A Playboy 3-Way


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not know Pam Anderson, Anna Nichole Smith or Hugh Hefner or have anything to do with them. I do not own or have anything to do with Playboy, Baywatch, or Home Improvement. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

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Pamela Anderson & Anna Nicole Smith, A Playboy 3-Way
By Muhabba

The kid had been flipping through the magazine for about twenty minutes. It wasn't a big deal, it's not as though there were any other customers at two o'clock in the morning but the clerk was pretty much as bored as the kid. The middle aged clerk had been riding the counter since six that evening and his feet were killing him.

"They ain't like in the old days," The clerk said to the kid.

"Huh?" the kid said as he looked up.

"The magazines. They ain't like they were in the old days," the clerk repeated as he ran his fingers through his thinning hair.

"Huh?" the kid repeated.

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  He didn't really care but he was bored as hell and had literally nothing else to do until later so he might as well humor the old guy jockying behind the counter.

The clerk leaned over the counter, and his slowly expanding stomach, and pointed down at the bottom of the magazine rack. "Before everybody started reading everything on the internet they used to come in here. Kid friendly mags were on the bottom and as you went up they got more mature 'til you had the Playboys and Penthouses and Hustlers on top," he said with a sly smirk like he had just shared a secret.

"Riveting," the kid said sarcastically.

"No. Seriously," the clerk said, "Plus they had all these inserts for ads and contests and shit. "

"Yeah, I think my parents used to tell me the stories," the kid snarked with a roll of his eyes.

"Shit, you just don't know, kid," the clerk said as he leaned back against the counter, "I won so much free shit working here and sending in those inserts. Hell, even won a huge ass contest one time. "

"You don't say," the kid said as he stopped pretending to listen and went back to his magazine.

"No, really," the clerk insisted, "You ever hear of Pamela Anderson?"

The kid just simply rolled his eyes but it did nothing to stop the old clerk from continuing his story. "I had just started working here back in the day, doin' the night-shift like I am now. Don't get me wrong, I've had other jobs, better jobs, I just like the vibe here, right?So anyways, I had just started and it was my first night alone. I wasn't scared or nothin', not me, but after a while it started to slow down, especially after the bars let out.

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  We'd get a rush and then nothin' 'til 'bout five when people started heading to work.

"Anyways, the bar rush had finished and then I got everything caught up so I had nothin' ta do, y'know?So I was just sitting around doin' nothin' and started flippin' through some magazines, and like I said, they were usually filled with all this inserts and shit that would fall out all over the place. Now I gotta keep everything lookin' all nice and neat so every time one of those inserts fell out I'd have to pick 'em back up, shove 'em back into the mag before I could carry on. So there I was, shoving the inserts back into the mags when one of 'em caught my eye.

"Now back in the day Pam Anderson was the shit. This is before her tits were all perfectly round and her nipples were sticking out in all different directions and shit. I mean, yeah, they were fake and shit and it was no secret but they were still nice lookin', y'know?Big but nice lookin'. Fake but, y'know. Anyways she had did Playboy more than a few times but she was so hot that that she was famous just because of that. Most Playmates were just Playmates, y'know, but Pam Anderson was something else. Now, at this time she had a bit part on a show called 'Home Improvment' where she'd come out in denim shorts and a tight T-shirt, handed the comedian guy something and walked back off. Not exactly rocket science but it didn't need to be.

"So anyways, this insert caught my eye and I looked it over and it's a contest to meet Pam Anderson on the set of her show. How sweet is that?"

The kid looked up from over the top of his magazine at the old clerk, shrugged his shoulders and then went back to reading.

The clerk continued his story as if he had the kid’s undivided attention.

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  "I know, right?" he said excitedly, "So I figured what the hell. So I stole the insert man. Sure, I coulda got fired but what the hell, live life to the fullest, man. So I took the insert and sent it in. Well, y'know, time goes by and I gotta admit that I kinda forgot all about it. I mean, I'm a busy guy, right, and I got things ta do so, yeah, I forgot about it. So one day I'm off duty, sleeping in, and it must 'a been about three in the afternoon and my phone rings. Now this is before cell phones and voice mail and I didn't have an answering machine so either I answered the phone or missed the person.

"So I dragged myself outta bed and got to the phone, probably right before they were about to hang-up, and, I shit you not, I had won the contest!They spouted out all the rules and regulations and what not but it all just comes down to be at the airport in two weeks. How cool was that?" the clerk asked. When the kid blinked at him the clerk eagerly continued his story, "And don't you think I was about to be late to that, and I wasn't, and two weeks later I'm landing in L. A. on my way to meet Pam Anderson. Hey, you wanna soda?"

The kid looked up, finally interested and shrugged his shoulders noncommittally.

"I'm payin'.

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"Hell, sure," the kid answered eager.

Fishing out a few drinks out of the back, the clerk started telling his story again with the kid finally paying a bit more attention to him. "Now I should have figured something was up when the guard at the gate of the studio didn't know what the driver of my car was doing there. I mean, I was in the back of a friggin' limo living like a star and the guard is sweatin' me like I was a paparazzi or something but he finally let us in and the limo took us straight to the soundstage. And you know what?"

Out of obligation, the kid shook his head "No".

"Pam had quit," the clerk said as he threw his hands dramatically in the air, "No shit. She had quit three days before I got there. No shit. Decided she wasn't gettin' enough screen time and quit to go work another show. And you know what that show was?"

Slowly losing interest again, the kid slowly shook his head "no" again.

"Baywatch. I kid you not," the clerk said with a laugh, "Now I was let down but they gave me a bunch of free shit and promised to send me an autographed photo of her, even bought me a free lunch before shipping my ass back home. I was disappointed and shit but a free lunch is a free lunch, y'know. "

"Yeah, sure. A free lunch and a free trip," the kid chuckled.

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"It was a pretty good lunch," the clerk said, "Couse the flight wasn't First Class but the lunch was still pretty good. So now I'm back home, back on the job, just pretty much coasting for a while, y'know. And then, two more weeks go by and you know what?"

Back to reading, the kid hadn't even heard the clerk's question.

"I got a phone call outta the blue and guess who the hell it was?" the clerk asked and didn't even wait for the kid to ignore him, "It was Pamela fucking Anderson!"

The kid peered over the top of his magazine. "Bullshit. "

"I bullshit you not," the clerk said proudly, "It was her. Right outta the blue. You have no idea how many potential kids I wasted in my socks thinking about her so just hearing the sound of her voice gave me a hard-on coulda knocked a door down. "

"Bullshit," the kid said again without looking up from his magazine.

"No bullshit," the clerk said raising his hand, "Hand to God. Pam Anderson called me outta the blue to apologize. I was absolutely stunned and just kept going 'uh-huh' over and over again while she had been talking. Long story short. . .

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". . . I doubt it. "

". . . she wants to fly me back out to LA to attend a little party with her to make up me missing her. How fucking cool is that?"

"Uh-huh," the kid said with a shrug.

"So about a week goes by and I'm back on a plane. Course it's still not First Class but I figure 'what the fuck' and just go with it," the clerk continued barely noticing the kid's lack of interest, "So I land in LA. . . again, and was met by another limo, how cool is that!?Man, I ain't ever been in a limo before and now it was twice!So the limo picked me up and took me to meet Pam Anderson wherever this little shin-dig of her's is and I'm just sitting, maxin' & relaxin', enjoying the shit outta myself and there's all sorts of snacks and alcohol and shit so I just fill my pockets until the limo finally stopped and parked. And you know what happens next?"

By now the kid was completely ignoring him so he looked around behind the counter.

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  "Hey, kid. Wanna burrito or something?" he asked hopefully.

"Spicy?" the kid asked just as hopefully as he lowered the magazine.

"Sure thing," the clerk said. He made his way out from behind the counter and grabbed a couple frozen burritos and threw them into the microwave. When the bell dinged he grabbed him and the kid’s food and slid it across the counter before getting back behind his register. "Well, anyway, the limo stoppes and the door opened so I could get out and you know the first shit I see?" he continued.

The kid shook his head 'no' as he opened up a pack of salsa.

"Hugh fucking Hefner. "

"I call bullshit," the kid said with a more friendly roll of his eyes.

"I shit you not, kid," the clerk chuckled, "There's Hugh Hefner in his pajamas and everything and standing right next to him was Pam fucking Anderson. I don't even remember what he said when he shook my hand but I remember everything about Pam. She was wearing a short, blue robe the same color as her eyes and I tell you man, it was wide open up top and barely covered her ass on the bottom. And she looked hot!Hugh clapped me on the back and we walked towards the back of his mansion, him just talking and chit-chating me but I couldn't pull my attention away from Pam.

"Pam was hanging on my arm like we were old friends who hadn't seen each other in years.

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  She's all apologies about missing me on my first trip and really wants to make it up to me and she hoped I'd forgive her and whatever but I'm not payin' attention cuz all I care about is her body. Her tits and ass moving back and forth with every step, her hair hanging loose and down to the middle of her back. She was hot as hell man, I'm tellin' ya. But then we walked around the corner of the building and I saw something even hotter. It was a party. A Playboy party. I had died and gone to heaven and it got even better.

“Hugh walked off to greet other guests and after he had stepped away, Pam shrugged her shoulders and time started moving in slow motion. The robe slid down her arms and fluttered to the ground and then there she was wearing just about the sexiest two-piece bikini known to man. It was the same color as the robe and did wonderful things to her body. The top lifted her tits up high on her chest and had just enough material to cover her nipples and the sides of her tits. The bottoms were a small thong the barely covered her pussy and you could just tell she was completely shaved. Her ass was tight and firm and the string of the bottoms were sunk between those taunt cheeks and I felt myself getting hard in my pants. "

The clerk leaned against the counter, nearly forgetting the kid was even there as he tried to remember every detail of Pamela Anderson's body. "By now the sun was beginning to set and the lights in the backyard turned on, including the pool which of filled with Playboy models.

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  The entire back lawn had been filled with 'em. Hot, nearly naked women everywhere. And more than a few celebs. Drew Carey was there, the whole cast of Baywatch, money and babes everywhere. And there I was with Pamela Anderson wearing barely any clothes and hangin’ on my arm. I had to untuck my shirt to try and hide my boner before she started leading me around and introducing me to everybody she knew. "

The clerk raised his right hand up proudly. "This is the hand that shook the hand of Hugh Hefner and dozens of Playmates!This is the hand that shook the hand of nearly the whole cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the hand that shook the hand of Jessica Alba, that shook the hand of Fred Durst and Aaron Lewis!And Pamela Anderson introduced me to all of them. Then it was everybody into the pool!I tell ya, man, that pool could easily hold a hundred people and Pam was one of them. And she spent the whole time with me even when she was in the pool. I didn't know I was supposed to bring a swimsuit and she told me not to worry about it and just wait a little longer. And I gotta tell you one thing, Pam in a bikini is phenomenal but a wet Pam Anderson in a bikini could make a man believe in God or kill their own mother.

"After a couple of hours the crowd had started to thin and I'd guess maybe half the crowd had left by then but for the rest the party was still going strong. And then the first bikini top went flying through the air. I gotta tell you that whole crowd was naked in, like, less than a minute.

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  And so was Pam and I had been right, she was completely shaved. She was completely fearless naked, like it wasn't nothin' and I guess for her it wasn't. Me on the other hand, well, I had never seen so many naked people all in one place. And it wasn't like those nudist camps either, at the Playboy mansion everybody deserved to be naked. And here I was, the only regular joe in the whole place. "

"So did ya?" the kid asked in a dare. The whole story was complete bullshit but in the middle of the night it was interesting bullshit.

"Did I what?"

"Get naked," the kid dared.

"Not at first, I was just kinda dumb-struck," the clerk said, "Nearly every Playboy Playmate I'd ever jerked it to was completely naked, not to mention more than a few celebrities. And I gotta tell you, there's a reason Fred Durst didn't get naked for that 'Get Naked' video. "


"Never mind," the clerk said dismissively, "So there I was, sitting on the edge of the pool with my legs in the water, just staring around, and Pam came up outta the water like that Greek Goddess chick in the painting but without the shell. "

"What Greek Goddess chick painting?"

"What the hell they teach you kids in school now a days?" the clerk asked, "Anyway, here came Pam up outta the water right between my knees. It was kinda in slow motion again, her hair plastered to her head, water running down her naked body, her always hard nipples dripping, the water running down her body and over her shaved groin. I'd never even had a dream as good as she looked rising out of the pool, y'know?"He stared wistfully off out the dark window of the convenience store for a moment before continuing his story. "So she's standing up straight, the water just barely coming to her knees and just kinda smirking at me.



"She ran her hands from my knees up to just the hem of my shorts and I practically choked on my tongue. Then she says, 'You gonna join the party?' and my eyes just bugged out of my head cuz next she grabbed the legs of my shorts and yanked on 'em. Course I was sittin' on my ass so they didn't get to far but that didn't stop her and she eventually managed to yank 'em half way down my thighs and 'Bam!' out pops my hard-on. "

"Then let me guess," the kid chuckled, "She grabs a hold of your throbbing meat stick and 'Gulp!' "

The clerk waved his hand at the kid. "Phttt, no. She just kind winked at me and finished tugging my shorts down," he said.

"Whatever!" the kid laughed.

"I'm tellin' you man. It was just no big deal there," the clerk explained, "She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the pool and started introducing me to more people. Here was Pam Anderson and her guest and her guest's hard-on shaking hands with celebrities. I swear. It's like a boner ain't no big deal there. There was still two of the Buffy actresses, the red head and the brunette, Jessica Alba, her boyfriend from the show, the chick with the curly hair from that Felicity show, and fucking Jessica Biel. All buck naked and no one caring. Hand to God!"

"Whatever," the kid laughed again.

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"No, no, really," the clerk insisted, "So we're walking around just chit-chatting with celebrities all in our birthday suits and with Pam just holding my hand and leading us around. At one point had leaned into me, those big, wet tits of her’s pressed against me and asked me if I'm having a good time. Fuck, what was I gonna say?Of course by then I musta had that hard-on for about an hour which made it start to get kinda painful but I sure as hell wasn't gonna stop. Hell, what could I do, excuse myself to go crank one out real quick?

"Course by then I noticed Pam noticing just how hard I was and every once in awhile I'd notice her noticing and she didn't even look embarrassed by it and sometimes she'd just giggle at it. "

The kid picked up another magazine and the clerk knew that he was losing the kid's attention. "Hey, hey, hey. I know it's kinda hard to believe but I swear it's true, plus you ain't gonna believe what we did next. "

"Let me guess," the kid chuckled without looking up from the magazine, "She couldn't hold out against your animal magnetism and ravished you right there in front of everybody. "

"Nah. We went for a swim. "

"Ha!That it?" the kid laughed, "Oh wow, what a twist ending. You went for a swim when you were in a pool. "

"I think you forget where we were," the clerk said defensively, "We were in the pool at the Playboy Mansion and you gotta know what was in there. "

The kid cocked an eyebrow and looked at the clerk from over his magazine.

"That's right," the clerk said with a wide grin, "The Grotto.

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  So Pam released my hand and swam off and all I could see was her wet, tan ass swimming away. She stopped and turned around, waving at me with one tit breaking the top of the water and yelled, ‘Woo hoo' at me and asked if I was gonna follow. I did my best. You ever try to swim with a hard-on, it's like someone flipped a submarine over and not exactly comfortable but I managed to catch up with her right before she laughs and dives under the water. And she fucking disappears.

"It took me a couple of minutes to figure out she wasn't coming back up again so I dove under the water and saw a black hole. . . "

"That's what she said," the kid giggled.

". . . and swam into it. It was only a couple of feet long. .

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  . "

"That's what she said. "

". . . before I came up for air and that's when I saw it. The Playboy Grotto. "The clerk held his hands to either side of his head before swinging them out and mouthing 'boom'. "Mind blown, right. I'm in THE Playboy Grotto. It was a big room, could'a easily fit, like, 20 people in it, with low lights, water proof cushions, even a half submerged bar. Up towards the wall the water was pretty shallow, low enough to lay down in without dipping to low and drowning, with tables to hold your drinks and what not and we weren't alone. It was kinda dark, mood lighting I guess you'd say, but I could see more than a few people scattered around. There were a few couples, a few triples, and even a pile of, like, 7 people but off to one side, laying down against one of those cushions was Pam holding two drinks up to me.

"I made my way by her and we reclined as she gave me my drink.

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  I took a sip and it was just about the fruitiest thing I had ever tasted, couldn't even tell there was alcohol in it. So she puts her drink down, grabs my arm and wraps it around her shoulders while she snuggled up against me and I mean snug. The entire side of her body was pressed against me from that world famous chest, to her hips, to her legs, and she even had her ankles crossed over mine. She put her hand on my chest and smiled up at me just in time for me to take a drink and choke on it. Then, outta left field, man, she asks me if I'm having a good time and kisses me. "

"Knew that was coming," the kid snickered.

"Tell me about it," the clerk agreed, completely missing the kid's sarcasm, "I know it's a party foul but with Pam's lips pressed against mine I lost control and spilled my drink in the pool but considering the things that are supposed to have happened in that grotto it's probably the safest thing ever to have been spilled in there. She wrapped her arm around me and I wrapped my arms around her, holding her to me while her tongue attacked my mouth. Then she started rubbing her body against mine, her tits rubbing up and down my chest while she's rocking her bald little snatch against my hip. And I gotta tell you, and I'm not ashamed to admit it, I had no idea what to do.

"I mean, I'd been with girls before so I had my technique down and everything but this was Pam friggin' Anderson kissing me so you can excuse me for being a little off my game. Like I said, she's got one arm wrapped around me, holding me tight against her lips, and I didn't even realized what her other arm was doing 'til she grabbed my junk. I gasped into her mouth and she giggled at me as she started jacking my rod slow and serious like. And boy-howdy did she know what she was doing. She's got me by the base of my prick, twisting her wrist before sliding up my pole and when she reached the tip she'd slid her palm over me before slipping back down to my base.

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  And with the way she was using her tongue inside of my mouth she had me dreaming about what else she could do with it. And through all of it we were surrounded by groups of people doing the exact same thing to each other. "

The kid couldn't decide if he wanted to put his magazine down or not. Granted, the clerk’s story was interesting, complete bullshit but at least interesting bullshit, but he felt like showing interest would just egg the clerk on with his bullshit story. If he acted interested now then perhaps he would accidently trap some other poor person in the future by encouraging the clerk now. He finally decided to just put the magazine down and listen, it was at least more interesting that the article in the magazine.

The clerk didn't even notice the kid deciding to listen more as he continued his story. "So with Pam's hand on my shaft I slid my hands down her slick back and cupped her taunt ass. I kneaded her cheeks like bread dough and slipped my fingers between them, tickling her little asshole and delving a bit lower to her pussy. I don't know if it was the water or me but she was hot and wet and groaned into my mouth. She slid her leg up and started all out grinding herself against my leg while I started rocking my prick up, rubbing myself against her hip. Man, this was the hottest thing I'd ever done in my life: Making out with Pam Anderson in the middle of a underwater orgy room. Now I ain't one of those people that make shit up so I don't mind sayin' this is the greatest thing that'd ever happened in my life. Not even after all these years have I done anything even approaching what happened to me that night, y'know?" he said with one hand raised and the other hand over his heart.

When the kid remained silent, the clerk took that as acknowledgement that the kid agreed with him and continued, "That being said, what with me making out with Pam Anderson and her hand on my crank, a high pitched voice calls out from the pool and says with a giggle, 'Excuse me.

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  I'm not interrupting anything am I?'Even though I'm kinda busy with Pam that voice sounded familiar so I tried to look past Pam and she broke the kiss to look behind her. And there she was standing up in the pool, the water just barely up to her thick thighs, dripping wet, blonde hair plastered to her head, giant tits sittin' high and proud on her chest: Anna Nichole Smith. "

"Phfttt," the kid snorted in disbelief and began looking for the magazine he had just put down having decided that the article on gluten-free recipes was better than the delusional bullshit the clerk was talking about.

The clerk didn't even notice as the kid ignored him for the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens as he continued his story. “So Pam squealed like she just saw her best friend and waved her over to where we were and Anna sashayed her way over. The statuesque blonde’s wide hips swayed opposite of her huge tits as she walked through the water and I gotta say I was fucking mesmerize. I may have had Pamala Anderson's ass in my hands and her twat at my fingertips but I have to admit that I forgot that she was even there as I watched Anna Nichole Smith wade towards me. The only thing she had been wearing was water and a bit of dark haired fuzz at the top of her slit as she laid down opposite Pam in the other side of me, her unbelievable body pressed up against mine.

“As soon as she was sat down, Pam introduced us and Anna gave me a quick wink and said, “Pleased ta meet ‘cha, sugah,” in kind of a slur. I don’t know if it was her accent or if she was drunk and didn't really care as I listened to them catch up with each other. It was surreal, man, because while they were just chit-chatting back and forth, Pam was still jerking on my pole. Didn't even miss a stroke, course I still had my fingers buried between her ass-cheeks fingering her. And hell, Anna had her arm around my shoulders with her massive tits pressed against my arm like everything the three of us was doing was the most natural thing in the world. Of course, since we were in The Grotto of the Playboy mansion it may have been,” the clerk said with a chuckle.

“ ‘So is this the guy?’ Anna asked Pam while I was just about literally sandwiched between ‘em,” the clerk continued as he stared off into the middle distance which was actually just the large window at the front of the store, “And Pam giggled when she told her that I was indeed me.

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  She gave my throbbin’ prick a playful wave towards Anna and the other Playmate giggled as she reached into my lap. ‘Pleased to meet you,’ she giggled as she shook my dick like she’d shake a person’s hand. I groaned out at the contact and both of the women laughed at the sound. ‘I think he likes you,’ Pam laughed and I nodded my head in agreement. ‘Fuck yes,’ I gasped out as Anna left her hand wrapped around my pole. I had Pam’s hand wrapped around the base of my shaft and Anna’s hand wrapped around the top of my shaft and both girls just tugging away while they talked and meanwhile I had one hand resting between Pam’s ass-cheeks so I figured I use the other in Anna.

“While the two Playmates talked I slid my free hand between Anna’s thick, toned thighs until I could feel her pussy-lips all warm and wet. She opened her legs up a bit to let my fingers in and BAM I’m fingering Pam and Anna at the same fucking time!” the clerk shouted with a slap of his hand on the counter.

The kid peered over the top of his article about how to make your own spice garden and when he saw that the clerk still was looking off into the distance he went back to his article.

The clerk smiled to himself as he continued reminiscing before taking a drink of his soda. “Pam moaned out as I slid my fingers in and out of her body before moving around to give us all easier access. We sat shoulder to shoulder, our legs spread wide to allow our hands into one another's laps and I gotta tell you, man, it had to be the hottest thing ever. Like, hotter than the hottest porn I ever saw and I had a subscription to Jenna Jameson’s web site. ”

Not even bothering to look at the clerk, the kid asked, “Who?”

“Doesn't matter,” the clerk said with a dismissive wave of his hands, “What matters is that I had both Pamela Anderson and Anna Nichole Smith moaning and groaning with my fingers up their snatches. While I was slippin’ my fingers up Pam’s fuck-hole I was slippin’ my fingers out of Anna’s before sliding my fingers up Anna and out of Pam’s.

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  I gotta tell you, man, I was working those two like a piston and I took two semesters of shop class in high school so I know what I’m talking about. Both of them had given up in catching up and were now rocking their hips up towards my hands, fucking themselves on my fingers and rubbing their slick tits against my arms. But I wasn't just sittin’ there. I was shifting my pole side to side while they continued working on it and I swear, man, I was in heaven. It couldn't get any better. But then, you know what happened next?”

Mumbling noncommittally, the kid noticed a recipe his mother might like.

“It got better!” the clerk nearly shouted. “Pam looked over at me and asked, ‘So do you forgive me for standing you up yet?’And all I could do was nod so Anna looks over at me and says, ‘You’re so sweet,’ and Pam said to her, ‘You know, he really is,” and before I know it she bends down over my lap and licks the head of my prick. It was fuckin’ electric, man. My entire body shook as her tongue circled my cock-head and Anna actually has to hold me still while Pam sucks me into her mouth. Now I ain't gonna lie about this shit, just so you know. I ain't hung like a porn star or nothing. But above average, never had any complaints or anything so I’m not gonna lie and brag about shit that ain't real. So, with both girls’ hands around my pole Pam could only take in the tip of my shaft and about an inch below that but, those girls man, they had their techniques down pat.

“With my cock in her mouth, Pam let’s go of my shaft and Anna slides her hand down to my base to give her friend room to suck at least half of me in and let me tell you, Pam knew her way around a cock.

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  She sucked hard, her tongue just down right massaging my shaft like one of those Swedish massures, y’know?So Pam bobs up and down a couple of times, her lips stretched tight around me, before letting me pop out of her mouth. Now don’t forget, through all of this Anna is jacking my pole, her fingers flat out milking me while adding a little wrist action down towards the bottom and I ain't ashamed to tell you I still use that by myself to this day. ”

By now the clerk was barely paying any attention to the kid as he continued his story, not even noticing the kid putting down his magazine and picking up a newspaper. “So Pam replaced Anna's hand with her own and pointed my dick towards Anna and asks, ‘Do you want any of this?’ like she was sharing a piece of pretty good candy,” the clerk said as he took a bite of his burrito, “So Anna lookes at me, and hand to God, asks me, ‘Do you mind?’ and what the fuck was I gonna say, ‘no’?So I of course I nodded yes and she just bends down right over my lap and starts sucking my hog for all it's worth. Now while Pam had a more precise technique, Anna just went wild!I thought she was gonna suck my cock clean off my body while Pam did the same thing for her that she had done for Pam, jerking my pole while Anna swallowed my meat.

“Now I’m a gentleman so of course I’m still fingering those fine bitches when Pam gets up on her knees. She's got to release her hold on my shaft but Anna just reached right in and grabbed hold quick as she could. So Pam cupped one of her large tits and just presented it to my face like it’s fucking dinner time and I just dived right in. Course my fingers was still playing between the ladies’ legs so I just sucked that hard nipple into my mouth and used my lips to hold it there while I licked it with my tongue. Now I might have been a bit excited ‘cuz I sucked in that guy like a new-born calf, let me tell you. And she must have loved it ‘cuz I had her moaning so loud there was no way anybody left in The Grotto didn't know what we was doing,” the clerk said before looking down at his burrito. “Hey, kid. You want me to warm up your burrito?” he asked.

“No thanks. I finished already,” the kid said as he motioned towards his empty wrapper.

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“To busy jaw-jacking,” the clerk mumbled to himself as he grabbed the kid’s trash. He threw his burrito into the microwave and the wrapper into the trash before turning his head back towards the kid. “Hey you want a beer or something?” the clerk asked.

His eyes wide in surprise, the seventeen year old kid tried not to seem over-eager. “Sure, man,” he said while trying to sound cool and collected.

“Here ya go,” the clerk said as he handed his audience a beer from the cooler as the microwave dinged. “Now where was I…” he trailed off.

“You were, ah… you were…” the kid started while trying not to let on to the clerk that he hadn't been paying attention for the last fifteen minutes. Luckily the clerk suddenly remembered on his own.

“I was sucking on Pamela Anderson's tits while Anna Nichole Smith was sucking me off, that's right,” he said as he took a bite of his burrito. “So Pam is dragging those big-ass titties of her’s back and forth across my face while Anna was nearly sucking my cock clean off my body. And then they switched and suddenly I had Anna's massive tits just swaying back and forth in front of me and Pam back on my cock. Talk about heaven!”The clerk tried to take another drink but discovered that the can was empty and switch it for a full one.

“So the next thing I know the two chicks were both in my lap, one sucking my pole and the other licking my balls,” the clerk continued without noticing the kid smirking behind his magazine, “And I gotta tell ya, they was pros!I ain't trying to slut-shame nobody, I’m all woke and shit, but I could tell that this wasn't the first time either of them had tag-teamed a dick. Now I’ve lost track of what I’m doing, my hands just laying next to me now while I’m trying to concentrate on not cumming.


  I had to sit up against the wall to keep my junk above the water so one of them didn't drown ‘cuz, like I said, I’m a gentleman, see?So while Pam is deep throating my dick, Anna is licking my sack one ball at a time then she's sucking on me while Pam is seeing to the boys. I gotta say that Anna was better with my pole, her tongue massaging my shaft as she went up and down but Pam was definitely better on my balls. Pam would suck both of my guys into her mouth and then practically juggle them with her tongue and when you had both of them girls combined, my eyes were just rolling back into my head. ”

The kid looked at the clock on the wall and then went back to his copy of Auto Trader. “Hey, rims are on sale,” he mumbled to himself.

Not hearing his audience, the clerk continued his story. “I would have just been happy with Anna working my cock and Pam licking down under but they seemed set to switch back and forth so I let them until my hips started buckin’ and I knew what was about to happen. And I guess so did they ‘cuz the next thing I know both lovely ladies had popped up from my lap and Pam put the squeeze on my junk. It wasn't painful or anything, just her thumb and finger just below the tip of my prick hard enough to keep anything coming or going ‘til I had settled down a bit. So Anna and Pam giggle at the look in my face and eventually Pam let me go and turned towards Anna with a smirk on her face and says, ‘I suppose we should give him a bit of a breather,’ and Anna nodded at her with the same smirk on her face. ”

“You care if I grab a bag of chips?” The kid asked. He had put off the question as long as he could despite how hungry he was getting. If he had know his friend was going to be so late showing up he would have brought enough money for a proper sandwich. So, everything being equal it was kind of lucky for him that the clerk was willing to bribe him with food and beer.

“Sure thing, buddy,” the clerk said absent-mindedly.

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Crap. He called me, “Buddy,” and now he thinks we’re friends, the kid thought. He was pretty sure that he could never come back to this gas station ever again.

Finishing his beer, the clerk followed it with his burrito before grabbing another beer from the cooler and continuing his story. “So both Anna and Pam sat up straighter on their knees facing each other from over my cock bobbing in the air and Anna looks down at me with a wink and says, ‘You just sit right there and relax, sugah,’ before Pam looks down at me and adds, ‘And enjoy the show. ’Me being a idiot I started to wonder if a movie screen was going to pop up out of the water or something but instead Pam and Anna lean in against one another, their arms going around their waists, the huge tits bulging out of their sides and they kiss. ”

Whistling through his teeth the clerk slowly shook his head dramatically before going on, “And that, my friend, is the exact moment where I knew that if I had died right then and there I would have absolutely no regrets. Their hands ran slowly up and down their backs as they rubbed their wet bodies together and let me tell you they were pressed together so tight from crotch to face that light couldn't get through. I could see their tongues caressing and moving against one another inside their mouths and with moans coming out from between their lips. With every pass down their backs their hands would get lower as they ground their groins together. They kissed so long and so deeply I was afraid they were gonna pass out from lack of oxygen or something. I mean, I was totally prepared, I used to Life Save during the summer at the YMCA so I was set, y’know?

“Now Anna gripped Pam’s hips and began humping her crotch against the other girl’s like she was a man and I just stared at her big round ass clenching and relaxing over and over again. And every time Anna humped up against her, Pamela rolled her hips up to meet her, opening her thighs up for her and it was an awesome picture. I mean, the whole grotto was lit for atmosphere so, yeah it was kind of dim but there was enough light to see and there was neon and what light there was was just gleaming off of Pam and Anna's wet, naked bodies as they made out in front of me. Or above me?They were in front of me but above me… like above my legs but in front of my face, y’know?”

“Uh huh, sure,” the kid said as he made a mental note to call the guy in the magazine about his auto detailing.

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The clerk leaned against the counter and folded his arms across the desk, his eyes not really focusing on anything as he continued regaling his audience with a bold tale from his younger days. “They’re kissing and moaning and rubbing up against each other while I watch like a fat man at an all you can eat buffet. Anna thrusts her massive chest up to let Pamela lick and suck on those giant tits of her’s before they switch and Anna is sucking on Pam’s not inconsiderable endowments. Then they switch again and besides suckin’ on Anna's titties, Pam slips an arm between them both and even though I can't quite see it I know she's fingering the other blonde. Anna starts gasping even louder while rocking her hips up against Pam’s hand and I just knew that if I had so much as touched myself I would have exploded right then and there.

“Fingering the other girl for a bit before they switched, Pam spread her thighs wider apart to let Anna's fingers in and just starts moaning louder and louder. Hell, people outside of The Grotto could probably hear her. So Anna fingers her for a bit, sucking on her tits before they switched again and Pam had Anna moaning almost as loud as she was except Anna was kinda muffled between Pam’s tits. Before I knew it both girls were back to kissin’ and rubbing their naked bodies together while they were fingering each other at the same time and I knew it was time for me to clock back in. ”

Realizing the clerk wasn't even paying attention to whether he was paying attention or not, the kid shoved the Auto Trader and Better Homes & Gardens, for his mom, into his back pocket before grabbing a couple of candy bars.

“So I sat up on my knees and pressed myself against the two Playmates while they finger-banged each other and then they wrapped their free arms around me, pulling me in,” the clerk continued, not noticing that his audience was shoving candy bars into his pockets, “I leaned in to join the kiss while running my hands down their wet backs while their hands slid around my body to between my legs. So while Pam is jacking my prick and Anna is fondling my balls I slide my fingers between their ass-cheeks and tease their little pink rosebuds, y’know?I figure that both those girls had to have had some practice takin’ all kinds of thing in their back doors and by the noises they made I was fucking right. ”

A wide, warm smile spread across the clerk’s face as he waited a few moments for the kid to take in the minute details of the story before going on. “I slipped my fingers right between both of those women's asses, Anna's thick and juicy one and Pam’s taunt and toned one, and quickly found their tightest holes,” he said with a wide, self-satisfied grin. He raised his hands up and wiggled them in the air as he said, “These are the fingers that pleasured Pamela Anderson and Anna Nichole Smith in all their holes.

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The kid took a moment to try and think if he actually knew who the clerk was talking about before deciding it didn't matter. He mumbled “Uh huh” to the clerk before opening a large bad of spicy potato chips.

The clerk filled his wiggling hands with a cold beer and a snack cake before going on. “So Pam had her fingers sawing in and out of Anna's pussy and I had two fingers sawing in and out of her ass while Anna had her fingers in Pam’s pussy and I had two fingers slipping in and out of her ass and to top it off both girls were jacking me off,” he said proudly, “So there we all were humping and grinding against each other's hands, panting and groaning and moaning like we was the only three people in the world. I was beautiful, man. ”

“Uh huh,” the kid agreed to whatever it was that the clerk had just said.

“Pam was the first one to start to get off, her world renowned body shakin’ and shivering and I could tell she was about to cum right before Anna started in,” the clerk said as the kid started wandering around the gas station putting random items in his pockets, “Anna's almost as well known body started twitching while she started gasping in her high pitched voice and I knew I was about to join ‘em so I, like, pulled my prick back out of their hands before I could go off. So with Anna and Pam’s fingers stuffed up one another's snatches I bury my fingers as deep as I can in their asses which, of course, sets them off. ”

“Of course,” the kid agreed before swearing to himself. “They're out of my soda,” he mumbled angrily.

“So both girls cum at the same time, their already tight asses clenching down on my fingers,” the clerk continued, not noticing the kid tucking a 40 down the front of his pants, “Now Pam kinda hisses like a cat when she came but Anna squealed like a siren, all high and stuff and I thought I was gonna go deaf, I kid you not.

“As the girls started to relax they kinda started leaning against me so I pulled my fingers out of their shitters and take them into my arms like ‘cuz I’m a gentleman and I don't want them to, like, slip and drown or some shit. ”Suddenly the clerk laughed out and slapped himself on the knee, “Don't want my ma to see me on the news, right!‘News at 11:00. Playmate dies in the Playboy Grotto’ with my pic right there on the screen. ”

“Totally,” the kid agreed to whatever the hell the clerk was laughing about.

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  He wondered if the clerk was still telling the same bullshit story that he had started out with before shrugging his shoulders. It didn't matter really, he was pretty much stuck there until his friend showed up and plus he couldn't really fit anything else in his pockets.

The clerk once again stared wistfully off at his reflection in the store window before starting again. “We leaned back against the wall and sat back down in the water, Pam and Anna on either side of me, my arms around their waists, their chests pressed against me as they slowly got their breath back. I gotta tell ya, sometimes, late at night, or rather late in most people's afternoons because I work the nightshift, sometimes I can still feel their heavenly tits pressed against me,” he said with a dramatic sigh.

“Heaven. Right,” the kid said as he looked around the store. With nothing left he could sneak out in his pockets he grabbed another beer and meandered back over to the clerk to finish waiting for his friend.

“Both of the girls gave me a quick peck on the corners of my mouth and Pam said, ‘Thanks, sweetie,’ before Anna says the same but calls me ‘sugah’,” the clerk says as he continued uninterrupted with his story which kind of surprises the kid as the older guy just keeps talking, “Their hands are resting on my chest and at the same time they slide them down my body and grab my junk and give me a quick, playful squeeze. Pam looks across me and asks Anna, ‘You want firsts?’ and Anna says, ‘He’s your guest,’ so Pam thanks her and I, dumbass that I am, asks ‘Firsts what?’ and boy did she show me!

“In just about a flash she swings her leg over me straddling my lap with my prick pointed straight up between her spread thighs. She kinda moves the tip of my prick against her hairless little snatch, teasing us both before lowering herself down and chewing on her bottom lip as she starts taking me inside of her gooey fuck-hole. Now, Pamela Anderson is kinda known for her past sexual exploits, not that I’m slut shaming or nothing, just it’s well know, but I gotta tell you her hot cunt was as tight as a glove. And while her hole is swallowing my pole, Anna is there massaging my balls for me. I got one arm around Anna’s waist so I use my free hand to grab on to Pam’s hip for, y’know, balance and what not. Buried inside of Pam’s pussy my cock felt like it had died and gone to heaven,” the clerk said as he used a hand to cross himself.

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The kid rolled his eyes and wondered if it was possible to literally drown in metaphorical bullshit.

“Now I know this sounds like a load of bullshit…” the clerk began.

“Not at all,” the kid said sarcastically.

“…but I’d swear on a stack of bibles that it's true,” the clerk finished before going on with his story, “So Pam takes the last of my cock in and I swear, her tight-ass cunt feels like it's just rippling around me, milking my shaft. Anna released my balls and sat up on her knees presenting those monster tits to me and I dove right in while Pam started rolling her hips fucking me. I started sucking on Anna's giant jugs and slipping my fingers between her thick, firm thighs, fingering her tight cunt while Pam is lifting her tight cunt up and down my pole. Now remember, Anna Nichole Smith had some huge honkers so I can’t see anything around them but above me I can hear the girls kissing and moaning and shit and it was hot as Hell!

“Pam spends some time riding my meat while Anna's letting suck on her titties and finger her, my hips bucking up in time with Pam’s thrust so I can give it to her as deep as I can and I’m not sure how long ‘cuz I’m focusing on other things, y’know, but then Pam stops and the girls trade positions. Now I got Anna Nichole Smith riding my meat stick while Pamela Anderson is feeding me her tits and letting me finger her. When Pam was riding me she was more of a up and down kinda girl but Anna was more of a rolling back and forth kind of chick, more slow and sensuous. ”

The clerk chuckled as he shook his head to himself, “Now, you gotta remember that I’m a gentleman but both of these bitches’ bodies are fucking insane!I figure they both got off once already, plus they're enjoying what I’m giving them so why not concentrate on me for a bit, am I right?My hand slides out from between Pam’s legs and goes exploring while the hand on Anna's hip does the same. Being who they are and carrying the endowments that they got my hands go up to those heavenly hooters, two pair of them, four massive titties jiggling around and I start exploring every inch of them, moaning in lust into Pam’s cleavage.

“We’re four adults, right, so we know how to share so the girls switch again and my hands keep jiggling those massive pairs of tan, slick tits. Did I mention neither one of them had ran lines. Every inch of flesh, every crook and fold and crevice is a golden brown that the lights in The Grotto were just gleaming off of. The girls switch again and my hands go down to their asses, the flesh rippling with every wet slap while I squeeze and knead them.

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  The water is splashing all around us, our drinks long gone while Pam and Anna take turns enjoying my cock, and it was amazing,” the clerk told his obviously enraptured audience.

“Huh?” the kid blurted, suddenly awake as his chin slipped out of his hand. His elbow was still braced in the counter and he looked out of the large window at the front of the store. He didn't see the car he was expecting so he looked up at the clock for a moment before putting his head back in his head and closing his eyes.

“I figure it's about time for me to get a bit more active,” the clerk continued without noticing the soft snores of his audience, “So I get everybody into a new position with Anna on her back with her legs spread wide, her huge tits pulling to the sides ‘cuz of gravity and Pam on her hands and knees between her thighs. I’m in my knees behind Pam and slowly pushed my cock back into her tight cunt. She groaned out as I penetrated her, pushing her heart-shaped ass back against me until I had every possible inch of myself inside of her. The Baywatch beauty bent down and started licking at Anna's drooling pussy and making the larger woman groan out while I slid my hands down and grabbed onto Pam’s dangling tits. Anna gripped onto the other blonde’s wet hair and started rolling her hips up to hump her face while I started humping myself up against that tight ass, fucking her hot fuck-hole. Fucking those two bitches was just an amazing time. ”

“It's about 2:35,” the kid mumbled sleepily.

Without even noticing the kid had said anything,the clerk went on with his story. “So I’m fucking Pamela while she's tongue-fucking Anna, our bodies moving in perfect sync. I thrust into Pam, and let me tell you that ass was so tight it barely rippled, which pushed her face into Anna’ couch which caused Anna to move back and made her giant tits move like a tidal wave. Plus I got Pam’s tits in my hands playing with ‘em like silly putty while Anna's riding her face like a pony.

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  It was, like, awe inspiring. Like one of those Penthouse Letters things. ”

The kid made a mental note to look up what Silly Putty and Penthouse Letters were before completely forgetting and just wondering how much fucking longer he was going to have to listen to the bullshit story for.

The clerk took a moment to wet his whistle before continuing and wondered how much more beer he could have before the boss would notice. “After a few minutes of fucking Pam and Pam tonguing Anna the girls switch places and I’m fucking Anna while she eats out Pam. And where Pam’s ass was tight as Hell, Anna's was firm but soft and I squeezed it hella hard while I fucked her pussy before slipping my hands down to her dangling tits. I couldn't even come close to holding alla that tit-meat in my hands while I played with ‘em. All I could do was squeeze them like udders while circling her hard nipples with my thumbs. And when I thrust into her our bodies moved like a wave from my cock to Anna's ass to her head into Pam’s bald cunt and up Pam’s body. And our moans and groans of lust and pleasure echoed sweetly through The Grotto…”

The kid wondered with a smirk how long it had taken the clerk to think up the line, “…our moans and groans ,blah, blah, blah…”.

“…’course we weren't worried about how loud we were, all we cared about was what was happening between the three of us. The girls switched places again, getting louder and louder and all I could do by now was try and keep up. I’m fucking Pam for all I’m worth while she munching Anna's carpet before they switch again and I’m givin’ Anna all I can while she’s going down on Pam. They kept switching places and I felt like I’m running one of those Iron Man Triathlons so I barely noticed them squealing in pleasure together as they started cumming. I forget which of them I was fucking right then but she fell forward and the two chicks begin furiously friggin’ one another's clits until they’re practically shouting out as they cum.

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  And let me tell you that was a heavenly sight all my itself,” the clerk told the kid who he didn't notice was practically asleep leaning on the counter barely two feet from him.

Draining his beer, the clerk thought better against getting another one. He still had the rest of the night to get through and didn't want to press his luck so he continued his story while starting to clean up. “There's Pam Anderson and Anna Nichole Smith cuddled up in the water, their shuddering bodies barely covered by the water, holding each other while they rode out the orgasms that I gave them. Well, not just me, they both helped. Anyway, I shuffled forward and begin tugging on my cock, aiming down at the two blonde beauties and Pam looked up at me and smiled, “Do it. Cum all over me,” and then leaned up offering her amazing chest to me. Pam moving around got Anna's attention and she smiled up at me and offered her spectacular boobs to me too and says, “Yes. Give us your cum.

“With both those fine-ass bitches basically begging me to cum on their titties I do the gentlemanly thing and grant their request. And I’m telling you that was the strongest orgasm if my life!I cum like a fire hose covering those bitches tits with my seed. And with the lights the way they were and Pam and Anna’s tan skin my load is, like, practically glowing, y’know?And you wanna know the best part?” The clerk asked.

The kid's head shot up like he had just been caught napping in class. “No!Ah… yeah. What was it?” he asked back as he looked up at the clock.

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“The best part was when Pam and Anna practically cooed like excited kitties and started licking my cum off of each other's tits,” the clerk said wistfully, “And then the second best part happened. ”

“And what was that?” The kid asked, afraid of how many best parts there were still to go.

“The best part was that we was fucking in The Grotto, remember, and we weren't the only ones there. And I swear, hand to God, everybody started clapping,” the clerk chuckled out, “Had to be a dozen people there we forgot about and watched us going at it. Best moment of my life. ”

Rolling his eyes, the kid noticed headlights pulling up in the parking lot and turned his head towards the front window. Sure enough the car he had been waiting for had arrived. “Finally,” he groaned in relief before turning back to the clerk. “Listen, man, I gotta jet,” he said before heading towards the door dropping occasional items out of his overstuffed pockets.

“Yeah, yeah, sure,” the clerk smiled back, “Catch ya some other time. ”He didn't notice as the kid waved back and a pack of candy fell out of the kids sleeve. “Good kid,” he said to himself as he began cleaning up, “Should probably tell him about the time I met Julia Roberts next time I see him. ”

When he went to grab the mop he missed the scene outside when the kid handed the driver of the car a large baggie and the driver of the car handed the kid a large, brown envelope. The clerk mopped and did his nightly cleaning making sure the store was ready when the boss came in the morning.

After the boss came in he did the daily inventory and began yelling at the clerk about all of the missing items and asked if the clerk had stolen them or had fallen asleep and let someone shop lift.

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  The clerk swore that he had been awake the entire night and even had a witness, the nice kid waiting for his ride. As the clerk described the kid the police arrived and asked the clerk if he had noticed the drug deal that had happened in the parking lot. He was fired when he couldn't come up with an excuse on how he didn't notice the theft of several hundred dollars worth of merchandise and was taken to the station to explain how he had missed a drug deal right in front of the large glass window.

The End.

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