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My names Edward and I've always been straight. More than straight I've taken the mick out of anyone that was gay, I've been sort of a bully. I was the kinda guy that played around and always had a girl friend. Ive got brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin, but a muscular body. This is the day everything changed.

It started off like any other day in college, i had just finished one of my lessons and was walking to the canteen, when i saw Jack, he wasn't a geek but he was always taking the stick off everyone, he had blonde hair and green eyes, his body was bigger than mine and more tanned, i walked passed him and tripped him over, laughing as i did, Jack got up and shouted at me "Eddie you've always bullied me when I've done nothing to you, I'm going to make you pay for this!" All my friend laughed as he did this and i joined in.

The rest of the day went past as normal, lessons were long and boring, and nothing of interest happened, and i headed home as usual, i didn't live in a massive house, semi detached and was always clean down to my mum, my mum n dad were never home as my dad always went to the pub and my mum worked late.
I walked through my door when all of a sudden, Jack must of snuck i n and shut the door and he through me to the floor knocking me out, I'm not sure how long i was out for but then i came too. . .

I was naked on my own bed, tied at the arms and feet with jack staring at me. "WHAT THE FUCK YOU DOING!?"
i shouted at him "You've always taken the mick out of me, made me upset, well now I'm gonna get my own back"
as he said that he stripped off and flopped his cock out, and it was massive! almost 9 inches, rock solid long and very very thick! "Oh my god!" i screamed "What are you gonna do!"
" Your gonna pleasure me" he replied
"No i ain't" i shouted back "no way is my cock getting hard"
" I didn't say i need your cock hard did i, and i slipped you a Viagra while you were out anyway, it should start working soon" That's when i started to panic i pulled at the rope holding me to the bed but it was to no avail
"No please dint" i begged "I was only joking with you, you know that right?" i pleaded to him
"Too late now" he said back, grinning. With that he flopped his cock onto my face, i shut my mouth but it was so big it actually hurt as hit my face, he shoved a finger in my arse, causing me to yelp in pain and with that he shoved it in my mouth to which i quickly bit it and he pulled out but instantly the salty taste of precum filled my mouth.
"You're gonna regret that" he said with a menacing look in his eye, i couldn't believe what was happening and to make matters worse the Viagra was starting to work. " Ahhh what do we have here, this Viagra is illegal you know, for being so strong, your gonna be hornier than ever before!" he laughed while saying, but he was right, i could feel myself getting incredibly horny, and my cock was getting bigger by the second, till it reached full size at 6 inches.
he laughed at me "Is that all you got!? your defo gonna be a bitch!" I felt like nothing, he had ruined me, then with that he sat down on my lil hard cock.

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   "Make use of the lil thing will ya" he said while bouncing on top of me, i tried to think of things to put me off, to make me go floppy but i couldnt, the Viagra was so strong, it made me so horny, i couldnt resist it, it felt so fucking good, and with that shot a massive load up his arse.
" Wow you dont last long either doya" he laughed "But dont worry, you aint going down for hours!"
I cant believe i came i thought to myself, fucking Viagra "Your turn" he whispered to me while pouring lube over his cock " No please!" i shouted, but it was to late, he kneeled in between my legs, even with the lube he put on it had trouble getting in untill SQUELCH,the wet cock slid up my ass and i screamed in pain as he started pumping, i was crying with pain now as he slowly pumped me for about five minutes, the pain was immense, i couldnt take it, until all of a sudden i realised i was moaning, i shut my mouth but i couldnt keep it shut, i was moaning and i couldnt help it! My rock solid cock covered in cum was starting to swell up again, i was tensing to hold it in but it was hard. when all of a sudden, he started going quick, moaned loudly and hot thick liquid shot up my arse, that was it after that, "Fuck yeah!" i shouted as i came harder than ever before, it actually hit myself in the faceand went into my own mouth, he quickl;y pulled out before he finished and got another two good squirts onto my face, my face was buring with heat from cum, my ass was gaping wide open, and his cock was next to my face, i couldnt resist and i lent forward sucking his cock, but he pulled away, "No im afraid not, ive used you, made you want my cock, and now im going to leave you" he took pictures and left me there.

It was a few hours of tugging away before i could get out of the ropes and unhooked my feet, i walked towards my phone to see a text from my girlfriend, "Im sorry Ed, but i cant stay with you, i've seen the pictures, i dont want no gay boy" i sat on my bed and cried, when i got another text come through "Hey Edward, ive seen you pictures and wanna say you look sexy like a bitch, your mine now, I'm going to come to yours and use you"

That was the end of my life with girls, no girl would sleep with me after seeing me used and abused, so if i wanted any sex i had to use a guy, or them use me rather. . . After atfe guys it wasnt so bad, i started to like it, in fact the thought of pussy now makes me sick, all i ened is a good cock to suck on, and sumink thick in my arse.

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