A True Story


“I can’t “she replies “I have major exam tomorrow and I have to finish study. What about tomorrow night we catch a movie?”“Sounds like fun, good luck in your exam tomorrow and I love you bye” and with that he hung up. He grabs his wallet and his keys and heads out to meet everyone else at the ice-cream shop. ” I guess I will have to put my plan into action another time” he mutters to himself. Tyric walks into the ice-cream shop and Cathy jumps off her seat and rushes to meet him. She jumps on him and plants a wet one on his lips while the others look on. He can feel her breast pushing up against his chest and it felt good. Tyric was a breast man. He just loves sucking them. He pinches her nipples and she giggles breaking the kiss. They hold hands and walk back to the table. He catches a glimpse of her ass as they walk. He thinks to himself that her body was okay looking. She had huge breasts but no ass to save to her life. Laura on the other hand was supporting a J Lo ass and nice breast and he couldn’t wait to get piece of that. A couple of minutes later they on there way, 2 carloads of horny teenagers.

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   Tyric allowed Henry to drive his car; he wanted to sit in the back amongst the other 4 people so that Cathy would sit on his lap. Cathy’s skirt was very short so when she sat down the bottom of her ass was nearly showing. Tyric noticed that she was wearing any underwear and his cock started to get hard below her. The music in the car was loud and the talking and laughing were even louder. Tyric could feel Cathy pressing down on his cock and it felt good. He moved his hands to her bottom and under her skirt. He rubbed her ass and the moved his fingers to the lips of her pussy. Cathy started to moan but the noise in the car drowned her out. Tyric gently massaged her clit and then gently slid two fingers into her vagina. Tyric moved his fingers in and out of her all the while increasing his speed. Cathy could feel an orgasm coming on. She began to move up and down on his fingers increasing her orgasm all the while looking as though she was dancing to the music. A few moments later she shuddered on his hand while her juices ran freely on his fingers, the scent being carried away by the breeze rushing in through the open window. Tyric felt the juices running down his fingers and felt very close to an orgasm. He slipped his penis out through the zipper in his pants and slipped it up Cathy’s ass.

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   When felt the penis entering her she gave a little squeal of delight. They started to bump and grind to the music with him in her. Tyric could feel the pressure building up in his balls. He slipped his hands to the front of her shirt and under it. He felt glorious because she wasn’t wearing any bra either. He could feel her nipples stiffen as he pinches them. he massages her breast and pulls her nipples. Quietly he cums inside her ass as she rocks to and fro on his penis. He sighs feeling very happy. His hands slip from inside her shirt and under her skirt to play with her clit. They remain that way until they arrive at their destination. Tyric never fucks Cathy in her vagina. He thinks the stories he heard about her are true because her vagina muscles are loose. He thinks the next time he fingers her he is going to try three fingers. Laura throws her bag onto the chair.

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   She just returned from the library and is feeling very frustrated. She decides that she needs a brain cooler. She pulls out a magazine from her bedside draw and lies on the bed. She takes in the pictures of those young girls taking prick from any which way. Recently she has found herself interested in porno and once or twice she tried masturbating but only ended up frustrated. She doesn’t know why Tyric has never made any advances at her before; after all they are a couple now. Since hooking up with Tyric, sex has been the only thing on her mind and she is wondering if it is time to lose her virginity or hold on to it. She admits to herself that she has fallen hard for this one. He is so handsome, like some Greek god. He is so thoughtful, always going out of his way to make her happy. He is definitely the type of man she wants to spend the rest of life with and lose her virginity to. Tonight she needs sex badly. She watches those girls enjoying themselves and she stars to get horny. Before long she is touching herself She rubs her hands over her breast and pulls her nipples. She gets up and pulls off all her clothes.

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   She lies down and spread her legs and starts rubbing her pussy gently at first then a little firmly. She had trouble the first couple of times finding her hole but tonight it is not difficult and she pushes her finger in deep. There is a little pain at first but that soon fades away. She gets up and makes her way to the kitchen. She pulls out a block of ice and rubs it over her nipples. Her nipples become stiff and stick out of her chest. Her breath starts to come in short gasps. She is loving this. She continues to rub the ice over her lips, chest and then her vagina. The pleasure was great. She reaches into the fridge and removes a cucumber. She slowly lies down on the kitchen floor and places the cucumber between her legs. The cold touch on her warm skin sent bolts of lightning through her body. She placed to cucumber at her entrance at slowly started to push it in. Since she was a virgin she was very tight and the cucumber caused some pain.

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   The pain soon turned to pleasure as it started to go further into her. Never before had she felt such pleasure. When the cucumber was all the way in she slowly started to move it in and out of her. The coldness of the vegetable added to the pleasure. She started to increase her speed of movement. Blood rushes madly down to her loins. She moaned in pleasure has her hands started to work faster. Juices stared to flow from her body. Her speed was incredibly fast as move the cucumber in and out. Her body picked up the movement. All of a sudden she bucked and screamed, a mad flow of juices rushed from her body and onto the cucumber. She was weak and couldn’t move. She wondered if this is what an orgasm felt like and now new what the fuss was about. She lay on the ground glorify in her scent and pleasure her fingers working around her pussy. She looked at the cucumber and saw no blood.

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  “Good” she thought, “I didn’t lose my virginity to a cucumber and no one will now I was fucking a vegetable”. She got up, through it in the bin and made her way to the shower with a satisfied look on her face. Melanie wakes up feeling more tired than she did when she went to bed. She was deciding what she should do. Cathy was her friend but she was a slut. Laura was a really nice person, very kind helpful and she never looked her nose at people less fortunate than she was. She deserved to know the truth. Tyric had no right to be doing that to her. She makes her way to the bathroom and urinates loudly. Her roommate Rose wakes up. “What the hell is that between your legs? a damn fire hydrant. ” She rolls over and puts her pillow over her head. Melanie comes out of the bathroom and sits on the edge of Rose’s bed. “Did you see the way Cathy was over Tyric last night? I wonder when he plans to tell her about Laura or Laura about her?”Rose turns to face her, “He had better do it quickly before word reaches to one of them about the other. ”Laura twists her hair at the end of her fingers, “I am thinking of telling Laura what Tyric is doing to her.

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  ”“You better not,” Rose said alarmed sitting up quickly. “You know how that is going to turn out. Laura doesn’t stand shit and Cathy doesn’t back down from a fight, and to think you caused it. No, its better Tyric tells them for himself. Besides” Rose says smiling, “We have better things to do than worry about them. ” She reaches out and strokes the top of Melanie’s breast; Melanie smiles as removes her t-shirt so that Rose could have better access to her. Rose takes in the sight of the creamy breast with the dark nipples. She reaches over and puts one of the nipples in her mouth and sucks as a child would suck his mother’s. With her hand she massages the other breast. Melanie throws her head back with pleasure. Rose changes nipples and continues sucking; she always knew how to calm Melanie’s nerves. “I am going to teach you a little lesson in meddling in people’s business” Rose said with a wicked smile on her face. She reaches up and handcuffs Melanie’s right hand then her left to the bed. “Have I been bad?” Melanie asked innocently. “Very and you are going to pay for it,”Rose pulls off Melanie’s shorts and spread her legs and handcuffs them to the bed.

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   She reaches below the bed and pulls out a box. In the box was a pink dildo 9 inches long and very thick. “Where did you get that?” Melanie wondered in amazement as she stared at the huge prick. “I picked it up yesterday at a little store down the road, and you will be punished with it. ”“You are not going to put that thing in me are you?” Melanie’s voice trembled. They had started off using their fingers and little things around the apartment to fuck each other but never anything so big. “Of course I am “Rose smirkedRose walked up to her and placed the dildo at Melanie’s entrance. She tried sliding it in but Melanie was tight. She tried a little harder. Melanie stared writhing on the bed. Rose pushed until the full 9 inches went into Melanie. Melanie stifled a scream. Rose waited a little for the pain to subside. Then she put on the vibrator and started fucking Melanie with the dildo. Melanie’s pleas went unheard.

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   Rose moved it a little faster Melanie’s body moved with the rhythm. Rose leaned over and sucked her breast while fucking her. Melanie’s moaning grew louder as pleasure started to rack every nerve in her body. She started to plead with Rose again but for rose to go faster and fuck her harder. Her pussy lips were spread apart and clit was firm. Body fluids started to run from between her legs. Rose pumped faster and harder enjoying the look of her friend rocking on the bed with pleasure written all over her face. Finally her body bucked upwards, she screamed and then fell back onto the bed. Rose removed the dildo and looked at her friend smiling. She pushed the dildo in her mouth and tasted her friend’s juices, then buried her face between her friend’s legs licking up what remained of her orgasm. Never before had Melanie enjoyed a session with Rose as much as she enjoyed this one. She will have to think of a way to thank her. Tyric got up feeling great. He had fucked Cathy half the night in her tight ass and he got 3 blowjobs from her, he was sure she was stuck to the bed with cum. But today had to be the day, it was time to get rid of Cathy.

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   She was a whore, her cunt was loose and she would open her legs for just about anyone. How he ended up with her in the first place was a mystery. He thinks it was because 18 months ago he was feeling rejected by Laura for yet another time and Cathy were there offering him her breast to suck. What a lousy beginning to lousy relationship. He put back on his clothes, left her room and went back to his own. He went to the bathroom to catch a quick shower before going to class; he wanted catch Laura before her exam started to wish her good luck. He remembered the first time he laid eyes on her. He was so shy back then that hr was afraid to tell her his feelings. They became good friends and he continued to admire her silently. He admired the way she took care of herself, respecting her body, never allowed any guy to touch her where they not suppose to. She was always kind to him and to other people, always willingly to help when she could. Then the guys started coming around, one after the other trying to get in her pants. He had worked up the courage to tell how he felt about her afraid that he might lose her to one of those jerks. But she turned them down and turned him down also. It was a shock at first but he kept on trying for three years because she was worth it.


   She was the type of person that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Then he made the mistake of hooking up with Cathy. But the stories about Cathy started to spread like wildfire after they hooked up. All his friends were warning him about her so he decided to try to get Laura again. When she finally said yes it was the happiest moment in his life, but it was also the most disappointing because now he had to get rid of Cathy and that was not going to be easy. Cathy was the rebellious that type that did not give up easily and always got what she wanted. He realized too late that Cathy was only using him for money and it was time that he got rid of her. Laura would never do that to him. She had a genuine love that was pure and he loved her even more for that. He never made ay advances to Laura because he loves her too much for that. Laura isn’t a cheap slut and she most never knows about Cathy. Standing in the shower now he admires his cock. He picks it up and starts to stroke it. He can’t wait for the day when he will be able to squeeze all of this into Laura’s tight pussy. Sitting in her exam Laura’s concentration keeps breaking.

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   Her mind keeps running back to Tyric. He showed up this morning with a beautiful gold necklace that he placed around her neck. He said that it was for good luck and then he kisses her on the lips. It was the first time that he ever kissed her on the lips. She loved the feel of his tongue in her mouth it was just glorious. But now she has to concentrate badly on this exam, she will find away to thank him for the necklace later. Cathy walked down the street swinging her hips. Her pants were the shortest ones in her closes, she needed them today. The bottom of as was just visible under the pants. She was thinking about the cute dress she saw in the store. It was ankle length but made out of a very thin material so you could see right through it. The bust line reached down between her breasts just barely covering her nipples. The dress had a halter back that stopped by the crack of her ass. It was the perfect dress to go to the awards dinner with. She was hoping to find a rich old gentleman that was willingly to horn his old wife for young flesh.

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   The problem was the dress was way out of range and she needed some more money to but it. She had already Gotten some from Tyric but she wanted more. After all she had to get her nails and hair done also. She turned a corner and the two storey house came into view. Cathy had met Raymond in a bar a couple of months before. He was a well to do bachelor and he fell for her immediately. She knocked open the door and went inside. Raymond was sitting on the couch waiting for her. He was wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. She saw his erection and smiled. “Did you start without me?”“Nope I was just getting warmed up waiting on you. ” Raymond rose from where he was sitting and walked over to letting his towel fall. “I missed you baby, have you been avoiding lately?”“Of course not " she answered smiling. “You know I am busy with school and all” Her hand reaches down and grabs his huge erection. “Now what do you need me to do for my Ray?”Raymond bites her breast through her shirt and said “I need you to be a nice lover and let me fuck you silly.

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  ” He rips her shirt off her body and ogles at her breast. The nipples stood erect just waiting to be sucked. He first sucks one then the other. His hands moves down to her shorts and pulls them off. She wasn’t wearing any underwear and her clean shaven pussy delighted him. Raymond pushes her onto the couch. He stands in front of her and pushes his penis into her mouth. “Open wide baby. “ She opens her mouth to take in the cock. His cock was short but fat. She could just barely take it in her mouth. Ray grabs her head and starts to move it up and down on his cock. She tightens the hold on his cock with her lips. ray fucks her in her mouth and she is loving every bit of it. Ray’s breath starts to come in short burst as he feels his orgasm coming on .

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  He moves faster and her head is just bouncing with the movement of his cock. When he is ready to cum he pulls out of mouth and splatters it all over her face. He loves to see his cum running off her face. She licks it as runs down to her mouth. Ray then grabs her and bends her over the couch. He wants to enter her pussy from the back doggy style. He slides into her and starts to pump furiously. Her breast is jumping up and down. He screams obscenities at her. he loves playing the dominant role. Cathy starts to moan with pleasure. Se can feel a huge orgasm coming on. Her body starts to shake and she cannot control herself . Her juices flow freely over Ray’s penis and Ray Gets excited over it. He continues to pump relentlessly and finally experiences his second orgasm in her.

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   They lie on the ground catching their breath with one of her nipple inside his mouth. Her eyes take on a faraway look. “Is any thing the matter?” he asks her. “No not really, I am just a little short on school supplies and I am wondering where I can get a job to earn some extra cash. ”Raymond got up and returned a little while later with $500 in cash. He handed it to Cathy. She started to refuse it “Don’t worry about it. You are my lover and I am going to take care of you. Besides what am I going to spend it on? “ Cathy reluctantly takes the cash and puts it in her purse. At that same tome her phone’s alarm went off. “Oh shit I am going to be late for class, I gotta get going. ” “When am I going to see you again?” Ray asks “Tomorrow night baby I promise you that. ”She dresses and hurriedly leaves his house to make her way to the store to but the dress before someone else does . She is smiling to herself. That was almost too easy she thinks.

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   I will have to milk him for more tomorrow. For more great stories check out the forums http://www. sexstoriespost. com/forums/index. php?or our new story site www. bluestories. com.

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