Analysed From The Bottom Up


We were loosing power yet again and Jock was getting angry. His eyes were fiery and with his big arms stained with oil and diesel fuel he might have looked really threatening to anyone else. I hadn’t had much time to get to know him. He was like you could say ‘a good solid looking trucker’. I suppose, if I am to be perfectly honest, I had noticed his physique was kind of OK!

“This is getting fucking dangerous! A truck’s not like a car you know, if you loose power you loose your steering, the lot!”

We coasted as far as we could on to the hard shoulder. At first he just sat there stony-faced, staring straight ahead.

“What the hell’s the matter with this fucking thing!” He was thumping the steering in his rage. “I told the boss not to go for this model but would he fucking listen?”

“I reckon it’s air-locked in the main fuel feed. This time let’s look for possible constriction points. To rectify these things you’ve got to analyse them from the bottom up” I said calmly.

“‘Constriction points? bottom up?!!’ what the hell are you talking about? Look here boy, when you get an air lock you’ve just got to bleed the bloody thing! You’ve got to get the fluid running man!” Jock was almost shouting at me as he jumped down form the cab. “OK Carl yea I know” he said trying to collect himself. “You’re young and full of ideas. ” Then turning to me and putting his hands on his hips “That’s the trouble with these colleges, they stuff you full of theories and diagrams, I bet” he laughed. “well I suppose that’s why they put you guys out for work with us for experience; anyway it puts you in touch with real world. Which is what this useless heap is all about!!” he said regaining his fury and kicking one of the wheels.

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I did point out to him I wasn’t a ‘boy’ but rather a nineteen year old college student but it went on like this, we must have bled the fuel a dozen times. Eventually we had to get a breakdown service to put things right so we were very late.

“We’ll just have to spend the night somewhere. There’s a motel a few miles up the road we can try that” Jock had calmed down and seemed resigned to things like it wasn’t his fault and so it didn’t matter.

“Any chance of any rooms for the night?” he asked the female receptionist.

“Er let me see…. . a double’s all we’ve got left now I’m afraid sir”

“Yea that’s just fine we’ll take that before it goes then!” It wasn’t as if this was the only place in town. There were lots of guest houses and B&Bs so I was quite surprised at the way Jock accepted so easily.

“Yea well if that’s OK with you, just sign in here and I’ll get the room key for you” replied the girl in a monotone and without even looking up.

So we got to the room and Jock was trying to open the door with the key card. Eventually he let me do it muttering “I can’t be done with these damned electronic things!” then, when we went inside, he suddenly started looking perplexed. “I thought she said a double room but there’s only one bed” he looked around vaguely as if he might find another one.

“A double room means you get a double bed. If you wanted two beds you should ask for a twin room.

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   Didn’t you know that?” but Jock just looked blankly, a bit like when the truck engine failed. “Look I’m really sorry Jock this is a misunderstanding, I thought you knew and you wouldn’t mind sharing the bed but I guess the best thing is we go and cancel it and look for somewhere else. ” I went on trying to sound practical rather than being offended.

“Actually it’s a really nice room” he said but then after a pause and looking squarely at me “But if you think we ought to …er. . . I mean it’s up to you really!” he said shrugging his shoulders.

“No Jock it’s up to you! I knew all along this meant sharing a bed with you and if I minded I would have protested at the desk. Besides you heard what the girl said”.

“What do you mean? Yea I heard but I didn’t think…. Oh I see yea I did think it was funny how she said she was ‘afraid’ and stuff. I just thought that was normal. ” Jock seemed like the classic case of a guy who is ‘All brawn and no brains’!

“OK so we’ve got to go and find another place then” I said firmly. Anyway I didn’t want him going around saying I had tricked him into bed or something.

Jock just stood there looking a bit lost and said simply “But here we are; why do we want to go anywhere else?”

“OK look!” I said looking squarely at him.

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   “If you are OK about sleeping with me because I always sleep in the nude right? I never wear anything in bed, then we stay here. So what do you say?”

Jock had a strange look on his face, as he sort of half looked at me. I hadn’t seen him look like that before but finally he said firmly “Yea let’s do it! And er …. yea, I’m going to get my stuff from the cab, shall I bring yours?”

It turned out that Jock always carried overnight things just in case and I had brought a change of clothes as we were going to pick up stuff from a farm so I though I might need them.

The room had an en suite so Jock said he was going to take a shower. I just sat on the bed reading a brochure about some local tourism. I didn’t look up at first but as Jock got more undressed I couldn’t help taking a peep. He was beautifully fit and muscular; his broad shoulders supporting his huge strong arms and bulging biceps; he had such perfect pectorals which looked really firm under the patches of dark hairs on his chest. He didn’t seem to mind me watching and when he finally gripped the elastic of his pants there was no way I could look away. His dick stood out against his bushy pubic hairs. It hung down in a smooth pink curve only partly covering his large dangling balls. He looked so fucking sexy and I could see it swelling and enlarging the more I admired him. It was obvious Jock was no innocent even if he was thick!

He turned to the en suite door and I watched him stride over with big hairy thighs and firm buttocks. I couldn’t read any more. I just sat there with my cock aching hard as I watched the silhouette of his body as he soaped himself.

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  I wished I was in there with him.

But Jock had a towel wrapped around his waist as he came out. “Your turn now!” he said cheerfully so I quickly stripped off in front of him. It gave me a huge thrill to take my pants down in front of such a sexy man. As I walked over to the shower I caught him glancing at me. Then I got this idea!

“Hey Jock how do you work this thing?” I said leaning round the shower door. He was up in less than a second.

“Look I’ll show you” he said reaching past me but it all went better than I could have planned. In his haste he had grabbed the shower head and broke the plastic holder. “Oh sorry I can’t get anything right today!”

“I’m not so sure about that I said!” noting the quieter almost intimate tone of his voice. “OK Jock now you’ve broken it so now you’ll have to hold it up for me while I shower. You’ll need to come in with me of course won’t you!” I almost whispered the last sentence. Jock threw off the towel and squeezed into the tiny cubicle with me. There was no way we could have prevented our bodies making contact. I was trying to soap myself but it was difficult to move much.

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   Soon both we were both covered in soap and I could feel his hot manly body against me all soapy and slippery against my skin. He was so hot and sexy and his long cock was huge and rigid. It was sticking up almost vertical and it felt so hot as he brushed against my naked flesh.

I was soaping him all around his genitals they were just so gorgeous. I never thought to ask him if he minded, it just seemed the most natural thing to do. So next I took the shower head from him and as I played it on his cock he started groaning. His big pink knob was pulsating with excitement as I wrapped my lips around it. I really wanted to take it all in my mouth; I wanted to suck every bit of his luscious meat! I tried to take him right down my throat but as I sucked him deep then as I began to taste his precum as it began oozing from his prick.

We had turned the shower off by now and Jock had opened the shower door. It gave him enough room to get at me as I bent over. He was soaping my ass now and I could feel him working his finger inside me. I sensed he was bursting with excitement.

Jock was standing on the bathmat outside when he suddenly grabbed me with all his strength. There was nothing I could do. He was a million times stronger than me! I guess my asshole was still very soapy and oh my!! Jock just thrust right up me really suddenly.


   He took my breath away he was so huge. It was a bit painful too as he stretched my sphincter to maximum but oh wow!! Man!! What a cock he had. It just felt like I had all his massive muscular body right up inside my bottom. Oh it was so wonderful!

Jock was shafting me like hell, he was ramming my ass with his huge dick. All you could hear was this slurping sound as his piston plunged ever more furiously in and out of my boy-cunt. Jock was fucking me almost obsessively now, panting and sweating profusely as if he were running a marathon. But all the time it was like the pressure was building up.

“I’m gonna fuck your Sissy ass you Pansy! Oh fuck! you’re going to get it!! Ah! Aahh! Aaaaahhhh!!!!” With this I felt his whole body shaking as he grabbed my waist with all his strength then I felt him pumping his spunk up my ass. I was such a wonderful feeling these great spurts of warm fuck fluid now flooding my rectum and fertilizing my bottom with his virile sperm. Oh how I loved him at that moment!

I wished it would go on and on but all too soon Jock withdrew his fat hose pipe from my bum hole. He was so sticky and slimy I wanted to suck him again but he seemed to want to walk away.

“Hey come here Jock I must wash you properly come on!!”

“Leave me alone I’m quite OK!” he was in an anti-climax.

“Come here!” I shouted

“Keep you’re voice down you’ll have that girl up here!”

“Jock you’ve got to me let me clean your cock up. There’s a strict routine if you raw fuck anyone’s ass; you must wash your cock thoroughly and immediately then go and have a piss right? I mean it! Don’t mess around!” Jock complied sulkily then went and got dressed.

Despite Jock’s frame of mind I had no doubt at all that once he recovered he would be back wanting more.

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   It was obviously a first time for him as he wasn’t really gay at all, or not normally! I felt on cloud nine knowing I had his spunk up my bum. It felt so good!

We looked into the motel restaurant which was huge but half empty. I didn’t fancy plastic tables and hot dogs. “Hey let’s look for somewhere a bit better than this. ” I said but Jock was silent. I think I really wanted a romantic meal but some hope of that with him in his present mood! All I could get out of him was a shrug of his shoulders and he was starting to irritate me. I had wanted to say it would have been funny if the girl had come up to our room because I felt so proud of being fucked by this muscle man; I could have gone down the street shouting it out so everyone could hear. But he would not have been amused

We soon found a really nice place with one table free but with places for four persons. So we sat down and ordered but Jock was being infuriatingly silent and sulky. As it happened out table was quite near the entrance and a queue was starting to form of people waiting. So seeing this middle aged couple I offered them to come and sit with us. Jock looked daggers at me but I felt like ‘what the hell’.

They were really nice, you couldn’t help liking them and they soon got Jock into conversation. When he told them about the trouble we had with the truck it turned they knew someone who had similar problems with that model and told us how he could get an upgrade for the fuel filter.

After the meal we had intended to have few beers but the place we were in was a bit crowded and I suggested we looked for somewhere quieter but Jock said he wouldn’t mind going back to the motel as he felt quite tired although it was still only 9pm.

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“OK then” I said sensing a complete reversal in Jock’s frame of mind. Did I notice a bulge forming in his jeans. He was certainly leading the way at the brisk pace, not like some who was desperately tired! I was beginning to get the measure of this guy.

“Do I detect stirrings in the pants there Jock? At least you’ve stopped sulking! Ready for another fuck are you!”

“Shut up boy!! For goodness sake anyone can hear us. Look I’m really sorry about being like that. It’s just that…”.

“You know what they say don’t you!” I interrupted him. “Only Sissies sulk!” He flinched as I pinched his bum.

“And I’ll tell you another thing Jock! When we get back the room it’s going to be different” Then cheekily coming right up alongside him I whispered in his ear; “My prick may be slim but I can slip it up your bum and you know you won’t be able to anything to stop me”

“For Pete’s sake keep your voice down!” he whispered huskily.

“No Jock you just heard it louder than anyone else. Anyway I don’t care if they do! Hey I’m gonna tell the world I’m ready to stuff your tight ass with as much of my student sperm that I can spurt up you”I said out loud but Jock said nothing to my taunts; he just kept on walking as if he was ignoring me and he had quickened the pace. It was so obvious he wanted it!

When we got to our room I stripped off and lay flat on the bed displaying my naked bum. I was pretending to be passive. He sat down next to me and started stoking my bare buttocks very gently. It annoyed me slightly because I wanted him to ravage me and almost like rape me.

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   I honestly wanted his cock up my ass really bad but he was going to be too slow and I had a very definite ‘Plan B’!

“I wonder what it feels like getting a guy do your ass like that” he mused as he stroked me bum.

“Only one way to find out!” I replied sharply sitting up. “Get your fucking pants off and come here!” I ordered him and seemingly unaware of what I wanted to do he came and lay next to me still in a mood of wanting to talk.

“Hey what are you doing?” he asked warily.

“Just getting a bar of soap. It’s the best thing to get you lubed up” I said quickly working a lather into his slit as he lay there.

“But what the hell are you doing?” he protested.

“Getting ready to fuck that tight ass of yours. Jock, you called me a Sissy but over the past hour you’ve behaved like one and that’s why I am going to stuff your man-cunt! You’ll get my Sissy Sperm right up between those hard buttocks. I’m going to force fuck your bottom Jock! And oh yes you’re going to get to know what it feels like!”

My biggest problem after soaping his slit was pushing my prick up him. Jock’s ass was really tight and he had this deep slit between his bum cheeks. He was trying resist my clasping his strong buttocks but my hard dick just slipped in between them. It was so fucking exciting stabbing his Man-Ass with my boy-prick. It took me a good ten minutes of screwing my knob in his anus before at last I made him yield to me. He was so tight, his asshole was really squeezing my penis! It was the first time I had ever fucked such a masculine guy’s ass.

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   He kept clasping his man cunt and I could only manage a few strokes before I found myself loosing control. I thrust as far as I could into his strong bottom. I was kissing his thick manly neck but then suddenly it was too much. I felt my little cock tighten and start to spasm. Oh man I shot my load right up his fucking rectum!! I fertilized him with my boy-dick. I spurted my spunk up him and I could feel the thrill as it gushed from my knob into his manly bum hole.

I felt so good, so proud I had fucked such a strong man. But then I finally got my reward.

“OK you boy-bitch you’re gonna fucking get it now!!” He yelled at me and while my cock was still subsiding and oozing a little cum he suddenly threw me on my back, held my ankles and forced my legs right back. How did he know what to do? He must have read it somewhere! But Oh Boy this was it!!

His cock seemed even bigger he was mad at me and gave me no chance to resist as he stuffed his massive meat straight up my bottom. This time he was on top of me. I could see all his superb muscles flexing as he stuffed by ass and rammed me repeatedly with more and more force. He went on and on and each time he seemed to penetrate different parts of me inside. My poor gland which had just performed to send my sperm up his was taking a hammering. He was overpowering my manhood; I was being totally feminised by his massive cock.



“I’m gonna fuck your Sissy Chick ass you Wimp! You want to know who’s the man here! You’re about to find out! You gonna get it!! You gonna get it!! You gonna get it!!! He was shouting and pounding my ass harder and harder. He didn’t seem to notice how the headboard of bed was banging on the wall. If ever that girl might come up it would be now.

But Jock was totally wild at me and just as he was starting to shoot up my bum there was a great crash and the whole bed collapsed. We lay there still in copulation with his dick well up his ass and delivering as we both burst out laughing.

“I’ll admit one thing Jock, you certainly do know all about ‘getting the fluid running’ but you’ll have to go and tell that girl about it now!” I giggled but there was no time for sulking as Jock who confessed to being a joiner tried to put his trade back on track by fixing the bed.

“OK here’s the deal; why don’t we just go out and get a few beers. We’ll come back, you will want to fuck me again and either you fix that bed or I’ll tell the girl. ”

Jock was himself again now or should I say better than he was. What had I done to him?

We agreed on the deal and went out.

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