A wild College Night


a wild college night

When I was in college I went to a party and started to get pretty trashed… actually I should say I was feeling pretty good. I started to talk to two cute guys that happened to be roommates. As the night started to get late I kept saying to myself “pick one” as I was having a hard time choosing and I was getting kind of horny from drinking and the playful conversation I was having with them. Again I said to myself “damn-it pick one” suddenly the two guys started to laugh. “What?” I asked. They let me know that I not only thought that last comment but said it out loud. I was embarrassed as hell.

One of the guys looked at me and said “you don’t have to you know, we can have a three-way if you want. ” I had been with 2 guys once but that was in the back of a van one day while I was hitch hiking- that had been hot, so I said “ok- as long as you don’t think I am a slut or anything. ” What a stupid thing to have said.

Ten minutes later we were in their dorm room. When the door closed Mike started to kiss me. He put his arms around me and I returned the favor as we kissed this long, hot romantic kiss. As he was doing this Mark reached around from behind me and started to undo my top. Mike and I dropped our arms lower to give Mike the room to work.

When it was time to lift my top and bra off we broke out kiss.

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   I was now naked on the top and turned to face Mark. He began where his roommate left off and started to kiss me. His kiss was different as his tongue felt huge in my mouth. Thoughts immediately turned towards what it would feel like to feel his tongue between my legs. As this embrace was happening Mike undid my jeans and pulled them off with my panties. Mike got up and started to hug me from behind. I was sandwiched between the two dressed guys- but even with their clothes on I could feel their hardons.

We broke the group hug and the guys quickly got undressed. I could see why they weren’t embarrassed seeing each other. They both had nice sized dicks and as a matter of fact they looked almost identical in size. Between their names and the size of their dicks I was starting to think they might be fraternal twins.

Anyway Mike sat on the edge of his bed and fell back, leaving his dick standing up straight near the edge. Mark said “climb on. So much for foreplay! It had been a long time since I just took off my pants and jumped on a dick without being finger or licked, but after the kisses I was already a little wet. I mounted him and it felt great to have his dick inside my pussy.

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   I started to ride him and a moment later I felt a finger at the opening of my butt. My god these guys didn’t care about me at all it seemed- a second later Mark’s finger was inside my ass.

I was hoping for his tongue but I guess I would have to wait to feel that. I was still riding the dick in my pussy and it was really feeling good and I think I was moaning already. I then felt something cold on my ass near my hole, I turned and Mark showed me the jar of Vaseline in his hand. Thank god, this was the first time there was some concern for my body. He took the lube and put it near my hole and rubbed it around and then took his other finger out of me and used two fingers to lube my insides.

I then heard him greasing up his dick. His fingers left my hole and I felt the head of his prick pushing at my hole. I stopped riding the other dick and waited for his cock to penetrate me, but my sphincter was not letting him in. “Hold on” I said. I slid off of Mike’s dick. “Put your cock up my ass first and then Mike put your dick back in me, I think I am being stretched too much. ”

Mark pushed his dick head to my butt hole again and this time I felt the thing push inside me and then felt my sphincter lock down around the crown of his dick as the head cleared my opening. I was at that point of pain and took a couple of deep breaths till my muscles relaxed.

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   Once they did, and he must have felt it too, he pushed his shaft all the way inside me. I love anal sex and I really love it when the guy uses lube. He started pumping me and then Mike said “can I put it back in?” I told Mark to stop and I felt Mike push inside me. I couldn’t believe the feeling- it was great I was totally full and if I could have gotten my hand down to squeeze my clit I would have exploded right there and then.

When both guys were in me, Mark started to pump my ass. Mike couldn’t move much so I tried to move back and forth. Mike then said “Mark I don’t even have to move I can feel your fucking cock like we are in the same hole- keep moving, it feels great, faster , oh yeah. ” I guess that made it easier for me as I was feeling locked, but felling great. Suddenly I went from feeling good to a climax, without even building up much, I started to moan and scream, god did it feel good. I started to move my butt- locked in or not- my body took over and started to ride the cock below me and take in the cock behind me. Both guys, almost in stereo, asked “can we cum in you?”

I said “no, I want to see you cum. ” Mark pulled out of my ass and I jumped off of Mike. I got down on my knees on the floor and started to pull on Mark’s well lubed dick. Mike put some lube on his dick and I was then there on my knees pulling the two dicks towards me. I would have started to suck on them, but not with the lube.

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   I pulled the dicks closer to my face and then Mark shot his load- cum hit my cheek and then my neck and I turned toward him so the rest fell out of his dick and onto my tits. Mike was a louder cummer and I could tell he was about to shoot. I turned my body toward him and he had a huge load, I got a couple of shots around my mouth and then aimed him down and my neck, chest and boobs got covered with his cum. I figured “what the heck” and put my tongue out and cleaned some cum off my lips and took it in my mouth.

The guys retreated to their beds and sat down. I asked if they had a towel I could use. One of them pointed to the back of the door. Mark then said- “there is a shower down the hall if you want, and my toiletries are in that bag. ” He pointed to a bag near his desk. I had cum all over me and my ass was full of Vaseline so a shower sounded like a great idea.

I wiped the cum off me the best I could, wrapped the towel around me and headed down the hall.

Luckily all but one door were closed. , as I headed to the shower, I was thinking “what are you nuts” I was walking down the hall of guys dorm at about 2 am and every guy I might run into would probably be drunk or stoned at that time of night. When I got to the open door I heard a few guys talking. I took a deep breath and quickly walked by without looking in.

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   When I was a few feet past the door I heard “did you guys see that. ” “Oh shit” I thought to myself. I heard a couple of guys say “see what” and at that point I was far enough to not hear the rest. I ducked into the shower room and when the lights came on from the automatic sensor, I felt safer as it indicated to me that the room was empty.

The dorms of our school were set up for co-ed living, meaning each floor could have either guys or girls at any given year depending on the enrollment. So all the bathrooms had stalls and urinals and the showers were individual stalls and not “gang” style like some showers in the gym. I ducked into one of the stalls and closed the shower curtain behind me. There was a sitting area with a built in bench where you could change and then the shower, with another curtain. I took the towel off me and hung it up. I looked down my body and saw I had missed some cum between my boobs – I took my finger scooped it up and put it on my tongue- I can be such a slut I thought to myself.

I got into the shower and tried to get all of the lube out of my butt. I love how lose my butt hole is after sex and I was able to get two fingers inside my ass to clean it out. As I turned my ass to the shower I was startled to see a guy standing at the curtain. Here I was bent over with two fingers in my ass. I quickly stood up and tried to cover myself, which was pretty dumb if the guy had been standing there for a minute or two, which I started to realize he must have been – because he was totally naked and his cock was standing almost straight up from his body.

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Now let me describe what I was looking at as I stood there probably looking like I just saw a dinosaur or something. Standing in front of me was obviously an athlete. He was probably 6’2” , muscles that had found a home on top of other muscles. He was also gorgeous and did I mention his dick? It was about 8” or so and thick like it could fill a pussy. I guess I was staring at it and smiling. I guess he took that as an approval to stay. He stepped into the shower area, took my wrists, put them up behind me and pushed me to the shower wall, to the side of the controls. He then leaned into me and started to kiss me, gently at first, then harder and harder. It didn’t take me long to figure this guy liked to be in control. He pushed into me and his dick was between our bellies, but the lower part of his shaft was at the level of my pussy. He bent his legs a little and then started to rub his shaft up and down. He was hitting the top of my labia and yes then my clit.

His 200lb plus body was pushing into me and that huge dick was working wonders on the outside of my pussy. I was panting into his mouth as he kept his oral assault against my lips. I wanted to push him down to eat me, but my arms were still pinned above my head.

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He then did something that I had never done. He released my hands, put his arms around me and lifted me,. Now I am pretty petite and at that point in my life weighed under 100lbs. He lifted me high and then lowered me down his body, I felt his dick between my legs and I figured out what he was attempting to do. I opened my legs and put my heels around his back. Without using any hands he was able to position his dick at the opening of my pussy. I felt the huge head of his dick parting my labia and then he slid the entire dick into me. Well, let me rephrase that, he lowered me onto his beautiful cock.
He moved around and put my back up against the shower wall and started to pump me. My legs were wrapped around him and he was in me deeper than I have ever felt anyone, and the rubbing of my clit with every pounding was incredible. In matter of moments I was cumming and continued to with no let up.

He just kept pounding me— most of the weight of my body was focused on the shaft of his dick. He was kissing me and I started to suck his tongue as I didn’t want to scream, which is what I really wanted to do, I couldn’t believe the feeling- I was getting the best fuck of my life (and it hasn’t been topped since). I must have been cumming for 10 minutes when he says, “can I cum in you?” I swear that should be written on tee shirts – I have heard that question so many times.

I almost wanted to feel what this guy would do as he was cumming, I got nervous about two things: being thrust through the wall of the shower room, and what would happen if his dick started to shrink after coming.

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   I responded “I would really like to taste you cumming. ” The little taste of cum I had had in the past hour was just a tease, I wanted a mouth full (even though I spit it out a lot of the time with strangers). He lifted me up and off that pole I had been riding. I got down on my knees and the guy turned off the shower when he saw the water was hitting me in face as I started to suck him. He was not easy to take and I was hoping he wasn’t going to grab the back of my head, as I could not take too much of him. But of course a guy who recently had my hands pinned to the wall, was going to be a control freak and he suddenly grabbed my hair and started to pull my head back and forth on his cock.

A couple of times I thought I was going to puke as he hit way to far back in my throat- I went from this great fuck, to this not so great, BJ. Lucky for me he was close to cumming when I started. I heard him start to moan and stopped moving my head (thank goodness) he started slowly fucking my mouth and then stopped, as he stopped I started to move my head, but he stopped me with my hair. I felt his cock pulsing in my mouth and then with a moan from his mouth a shot of cum hit me in the back of the throat, followed by another (so much for not swallowing). My mouth filled with cum and I had no choice but to swallow. I couldn’t believe the amount of cum, and I never had anyone just cum without moving, I think he was flexing his dick muscles in my mouth or something. . . after swallowing a couple of huge loads of cum he pulled out of my mouth.

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   As quick as he appeared, he left. I was still on my knees trying to figure out if any of the guys in this school said ‘thanks’ or “good-bye” but at this point I had just had the best fuck of my life and didn’t care.

I got up on and turned the shower back on. I opened my mouth and took a few mouthfuls of water and spit them out. I reached for the soap and started to clean my pussy. I suddenly heard the shower curtain get pulled back. I turned and there was another huge guy. This guy was dark black and he too was hard and ready for action. I looked down and his dick was not a long as the last guy, but even thicker. The first thought I had, was “the last white guy is bigger than you” but figured I would keep that to myself. He gave me a look like “is it ok if I come in?” I looked at his dick and ran my tongue across my lips, why I used that signal I have no idea, because this guy was way too fat to give a good BJ to. He walked in, put his hands on my hips and turned me around. Now there was no way I was going to take him in my butt, but luckily that was not what he was after. I leaned forward and there was a soap dish built into the wall that I could hold onto.

The guy lined himself up and pushed into me.

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   When I felt his balls hit my clit I couldn’t believe I had taken that thick piece of meat. I felt like my labia were stretched to the hilt and I reached between my legs just to feel how parted they were. The guy then started to pump into me and was smacking my butt with his belly. This guy was a talker and it was turning me on. He started with “take it white girl…you like it don’t you?” I answered him that “it feels great” which it did. He fucked me hard and had his hands on my hips pulling me towards him to match his trusts. After the fucking I had from the last guy and now this I was started to wonder what it would feel like it the morning. He pounded the heck out of me, but not for long and suddenly I heard “oh yeah bitch I am going to cum, I am fill your white little pussy with my black man cum” I said “I want to watch you cum. ” But he didn’t really care I guess as he quickened his pace and then yelled out “I cumming, I’m filling you up bitch. ” Why was I a bitch all of a sudden I thought I was being nice (:

The guy finished up and before he left he said “there’s one more waiting, you need time to recover from that great fuck?” What an ego, “I just looked at him and said “send him in. ” I guess I was lucky that the entire football team was not lined up outside.
In walked a skinny but really tall guy. You could tell in a moment that he didn’t have the cocky attitude the last two guys had. He still had a towel wrapped around him in the outer part of the shower stall. He actually said “hello” I said hi back to him and I looked at his towel and raised my eye brows.


   He took the hint and took of the towel. He wasn’t hard and I guess a little nervous.

I bent forward and took his dick into my mouth and started to suck him hard. I love the feeling of getting a guy hard in my mouth. This guy just kept growing. In my mind I was thinking that the size of the guy does give an indication of the size of his dick (but obviously not always). When he was finally hard I looked at his dick. It was just like him, long and skinny. I mean long. I looked up at him and said “very nice. ” He replied back “thank you ma’am. ” Now I think I might have been a year older than him, but “ma’am?” I just took it in stride and sucked him a little longer.

I then stood up, turned my back and bent over like I had been minutes before. I then said “pick a hole and let’s see if I can take that long pole of yours. ” He replied “you mean I get to choose?” I looked over my shoulder and said “yeah, why?” He told me he had never “plugged a girl’s highway.

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  ” Don’t you just love the English language? I told him to take some soap and soap up my ass with his fingers and then had to instruct him to put his finger in my ass with some soap. He fingered me like my hole might break… how cute.

I then had to talk him through the process till he was half way inside me, I told he probably knew what to do from this point. I also told him I wasn’t sure if I could take all of him, but when I started to cum I seemed to open more for him and I could fell his balls hitting my pussy, I was screaming at this point as it felt great and I kept telling him so. I thought this guy was going to cum quickly, but he didn’t. I finally said “it is OK to cum in there I can’t get pregnant, stop holding back, I want it” Well I said the magic words as about 30 seconds later he started to pump even harder and then I could tell he was exploding by his movements and his panting. When he was done he helped me straighten up. I grabbed some more soap and cleaned off his dick. I said “there you go, go as new. ”

He then pulled me into his arms and started to kiss me. Not a “I want to fuck you kiss” but a real romantic kiss. I finally had to break the kiss as I was starting to drown in the shower water. I looked at him and said “that was nice. ” He smiled and said “I think I love you. ” I looked at him and said “no, you love sex, now get out of here so I can clean up.

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I finally finished my shower. I found my way back to Mark and Mike’s room and wasn’t really surprised when I got back to their room and they were sleeping with each other—I guess they forgot I might be coming back. I got dressed and headed home.

Two things to mention here before I stop this story. 1) girls; if you can ever have the chance for mid-air sex with your feet off the ground, do it- it was great. 2) I couldn’t walk straight for 3 days after this night- so I guess if you play you sometimes pay.


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