Amsterdam Cinema Part 2.....


Amsterdam Cinema Part 2

Well, I was struggling to catch my breath after what had just happened. Lynn was grinning from ear to ear, having just ticked a first time box, and I could see she was hungry for more. Luckily earlier I had taken a couple of Chinese herbal tablets – Mr Dragon!! They do the job perfectly!!

We went up the stairs, and saw a further flight up to the top floor – it looked very dark and quite intimidating! We hovered at the entrance to this floors cinema screen, the gay screen, and with a kiss to each other, and Lynn making sure I was ok with it, entered. Immediately we saw on the screen, four guys kneeling at a very oriental looking transsexual – who had an enormous cock and was wanking and being sucked by the four guys. The viewing area was made up of chairs and sofas again, and to the right, a wall which obviously offered a little privacy between that and the main room wall. There was nobody in the seating, but a quick check with Lynn ascertained we go in and sit down. I think she was a little excited about the screen happenings as she, and me for that matter have always found sexy trannies exciting.

We sat on a sofa at the front, watching as i pulled Lynn close. She cuddled into me, as my hand around her found its way into her coat, and started teasing her nipple. Her hand soon found their way to my lap, and she started stroking my hardening cock through my jeans. As the tranny on screen exploded her cum over the four guys faces, she squeezed my cock really tight, her tits heaved and she parted her thighs. “ooohhhhh fuck”she said, and began to undo my jeans, fishing inside and grabbing my now hard as hell cock. She struggled but managed eventually to push my jeans down to my ankles, and was stroking and squeezing my cock and balls while i undid her coat buttons, and opened it to reveal her body. Her legs opened wider, as my hand darted straight for her pussy, which was as soaking as its ever been, not surprising considering what happened down stairs.

Two of my fingers entered her soaking pussy, rubbing her clit with my thumb – and Lynn hungrily started to suck me – biting my cock and scraping her teeth as her head bobbed up and down. She looked up and said “I need fucking NOW” and stood up, shrugging her coat off her shoulders, and grabbing my hand that was fingering her and sucked her own juices off.

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   She pulled my t shirt off and over my head, and pushed her pussy toward my mouth, as i sat there, so I eagerly opened my mouth and started to suck and lick her pussy. She ground hard down on my mouth, pulling my head more and more into her. I have never felt her pussy so wet as that day – my tongue as deep inside as i could go.

She pulled away, and kissed me full on the mouth – licking her juice off my own face like a woman possessed. Holding my cock, she then positioned her knees outside of my thighs, straddling me and lowered herself onto my cock – and with no teasing slammed down on me taking my cock inside her in one go. All she could manage to say as she gasped and moaned was “fuck fuck fuckity fucking fuck!!” as she stated to ride me fast and hard – slamming down on my full length, rising to the tip of my cock before slamming down again. I was in heaven – being fucked like this. Somehow i remember her eyes were open, and seemed to be watching something although the action on the screen was behind her, but now involved a guy being bukkaked!! Her eyes remained open as she roughly slammed up and down on me, fucking like a porn star! She kissed me hard on the mouth again, managed to say ”I love you” as she fucked, before i felt someone behind me.

What happened next all happened too quickly. I felt this someone behind me reach round me and cover my eyes with a blindfold of some description. Then i felt Lynns hands push my arms down and behind the sofa we were on, and the person behind me tied them with what must have been a tie, or some scarf. I started to panic, through fear and excitement, and Lynn whispered in my ear to relax, and it will be alright. She stopped fucking me, and got off my cock, I could feel a draught blowing cool on my soaking hard throbbing cock. I tried to listen to what was happening, but all i could hear was the guys in the movie grunting as they cum, so I assumed, until i felt hands on my cock, Lynns hands i assumed. I could also feel another hand or two, or it might have been three – on my thighs, on my balls, and underneath my balls, sliding between my ass cheeks.

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   Bear in mind I was horny as fuck, had had a couple of drinks, and in the middle of one of my lifes dirtiest sex sessions, I was pretty much prepared to do anything. I could feel someone sit on my lap, I was sure it was Lynn, and she leaned back on to me and said very quietly in my ear “ I want you to fuck my ass. . . ” but as i was tied and could not really move, stayed where i was.

I felt her rise herself and with her back still to me rub her still soaking pussy on my cock, sliding all over it and making it wet – lubricating it. She then slid forward until i could feel her button hole on the end of my cock – she stopped, wriggled and in what seemed in one simple move slid down onto it – the tightness was so nearly overwhelming. I was in her ass, in public with i am sure others watching. She now had fully swallowed my cock in her ass, she leaned back so her head was resting on my shoulders, and started to fuck me with her ass. She was loving this, I wanted to see what was happening, but the blindfold was so tight. Her ankles i could now feel were on the outside of my thighs, her legs must have been wide open again, as she slid up and down on my cock. She stopped suddenly, i could feel her juices running down onto my balls, as she said “ yes – fuck me”. I then felt another pair of legs between my thighs – could not quite work it out but i assumed another bloke. She was going to allow another bloke fuck her while i was in her ass!

I felt the other guy come closer, and felt his cock slide into Lynns pussy. He must have been fully in as i felt his balls on mine, as he started to fuck my wife.

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   As he pulled out, Lynn raised her ass on my cock, and as he slid in, she slammed herself down onto my cock. Lynn was screaming obscenitites about cunts and cocks, and this turned me on even more as I knew she was having the time of her life, far more than i had planned. As she fucked my cock, and the guy fucked her, she leaned her head and i felt her tongue searching for mine. We kissed rather roughly, inbetween her shouting fuck, cunt and more! She broke off the kiss as I felt people, at least one each side kneel on the sofa. I felt bodies pressed against my shoulders, and then the unmistakable sound of slurping on cock – not only did Lynn have two cocks inside her, she was now sucking on some as well. In the heat of the moment, and I still do not know why, I opened my mouth and searched for one of these cocks. I could feel Lynns breath, as one cock slid into my mouth. Lynn called me a dirty bastard as the cock slid from my mouth and into hers. As this guy alternated mouths, the guy fucking Lynns pussy sped up, and I felt him cum inside her with spurt after spurt. Lynns orgasm hit her like a train, this guy must have spurted fifteen times, and Lynn’s words were utter filth. I felt the guy pull out of her pussy, the guy to my left got off the sofa and must have gone between our legs. Myself and Lynn were still alternating sucking the other guy, as I felt the firsts cum slide out of her pussy, and all over my balls!!

After Lynns orgasm temporarily subsided, she tried to get up – I was till blindfolded, and hands tied. Lynn turned round, and slid her pussy back down onto my cock. I felt her hard nipples virtually scratch my chest as she rode, and could feel cock next to my face which she sucked. I too searched for it with my mouth, and then felt it slide between mine and lynns mouth.

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   Her pussy slid off my cock as the guy behind slid into her, and out again as she slid back down on my cock. The guy behind us was fucking our mouths faster and faster as Lynn alternated fucking me and her new cock behind. How i held on so long i don’t know, but Lynn must of felt all three of us were about to cum.

She stopped sucking, got off my cock, and knelt and sucked the guy who was behind her – as I sucked the guy behind me – she held my cock tight as his cock exploded cum into her mouth, across her face and down onto her tits. She then knelt back over me, and took this other cock i was sucking in her mouth, and he too exploded in the same way. She reached up and pulled the blindfold off me, and as my eyes adjusted to the light, I could see her beautiful face covered in cum. She stood and turned again and backed again onto my cock, this time in her pussy – and again leant back on my shoulder. “Look at these cocks” she said as i noticed about five guys stood wanking – she beckoned them over and shouted “cum over us” to these guys. They came close kneeling on the sofa, cocks close to mine and lynns mouths – still wanking. Lynn continued to fuck my hard cock as each guy in turn was sucked by us both together. Also each in turn pulled away as they cum over Lynn’s face and tits. When they had all cum, Lynn turned to me and said “now your turn my love”, and knelt at my feet and sucked and wanked me – it took less than a minute, watching her beautiful face fuck my cock, that i screamed “ now. . . .

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  ” and exploded what must have been gallons of cum into her mouth. As i spurted she squeezed my balls and drained them!

By the time i had finished, the other guys were almost dressed and were leaving. Lynn looked at me and I smiled at her, kissed her and told her how much I loved her. She sat on the sofa next to me, grabbed some tissues and started to clean us up. She pulled a bottle of coke from her coat pocket, took a long drink before passing to me. As i drank she finished wiping the cum off my cock, balls, ass chest and face. Having cleaned me and herself, she slipped her coat on, found my t shirt and passed it to me, then stroked my semi hard cock, took it into her mouth and gave it a gentle suck. “Get dressed “ she said, “ we need to go updtairs”.


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