the living room, - "You brewing it out there?" In we went with their bottle's.
 A conservation then struck up about various topics that didn't exclude the merits of my wife,which in turn made her flush up somemore,but behind it I knew she secretly sucked up to this flattery. "You carry on,but not to late,I'm snuggling down for a while,I'll be listening mind so be careful what you say"  Gary responded, "If its about you Trish' it'll be all good flattering stuff" "Yeah,I bet! Out of earshot I bet its lewd,I know you bugger's remember" The picture of innocents as they looked at each other and me. "Would we? Would we really think rude things about a mate's wife?" Another blush as she closed her eyes but not her ears. In a while the chat deminished as my wife modified her position. I'd just moved to get another bottle each when as she moved from her side slouch to making her legs less bent towards her ass. her garment slid up her thighs more than it had been.
 A silent nudge by Gary on Bill had not been missed by yours truly and on return I intended to see what had attracted their attention. It became clear as on my return I moved round behind their seats which happened to be opposite my wife, - normally for my benefit regarding any female occupying the settee. There it was before them. Although in shadow,the very tops of my wife's thighs and the lower portion of her belly with some pubic fur was on show although her slit was way hidden down between her legs. I knew she never wore panty's or anything when ready for bed,so it came as no surprise.
 Do I tap her or anything to get it covered or make out I haven't noticed? I make a flash decision, - No pun intended, If she's woken,she'll be totally embarrassed.

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   If I leave her,she'll have no idea she'd flashed anything and I knew the two horny mate's would not tell her at anytime. Again I clocked an awareness in their trouser's though. Dirty sods. What about me? Yeah! I put my hand up for that! All conversation ceased from this point. Then they realised I'd clocked their intregue. Feeling a bit awkward,they both grinned and tried to not keep looking. I spread my hands as if to indicate,be my guest. They did and all. I felt a shit later,about what I done next. I got up and gently eased her clothes up slightly to remove the shaded affect to her charms. They now had a clear view of what she was showing.
 Their trousers reflected their appreciation. Gary,made a squeeze her booby's guesture. I in turn while grinning widely at giving them a chance at seeing my bedtime fun,carefully opened the vee to reveal as much titty as I dared,should my wife wake while I was about doing this devilish exposure of her assets. I indicated that I needed a piss and while lying about this I slunk off to watch their reaction to being left alone with my wife's exposed goodies.

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   I had little time to wait. Watching through the serving hatch, Bill stood and without further ado,while grinning at Gary he cunningly ran a finger over one of my wife's nipples which made it even more prominent under her silky nightdress. Then Gary stood as Bill sat back and in turn touched my wife's naked lower thigh as if to press it open.
 He jerked back to his seat as she moved as though awakening but no! She just moved the top leg up towards the settee rest and her quim was all exposed showing her inner labias tightly stuck to each other and a full on of her pubes. I headed back into the room now. In guilt,they beckoned me to them, "We haven't touched her,she moved like that on her own" 'You're a pair of lucky bastards,if she knew you'd seen that much,she's banish you for life' "FUCK! Don't ever let on,you're a lucky fucker,we'll think of you with her,we'd better fuck off and let you get on with it" I grinned widely as I added, 'See,I told you she's all woman' Gary, "Not half,I know she's your wife and I shouldn't say this,sober I wouldn't,but I'd give a weeks pay for just one night playing mother's and father's with her.
 Punching him on the arm in fun, 'I've got it every night for free,well it took a licence mind' Bill added, 'Yeah! You lucky bastard' We startled as my wife's leg moved and being a bit dumpy she rolled off the settee to get to her feet,in turn showing the back of her clothes high up her ass and the complete ass crack and her puffy pussy's outer vulva peeking from her thigh's. Completely unaware of this display. "I'm off to bed,be quiet when you two leave,its late mind,I need my bed" As she stood partly dopey it seemed,they moved to give her a peck on the cheek. Gary took this opportunity to caress her tit,which she seemed unaware off,while in taking his turn Bill held her closer by holding a cheek of her now covered ass. I had a full beat on as did my horny mate's and Bill's cock must have pressed against my wife's belly as he kissed her. Then they were gone.
 I followed my wife to bed and being late it was not till morning we made love. Within these moment's my wife said, "that was funny last night with those mate's of yours,I dreamt they tried to fondle me" I woke up feeling ever so randy" 'You dirty little bitch,I'll have to keep my eye on you,thinking things like that,it sounds as though you fancy them' "Don't be so ridiculous,its nothing of the sort,I wish I hadn't said anything to you now" Squeezing her tightly, 'If you did,its mutual,they fancy you like mad' Blushing at me, "Don't say that,put it up me again,its making me want you some more"
 Her orgasm was stupendous minutes later. "I only want you silly" I lifted from her and smiling down at her face.

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   'Me too,but I'm not so sure about them' A tight hug followed that went on forever it seemed.