A walk by my moms freind's room.


 It was Late on a Monday night. My moms friend Kelly was traveling north and decided to stop at my house to stay the night. My mom was out of the state for 2 more days so there was no one at the house.

When she heard that no one was at the house except me and her, she instantly said " we should have some drinks together". I said yes, because I knew that ot may lead to sex. She walked inside the house and grabbed her purse, I looked at her ass while she walked, she looked back and caught me to. She was 49 yrs. old. But looked so sexy. Nice fat ass, nice smooth legs and she was wearing tan pantyhose.

Later on that night we drank and talked about life and whatever. She was so drunk she was spreading her legs apart so I could see her pussy through her pantyhose! She had to of known I was looking. So we smoked some "herb" and drank all night. She was flashing her vag at me all night and decided it was time for bed. So she went to bed.

Later on that night when I was alking back to my room I heard a noise.

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   I was at her door and could hear moaning and slapping noises. Her bedroom door was open about 2 inches so I could see in. I peered in and saw my moms friend slapping her pussy in her pantyhose. She was faced towards me but never noticed I was watching. She was very aggressive when she was masturbating. She was moaning hard while slapping herself, she then ripped her pantyhose crotch out and started to slap her pussy raw. I started to rub my cock way before this even happened, this was a huge turn on! I was fully beating off right there in the door way, my hard cock and tight balls were out of my jeans getting hammered. I blew my load as my moms friend Kelly was fingering her pussy. That was an amazing session! she never even knew!