a victorian house boy


MyName is Peter

I have been in service for 20 years now here is a breif look at some of the experiences i have enjoyed and endured along the way.

I am appointed to 15 Spittle ave NW 1 it is my first position i am eager to impress Lord And Lady Ashworth i am to serve as candle lighter plenty to light in this 3 story posh looking place.

It was my first night when lady Emma came to my room was 11pm she had returned from a dinner date and Lord ashworth had gone on to a private gentlemens evening the knock was very soft barly audiable above the crackle of the small fire in the room . come in i said head half under the cover she came in silent with a very sweet smile on her face came over to the bed and sat downHello Peter she said in a curious tone but friendly . is everything as you require it ? yes i said very nice i like the place i feel very at home thats good she said i hope we can be best of friends, i smiled, as she spoke she slid her hand up on to the side of my bottom and gave it a gentle little rub i lookt at her open fronted dress she was at least 20 years older than me her breasts were not to big very firm with a nice drop her nipples were showing through the silk of the dress and i started to get very hard,
She explained that she got very bored while her husband went to all the "gentlemens evenings" And expected the boys who work for her to keep her entertained on such occasions , i didnt know what to say i had not had sex although masturbation i had toyed with for a while and enjoyed it.

She slid her hand down over the buldge on the sheet and slid 2 fingers up and down my penis very slowly after about 3 mins of this she asked "was this ok and did i mind ? she became silent
got up and closed the door and turned the key turned around and undid the buttons on her coat she was naked
from what i could see through the gapshe sat next to the bed and opened her legs alittle i could see she was shaved and for a woman of 45 very nice shape indeed my dad had been a ship builder they called him "The Donkey" and i had carried on the family tradition !Lady Emma asked if it would be ok to see my Private parts she called it i said yes ans she pulled the sheet down slowly my cock was buldging with blood and the end really swolen with the sheet rubbing slowly i was exposed and just laid there in the fire light flicker she wanted me to wank myself for her which i did with my eyes closed at first then i looked she had her hand down between her legs rubbing and she was licking her lipsi got very exited and started to wank faster she pinned both of my hands down either side of me on the bed and took my swollen end in her moth only the end and sucked ver gently

I said with a shakey voice " i dont think i will be able to stop myself coming in your mouth this made her groan a bit
and suck a little harder she climbed on top of me and started to wank me quite hard she said your a naughty little boy arnt you ? i said yes she bent me over the side of the bed and spread my legs apart she put some kind of oil
on my cock took her coat off and squated over my erection she had her finger up her arse and started to wank me again she waited unti i was so hard then she put it inside her bottom slowly she pushed down i was in some pain my foreskin was ripping she growled like a cat and forced down harder as she fucked me for about 15 mins like this and warned me not to say anything off she got and went to the door in came a young girl i had the feeling this was rehearsed !!! Lady emma made stand in front of a chair in the middle of the room the girl took out a china dildo i was forced to bend a little warm oil was rubbed on to my arsehole i had a dildo pushed in and out of my arse very gentle like and lady emma wanked me off while fingering herself she gaped her mouth open and said i would be fired if i did not cum in her mouth i kept it going for 7 mins or so i wanted to fill her mouth with cum as i was about to , i took my cock in my hand grabbed the back of her hair and made her open wide as the dildo rammed up me i filled her moth with milky white smelly cum the young maid who joined in reached around and wanked ever last bit of sperm into her face

when we had done she put on her clothes went to the door as she left she turned around smiled and winked.

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