A Friendship Lost....Part 3 The Conclusion


It was Halloween night and her friend had convinced her to lie to her ex say she was sick and have him pick up her kids. Her friend told her she needed a night out to relax and have fun while her fiance was gone. Her friend came over and they got all dolled up, eventhough her friend had decided they were going to the local country dance club. She was the time that listened to R&B and adding a pole to her dancing could get her $1 bills.
Remembering the club was a place he liked to frequent she decided to ask her friend if they could invite him along. She was trying to convince herself it was to hook him up with her friend. Afterall he was a nice guy and her friend needed a good guy in ther life. It was a plan, he was going to meet them there.
 She was dressed in a flame red halter top dress that was so low cut her nipples were just barely hidden. It was short too, so short she couldn't bend over in it without showing off her red thong. She wore stilleto heels, intending to totally just play wingman for her friend. Vowing to never two step.
 Her and her friend played pool for about an hour before he finally showed. She couldn't help but search the crowd for him the whole time. Excited when she fianlly spotted him walking towards them. She pointed him out to her friend, trying to hide the eagerness in her voice.

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   Feeling her face flush as he approached them.
He gave her a quick hug as she introduced him to her friend. She noticed a bulge in his pants jump as he pulled her in. She found herself yurning for him agian. As she reminded herself she had invited him for her friend, she tried to distance herself.
They all shot some pool taking turns. The whole time she was secretly giving him looks and whispering to him for no reason whenever she got a chance. He made a point of touching her bare back everytime he passed her. They were flirting too much and her friend noticed, but she found herself quickly not caring. When her friend slipped away to go to the bathroom he finally asked her if he could come over that night, she turned him down. After 5 hours of him teaching her how to dance and about two dozen games of pool they decided it was time to go home.
She found herself wanting to spend some more time with him and asked him if she could catch a ride with him. Afterall her friend lived on the otherside of town and she was on his way home. Of course he obliged quickly whisking her away to his car. It was a really cold night, so he gave her his coat to cover with while the car warmed up.

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   They sat and made small talk waiting for her friend to pull away.
He pointed out he could see her hard nipples though her dress, she brushed it off as due to the cold. But she knew it was him that made them hard, she wanted him to touch her all over her body. Finally he grew up the nerve asking if what had happened before could reoccur. She couldn't resist any longer and told him yes. The ride was awkard nether knowing what to say.
As they walked through the parking lot and up the stairs to her second floor apartment she felt her pussy dripping juices. Something about him just made her so horny. She was fumbleing with her keys at the door, trying to write it off as being tired. He knew she was nervous but so was he. Finally she opened the door.
Once in the door she quickly dropped her coat and purse on the table and pulled off her shoes, dropping a good 5 inches in height. He led her over to the couch syaing she looked like she needed another massage. She found herself quickly enthralled in his world. Almost cumming from the warmth of his hands again.

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 This time she didn't want to play coy afterall it was really late and she had to get up early. After about two minutes she turned and told him to undo his pants as she undid her top letting her breasts free. Again his cock just sprang right out of his pants harder than she had remembered the time before. She just sat and marveled at it's size for a few minutes stroking it gently.
She took it into her mouth again, this time vowing to give him a blowjob he wouldn't forget. She deep throated and sucked and tickled it with her tounge. Everytime she felt it starting to pulsate stopping briefly not allowing him to cum. She drug it out for about 20 minutes the whole time him tellign her how mean it was, she didn't care she was going to treat him good this time. She knew this would probably be the last time she saw him, afterall she wanted to be a good wife, she never wanted to hurt her fiance and if he stayed in the picture it would complicate things.
When she finally let him cum, it flooded her mouth, much more than the last time. She drank up every bit not wanting to let a drop go.   She loved the taste of his cum it was so salty but it tasted so sweet on her tounge. She continued to suck and lick him for another 10 minutes.
He told her he wanted to return the favor. She had other things in mind.

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   She told him that would just make her beg for sex. He said he didn't mind. He slid a finger into her already dripping pussy. She ached for his cock and she came just thinking about it.
She started begging him to fuck her, she needed it, she wanted it, just one more time. He quickly undressed completely and pulled her legs up to his shoulders and rammed his cock in. She began a continous orgasm that seemed to never end as he was fucking her trying different positions. Things he said he had seen and wanted to do the whole time he was gone. She told him she was his to door with as he pleased.
Her legs began to feel like jello as he finally shoved her down onto her stomach from doggy and he pulled out cumming all over her legs and ass with a grunt. She felt so dirty but satisfied all at once. She noticed his cock was still hard so she decided to suck him just a little more. Mostly just teasing. As she looked over at his phone she realized it was already 230am and she had to get up at 6am.
As she told him it was time for him to go, she found herslef not wanting him to go.

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   She had to have him go, she was engaged afterall. As he got up to leave she gave him a quick hug and led him to the door, flashing him one last smile. Locking the door with a sigh behind him because she knew she would never be able to talk to him again. He was a good lay though. . . .