A Massage with a Message


I had arranged a new venture for my wife without her knowledge to test out her sexual abilities again. I had contacted a local male escort that offered massage services to women. My arrangement was for him to give my wife an erotic massage at his location and to secretly film the event to see what went on. The payment was a little bit more , but well worth it. The plan was for him to give her a real erotic massage , pushing the limits the whole time. At the end he was to tell her that I had not left the tip. I made sure her wallet was not in her purse. Then he would tell her a blow job would more than cover the tip. So it was all set . My wife got home from work after a long day. I informed her that I had a massage appointment for her in and hour. She was so excited as she loves massages. She hoped in the shower and cleaned up. Lucky for me she wore a cute pink bra and matching g-string under her dress for her appointment. (The remainder of this story I got from watching her video. )My wife entered the building to be met by her escort at the front door.

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   He was about 6'2" 200 lbs with brown hair and a medium build. He was wearing a Nike sweatsuit when he met her at the door. He informed her to go back to the table and disrobe and get on the table with a towel over her. She quickly disrobed down to her beautiful body and bare shaved pussy. Then she climbed up on the table and pulled a towel over her ass. The escort the entered the room and greeted her. Her removed his jacket and had on a tank top. He stepped up to the table and began to put lotion all over her and began massaging it in. He gave her a good rubbing all over her back and shoulders and had her nice and relaxed. He then worked down to her feet and began massaging up her legs. Slowly gaining her confidence and then he began rubbing up to her ass. Suprisingly she didnt even flinch. He kept it cool and worked from her ass back down her legs as if it were routine. After working her legs and massaging her feet for awhile he moved his hands up her inner thighs and reached her opening. She slowly shifted as if it felt good to her to feel his hands on her wet pussy.

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   He kept his hand there working all around her vagina. She let him go without a question. Her body began to shudder in the excitement of this guys touch. There was and obvious attraction between the two of them that was helping with the chemistry of the massage. He worked back down her legs and slowly rubbed back up stopping to finger her pussy lips again bringing her to a shudder. Then he rubbed up to her ass and massaged it moving her towel up revealing her ass. He worked his hands all over her ass geting her all hot and bothered. After an hour of working his hands all over her body he informed her that he was finished. You could feel the sexual tension had built up. The perfect time for the tip conversation. Right on cue the escort was. He informed her that I had paid for the massage , but forgot to tip her. She appologized and said just a minute as she went toward her purse. When she got there she realized she had no money. She appologized and informed him she had left her wallet at home and informed her that she would have to bring him money later.

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   Quickly he responded that he had heard that many times before. She responded yes, but I mean it. He replied oh don't worry about it I am sure it won't happen it never does. He really layed the guilt trip on and she was falling for it. She said she was really sorry and that she would go right home and get money and bring it back. He responded by saying, I know another way. What , she asked. Could you give me a blowjob. That would make up for it she asked. Definately , he said. She hessitantly agreed , okay i guess. She told him to go to the table and hop up on it. It took him tell the end of her sentence to oblige. She walked over between his legs and began rubbing his crotch area of his sweats. He leaned back enjoying the rub.

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   Then he slid off his pants to reveal his boxer briefs. He had signs of obvious attraction. She began rubbing his cock through his boxers. Slowly as to make sure her towel stayed on her. Then she reached into his boxers and pulled out his throbbing cock. It was around 8 inches long and fairly thick. She slowly stroked his cock up and down getting him to full growth. HE moaned in anticipation of what was to come. The camera was in perfect position to capture all of the events. She lowered her mouth down to his cock and licked around his balls slowly on up his shaft and inserted his cock into her mouth. He moaned in joy. She slowly ran her mouth up and down his cock taking in nearly half of his lovestick at a time. She paced her self slowly at first then rapidly began sucking his dick up and down while running her hand up and down his balls. He was screaming in the heat of it as to show just how good she sucks cock. His hands guiding her head up and down his manhood.

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   She rotate her head side to side and up and down his big stick. Every few minutes she would take his cock out and lick up and down his shaft putting his balls in her mouth and giving a gentle suck on his sack while rubbing her hand up and down the shaft. He could no longer take it anymore and filled her mouth with cum. She swallowed every last drop. They then redressed and he told her that was better than any tip he had every recieved. She thanked him for the massage and then left. When she arrived home I asked her how her massage went. She gave me a sly wink and said it felt great. Little did she know I was about to watch the tape of how good it really went. . . . . . .

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