A Haunted House Fuckfest


The Haunted House Fuckfest
By Voodoo

My husband has a totally creative mind. He does photos for adult websites. Well one day he asked me to do another photo shoot for him and I agreed. Its been awhile and I figured it would be fun. Well I guess he set up a haunted house to you as a background. When we got there it was really cool. We had access to use the whole haunted house. We talked to the manager when we first got there and he unlocked the doors. My husband brought in all his gear and we went in to the first room. It was set up like a jail cell. My husband had me get into it with the fake prisoner that they had in there and start to do my strip show. He was flashing away with the photos. I got into the electric chair and rubbed my body on the prisoner and all that good stuff. After he got a few hundred photos we moved to the next set. It was set up as mad doctor set. There was a metal table with tie downs and everything.

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   There was a doctor and boy did it look real. I started playing with the tools, and my husband was taking the photos. He had me lay on the table and he strapped me in. he started taking the photos again. All of a sudden I thought I saw the doctor move. My husband kept taking the photos so I figured it must have been my imagination. All of a sudden I felt the mad doctors hand grip my tit. I started freaking, my husband just kept taking photos. Next I saw the doctor had its penis out and in its hand while it was working its hand down my body. My husband never stopped taking photos. When the doctor got to my pussy, it started rubbing its fingers up and down my clit. I couldn’t even move, and I had no clue what the hell was going on. The doctor moved its head towards my clit and started to lick and suck on my clit. I felt the fingers go into my pussy. It felt so good, but I had no clue who this was.

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   I was strapped to the table and couldn’t do nothing but let this happen. My husband kept taking photos as this doctor worked over my clit. It felt so great. I was getting really, really wet and excited. The doctor placed his fingers into my pussy and dipped them in and out. After he had his fingers nice and wet he inserted one into my ass hole and fingered my pussy and ass while he continued to lick and eat my pussy. My orgasm was building up. My husband kept taking photos and you could tell he was loving it. After I started to strain against the straps and had my orgasm, the doctor stood back up and now was rubbing his penis head against my lips. I felt the head just brushing against my pussy lips while the doctor was still rubbing my clit with his other hand. My nipples were rock hard, my pussy was throbbing, and I had no clue who this doctor was that apparently my husband hired to fuck me for a photo shoot. I felt the head of the penis just start to push its way into my pussy. The head felt huge against my pussy lips. It slowly worked its shaft into me. My husband kept taking photos non stop.

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   Once the penis was all the way in to the helm which seemed like it took forever to get there, the doctor just sat there to let my pussy get use to the size of it. I would have to say the penis felt at least like a ten incher. The penis started to slid in and out of my throbbing, wet pussy. I was moaning. My pussy was so sensitive from already having a orgasm. The doctor slowly started to pick up the pace while my husband kept taking photo after photo of the event. The doctor was now pounding his cock into my pussy at a raging pace and I was having multiples from it. I felt the head start to expand and throb in side my pussy, I knew the doctor was getting ready to explode. The doctor pulled out of my drenched pussy with a pop and shot his cum all over my belly and pussy lips. He stepped back put his cock away and walked out of the room as my husband still kept taking photos. H even came over and made sure he got some good ones of my cum covered pussy and belly. Then he put the camera down to wipe me off with a towel he had and to release me from the table. I asked him who the doctor was and he told me not to worry about it. I jumped off the table and got dressed again. We walked around the corner to the next room which ended up Just a floor with a clear plastic window with mice and rats running around underneath it.

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   He had me do a strip show and had me masturbate on top of the glass with them running around under me. It was pretty cool so far. After we were done with the photos for that set I got dressed again and we worked our way to the following room. When we got in there it was a was a exorcism. But let me tell you this one was totally different then the ones I ever saw in the movies. On the bed there was a female with the makeup making her look like a demon tied to the bed. She was totally naked and screaming things like I want my pussy eaten and I want to lick some pussy and I want to be fucked. I was in total shock. My husband started taking the photos as I worked my way over to her. I started to play with her tits and rub her perfect body. This girl kept calling me tons of filthy names as I was touching her. I slowly started to remove my clothes as I started to suck on her nipples and kiss on her body. I worked my mouth to her pussy when I had my tits exposed, but kept my bottoms on to where she could not see my pussy. She kept screaming at me to eat her pussy right, that I better eat her freaking pussy, I better show her my pussy, and so on and so on. I was getting turned on alone just from the dirty talk.

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   Her body was wrenching as I was eating her out. Then I felt hands on my ass checks moving my bottoms to the side. She started to yell yeah father fuck that demon bitch fuck her good. I had to stop eating her out to see what she was talking about and sure enough there was another guy behind me in a priest outfit with a cock that was very fat but average size out. He slid his cock into my pussy and started to work in and out of me while he took his thumb and started to finger my ass hole. I went back to eating this fine pussy. My husband kept taking photos and photos of all that was going on from all sorts of angles. While the priest was thumbing my asshole to wetness he was fucking my pussy hard and fast. He pulled out and then took his thumb out of my ass. Next thing I knew I had his penis at the door of my ass pushing in. It hurt like hell and I had to stop eating to yell out in pain. The female I was eating started screaming yeah that’s right hurt that fucking whore, tear her ass up and get that demon out of her. Her started to fuck my ass like there was no tomorrow. I never thought he was going to stop fucking my ass hole. He pulled out and told me to release the other demon.

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   I did as I was told and he had us get in a 69 position. Her on top and me on bottom. He got behind her and worked his glistening cock into her wet pussy as I kept licking her clit and she was now able to eat mine. Every so often he would pull out of her pussy and tell me to clean up her hellish juices off his cock and place his cock in my mouth. Then he would go back to fucking her pussy again. I have to say she knew how to eat pussy well. She was getting me so wet and I had a few orgasms already from her mouth. She started screaming back to him to fuck her ass after a little while. He pulled out of her pussy and had me suck on his cock again before he placed it in her ass too. He was fucking her ass good which gave me a chance to finger her pussy, which I could feel his cock through the walls of her anus. She kept eating my pussy out to the extreme. He pulled out a few times out of her ass and put his cock in my mouth to lick up some of the juices. I have never done the ass to mouth scene before. It felt so different. But I kinda liked it.

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   He kept going for a few then pulled out of her ass got off the bed walked around had her suck on his cock for a minute then he placed his cock back into my pussy. He fucked me for a while with me on my back, and her eating me out. Then I felt him start to suck on my toes while he was fucking me and my pussy was being eaten. I was having major orgasms. He pulled out of my pussy and then crammed his cock back into my asshole. He was doing the ass to mouth with her too. While he kept sucking on my toes which was sending me over the top. I felt his cock throbbing in my ass and he was starting to moan and I felt my ass hole get filled with this priests cum. When his cock stopped pumping he pulled out and she immediately went to licking and sucking his cum from my cum filled ass. When she was done she got off me and she walked out of the room, I noticed that the priest was already gone. I got dressed again and My husband and I headed for the next room. Now I really have no clue what to expect so far I have been fucked by a doctor and had a 3some with a priest and a female that was suppose to be possessed. We go into the next room and I walk into a forest scene. I start to follow the path on the floor when I hear howling coming from all around me. Next thing I know I see Eyes in front of me with a massive body.

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   Then I heard more howling coming from behind me and I turned and there were another set of eyes with another massive body. Next thing I know I was be shoved to the floor from behind while my husband was taking photos. My clothes were latterly being ripped off my body. I saw that the two figures were warewolfs and they had massive body’s and they already were naked with their cocks out. Their cocks were hanging off them they had to be at least 9 inches soft. Both of them. WOW. They were just shredding my clothes off me till I was totally naked. Then one of them forced his cock to my mouth and of course I placed it in there. I could barely get more then the head of it in my mouth. The other warewolf was sucking my tits and groping my body. They left me on the floor sucking the one cock while they worked my body over. Then the second warewolf stood up and placed his equally sized cock at my head. I went back and forth on both of these massive cocks. I would suck on one while I was jacking off the other.

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   Their cocks were just growing so huge. I have never been with a cock or cocks in this case that were as huge as these two. They had to be at least fourteen inches long hard each. The warewolfs both grabbed a leg and arm and lifted me off the floor and took me to bench on the edge of the wood line. They placed me on my back on it and one stepped up to my mouth with his cock and the other went to work on my pussy with his mouth. Now I was figuring these two warewolfs were black men since that seemed to be the color of their cocks but I couldn’t really tell in the darken room. If so it would have been the first time I was ever with a black man or men in my life. I took the cock near my head and again tried to suck on the most of it I could. I was jacking off the shaft with my hands while I worked my mouth on the head and little bit of shaft I could manage to get into my mouth. The other warewolf didn’t eat me out long at all. Once he had my pussy wet with his tongue He was all ready sitting on the bench behind me and placing the head of that massive cock against my pussy lips. He howled and rammed that massive cock into my pussy. It hurt so bad taking all fourteen of those inched in at once. He started fucking my pussy fast and hard. He was like a animal.

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   He was clawing at my legs and biting my belly as he was forcing his cock into my as hard and as deep as he could. The cock I had in my mouth was now starting to fuck my face and I was gagging on it quite a bit. The warewolf in my mouth bent over me and started clawing and biting my tits. It was so intense. I have never had sex like this in my life. The warewolf that was fucking my pussy howled again and the one in my mouth did the same. The both removed their cocks and switched places and repeated the same thing the other one was doing. One was ramming his cock in to my mouth as much as it would go and one was fucking the shit out of my pussy and rough and as hard as he could. I even felt little trickles of blood forming on my skin. They were really working me over. I would say this had to go on for at least fifteen minutes before they started howling again and the warewolfs both pulled out again. Now they lifted me by my hair to a standing position and one of them laid on the bench. The other warewolf grabbed my hair and walked me over the one laying down, and the one laying down speared my pussy with his cock. He forced it right in to my pussy. They slammed me down on top of him as he started to work his cock in to me.


   The other one still held on to my hair as he bent me over the warewolf that was fucking my pussy. He got behind me again and I felt him place the head of his cock at my ass. Oh no, they were going to dp me with those massive cocks. I have never even done a dp before let alone be with cocks this size and now I was going to have one in my pussy and in my ass. The warewolf in my pussy stopped moving. His massive cock frozen in my stretched pussy. I felt something close around my neck and something was passed to the warewolf under me. I realized it was a collar and a chain. I felt the head of the other cock starting to slide into my ass. It hurt like hell, when I jumped up a little the warewolf under me pulled the chain and kept me still and close to his body. I had tears forming In my eyes while this massive cock was working it self into my ass. I have never been stretched like this before. Both my pussy and my ass felt as if they were bursting open with these two massive cocks filling them.
    The cock in my ass was not being worked in slowly either. He rammed it into my ass.

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       All the way, I wanted to jump, cry, and scream. But the warewolf under me held the chain tight and made sure I couldn’t go nowhere. Once the cock was in my ass he started to move it in and out and the cock in my pussy followed suit. It was over the top pleasure and pain. The pumped me in both ends forcefully. I had so many orgasms from them I lost count. They were both panting, howling, biting, and scratching me. They fucked me in this position for at least twenty minutes Then they worked together to put all 3 of us in a sitting position with their cocks still in my pussy and ass. When they got us to the sitting position they worked together to raise us up to where they were standing and had me folded in between them still with their cocks deep inside of me. They started to fuck me like this My legs being held to the side of the cock inside of my pussy while the one behind me was holding my ass cheeks up and spreading them while they both moved in and out of me. They were biting my back, neck, tits, and shoulders. I was in ecstasy. I have never felt so much all at once while I was being fucked. The stopped what they were doing and the cock in my ass pulled out. Then they lowered my legs to the floor.

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       Then the cock inside my pussy was pulled out. I could feel my pussy trying to go back to its original shape and size. The warewolf that was in my ass now had the chain and pulled my head down towards his cock in a bent over position. I took it into my mouth while the other warewolf now got behind me and inserted his cock deep in my ass. I was sucking and fucking again. I felt the cock in my mouth start to throb and my mouth was filled with his cum. Them the warewolf with his cock in my ass started to howl and I felt his cock explode in it. My ass was once again filled with cum. They both pulled out of me and got on the hands and knees and ran off towards the fake wood line and disappeared. Wow that was the most intense sex I have ever had. I got dressed again and walked over to my husband who was still taking his photos. I kissed him and told him thank you. We went towards the next room and it was set up like a dungeon. It had a cross with a female naked on it, it had a table with another naked girl tied to that, it had a stockade that was open with no one in it yet. And there was a metal cage with a naked lady in it to.

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       I was looking around and seeing all these naked body’s just getting excited. I heard chanting coming from somewhere and all of a sudden candle light filled the room. Men with hoods and robes started filling the room. There had to be at least ten to twelve of them. The circled me and I noticed that there robes had holes in them and all their cocks were sticking out of them. They grabbed me and walked me over to the stockade. They bent me over and placed my head and arms in it and locked me in place. I felt my legs being spread and they placed a bar between it that locked to my ankles and made sure I could not close my legs. They ripped my clothes off me and now I was as naked as the other ladies in the room. They went around the room using different toys, and objects on all of the females in the room. They were groping all of us. Then when they had enough the men started to break off and go to the girls. There was a monk eating out the girl on the cross. There was a monk forcing the female on the table to give him a blowjob while another was eating her out and two more were sucking, pulling, and licking her tits. There was a monk forcing the female in the cage to give him a blowjob, while another was fingering her pussy and ass.

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       Then I had a monk step in front of me and force his cock into my mouth while I felt hands and mouths all over my tits and pussy. I even felt a finger in my ass and pussy. I saw them all rotating between the girls for oral pleasure and when it looked like it was finish, they brought out a stole to put in front of the girl in the cross. One at a time a monk would step up on it and slide his cock into her pussy and start to fuck her. The would climb on the table in twos and have the girl on the table give them a blowjob, while another one fucked her. The girl in the cage they took out and put a bar that went around her ankles and arms and neck to keep them all into place in a doggie style position, in the middle of the floor. One was fucking her while one was getting a blowjob from her. Then they would put their cock into my mouth and one would be behind me fucking me while I was in the stockade. There was so much sex going on in the room. Lots of moaning, grunting. This was incredible. They would just rotate out making sure they all got a piece of each of the four females. It seemed like forever that this was happing. My husband was just flashing away with the camera. You could see the grin on his face.

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       He even walked up a few times to the females and get a blowjob or to fuck the females while he was taking photos and close ups. Even tho I can’t see behind me I have a feeling he even fucked me too. Finally the monks started cumming and they were cumming all over us females. They were cumming on faces, tit’s, asses, bellies, anywhere they could hit. It was so intense. My husband was getting all the shots on camera. Then I know he went behind me still taking photos and I felt another cock go into my pussy. I was being fucked some more when I felt the cock in my pussy throb and then cum inside my pussy. I kept seeing the flash of the camera and knew my husband was getting all the money shots. The monks released all the females but me and the all walked out. My husband still took some more photos of me in the stockade and finally released me too. He told me we were finally done for the day now that I was covered in cum and juices from the days events and I was sore as hell. But I do have to say it was the greatest and best photo shoot we have ever done. I have no clue who he used in the haunted house or who was there. But the photos turned out hot as fuck.

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       I would love to see what he plans on doing next.

    By Voodoo
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