Angel & Karen's Night Out 2 Friday


Angel and Karen’s night out 2 Friday I started cleaning on the living room picking up the mess. Newspapers scattered about. Learning how to walk again in 3 in. pumps. I scooted around in them picking up. I had two loads of laundry in front of the washer I had to bend down streach squatt sometimes my snap at the crotch would come undone I would often go the bathroom to snap myself. Picking up random clothing. The girls giggled watching me pick up their mess, offering me lipstick putting it on themselves and making fun of me dressed like a girl. With there bags backed they walked several blocks away for the weekend to Marsha’s friends house. Angel came in around 5:00pm walking to me in the kitchen. She smiled looking at me. “Hey you look cute. ” Pinching my butt and rubbing my ass like a cheap whore. “Where are the kids?” I told her they went to spend the Weekend with Marsha’s friends. “ Your makeup looks good. ” Karen Yelled from her room wanting Angel.

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   She slipped out of her Black bow pumps, would you put those up for me and went to talk to Karen. “Hey I stammer we need to talk” Well talk you just do what I said. I’ll be back. I was humiliated by those words, turned red. I heard them laughing, at my expense and overheard Karen say shut the door. I told you he would. I put her shoes up and scampered back from Angel’s room. Trying to walk silent clicking my heels softly in the kitchen next to the door. I was feeling like a slut with my shorts showing my pantyhose line where the shorts meet the seam I bent my knees together, and moved my thighs back in forth like a bitch in heat! Trying to hear them. I stood away from the door after it got to quiet sorting laundry when she came out. We went to her room and rolled a dobby up. “Cliff is coming over tonight, but wanted you to get some things straight. You can be with me meaning you can lick me you know give me face, and sometimes watch us. . Tim you really can’t satisfy me umm, like Cliff can, and you don’t have the biggest dick in the world either.

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   “You slept with him then”? I thought all of a sudden. Yes I did! Were not really together, Plus I see how excited you get when I go out with Karen DRESSED UP. Actually 5in. doesn’t fill me like a man can we both know this. So Desera! I understand now why you like dressing up. You have more girlie features. Chuckling passing it too me coughing Angel looked at me with a glee of satisfaction. I’ll still fuck you like a bitch if you want. Maybe you could even give Cliff head. What did you get caught dressed in that pointing her finger at my tight outfit with a smirk? “No I stammered the burgundy dress the girls only saw me in your bra under my white t-shirt. I had on sweats and Karen’s nylons on my feet that they seen. She continued to fill me in on my new relationship with her and was somewhat surprised that I was going along with it. When Cliff is over you will have to sleep on the couch. “Oh bye the way” spreading her sexy legs before me and pushing her g-string aside getting a good look at her Bushy red pussy. “Cliff dropped you a surprise.

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  ” I was so excited knowing Cliff’s dick was in her hours ago, and was going to see how much he stretched her out. I brought my head between her hot nylon’s thighs kissing and licking her wet lips with out hesitation. I smelled her and it was different my tongue licked inside her tasty wet pussy. I could tell another guy had been in her stretched pussy, Angel held my head with her hands guiding my face on her lips. Spreading her curvy legs on my shoulders and moaned. Closing her eyes wetting my mouth. I unbutton my shorts, and reached for my little cock that was buried somewhere in my pantyhose stroking it in heat. She held my face straight on to her clit. My mouth was drenched in her wet orgasm, and the night’s previous sex. I came quickly in my hose again. She let off my face I stood back away from between her legs with a glazed face. I looked back standing humiliated but excited like haven’t been before. Seeing the effects of Angel’s wet pussy hole. Knowing I couldn’t fill Angel anymore like Cliff’s could having a Bigger cock in her satisfying her, and getting her all soaked and loose. “How big is he with astonishment I asked”.

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   She rolled down her thigh highs. “Eight inches and pretty thick,” with a satisfied smile I looked astonished humiliated knowing I was going to be there sex toy from now on, and in a few hours I would be cleaning up Angela’s Hairy pussy, and Cliff’s 8 inch dick. “You need to continue cleaning so you don’t make Karen mad. Cliff is coming over to discuss some arrangement so straighten up slut, and go put on what you got caught in. ” With a chuckle she then motioned me off like some servant. Wake me up latter. I grabbed the Burgundy dress, and headed off to the bathroom beside Karen’s room. When I got there Karen was in her black bra, and sliding her pantyhose up her legs from the edge of her bed. “Go to the store I have some money in a purse. ” She ordered me rudely I thought. I got undressed to shower and shave for tonight. She came in the bathroom laughing at my small dick, now in a gray jean mini skirt, and her 4-½ inch black heels. “ You like watching me use the restroom don’t you? Just like you would see Angel have sex with guys. Primping her brown curly hair. “Put your head on the toilet seat you sick cuckold pervert your going to get a great view of me using the restroom” She didn’t bother shutting the door.

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   She lifted her skirt showing her ass in those pantyhose I got on my butt putting my head back on the seat. She slide them down to her knees backed up, lifting a leg over my head. Holding her self on the toilet with her hands against my face. I smelled the remands stank hard odor. She spewed out some nasty salty tasting urine. She squirmed around on my mouth to position her clit right in my mouth. Sliding her hand between her thighs spreading her nasty twat open. She continued use me like a toilet. I swallowed most of it a little ran off my chin to my chest. Rubbing her pussy back in forth finishing in my mouth using my tongue to clean her up with wet hairs trying to roll them out. “ There we go” with her annoying laugh using my tongue to wipe her bung net pussy letting go of my nose. After she was satisfied with sucking her almost dry. She sat up taking a step rolling her tan nylons around her waist again pulled her denim skirt down. “Now you’re a pee cuckold grinning. The money will be on the table.


  ” I couldn’t believe that Karen just did that. I got in the shower humiliated almost to tears both Karen and Angel were treating my like shit for the amusement. I wanted to leave put couldn’t I was excited about dressing, and being Angel’s cuckold for Cliff. I washed shaved really good cleaned up nice. Putting on the burgundy mini dress and rolled Karen’s tan pantyhose from the toilet. Karen’s heels clicked coming in and out getting ready for a night out again, and helped me get ready for a night of being a cuckold. I finished my lips with a dark red lipstick I walked into the kitchen were Karen was sitting cross-legged talking on the phone laughing and caring on with her irritating laugh, she wiggled the keys and pointed to long string purse. The money and list of things to get from the store were inside. I went to the store looking like a slut with lots of makeup, and since my hair was long it made my bangs curled sexy and so 80’s. This got me excited feeling like a slut the thought of walking around a big place like Sam’s Lot in heels. I finally got to Sam’s lot I would have plenty of practice in this huge place walking in pumps. I walked inside with the list of thinks I was supposed to get. I saw that Karen wanted me to get some Always Maxi pads, or Sam’ Brand and some sheer pantyhose, and a cucumber. The rest of the items were basic groceries. I walked in those heels getting use to them.


   Walking sexy getting looks from people. My pumps clicked though ever isle. You could never tell that I had a little stiff. I was so turned on with all the Super Absorbents tampons I grabbed a 38 pack of Sam’s generic Maxi pad. I gathered the other items. When I was checking out I felt embarrassed checking out Maxi-pads, pantyhose and this long cucumber that the cashier laughed holding her hands to her face when I headed out. I was becoming Angela’s sissy quickly. I was on my way back to the car getting a few stares, and whistles. I was on my way back to the house when I saw a strange car in the driveway, and Karen was gone already. It must have been Cliff. Continued: Angel n Karen’s night Out! Friday night I walked into the house with two bagges, not seeing anyone yet. Walking quite into the kitchen to put the bags on the floor. When I came back for the rest of the groceries. I heard the shower down the hall. My eyes widen hearing brief movements, my heels were killing from walking all day, but I was a trooper and finished getting the sacks in, and would talk to them when I came back in.

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   I went in and shut the door queit. Stepping around to the hall Hearing them behind the door the sounds of water running echoed in there. My mouth opened in AW! I opened the door to a steamy event literally. I gazed upon Angel transparent behind the sliding door squatting giving an eager head job. I guess Angela didn’t hear me come in at first Cliff held her head while pumping her tooth-less mouth slowly around her lips. Soft moans came from her lips as the water splashed her back. “Not the Hair! She cried I stood there watching my girlfriend suck dick. Slurping around it jacking it off in her mouth. She would never suck me off. Cliff must of felt the cold air enter the hot bathroom he looked at me tapped Angel’s wet head. Pop! GET OUT we will be with you in a minute! Breathing hard. I closed the door, and heard Cliff chuckling, hearing Angela getting mad. I went to the kitchen to put up the groceries. I was so hard and jealous at the same time spewing though me but couldn’t help the exciment I was witnessing. I kicked off my pumps then dealt with the groceries.

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   The water was turned off next I could hear loud Body slaps and Angel’s moans loud enough for me to hear in the whole house! I touched up my lipstick, and makeup while Angel made sure I heard how much she was getting satisfied. They both came out with towels around her their bodies. Still hair wet Cliff came in behind her. He had dark hair young like Angel liked them around 28 and 210 pounds 6’1. His grin was wicked and his white smooth body curvy with his hands on her. She grinned chuckling with this young stud. “This is Cliff” they smiled at each other and gave me a wicked grin, “so that’s Desira Yea that’s my little cuckold she’s pretty huh? Yea! Pretty ugly she looks like slut all right and would look good sucking my dick. Yea I’ll let her suck my dick or something” commenting letting go of Angel so she could come with me in the bathroom. She shut the door to get a little privacy. “ I heard you were on your period? I’ am sorry to hear that because I wanted a bitch tonight maybe tomorrow” I stammered not knowing what she was talking about. “Iam not on my period!” “Yea you are Karen told me you were. With a fake puzzle look on her face, “ you got some Maxi pads while you were out didn’t you?” Saying it with a grin. Holding her towel around her while bending down gaping the package and getting a pad out. She opened up the white package, and folding out the long white absorbent. “Help me here! Lift up you mini.

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   I turned around looking in the mirror lifting my dress up. “ Your pantyhose to your knees and spread C’mon I don’t have all night. She started rubbing my ass thought my hose poking a finger up in me. I quickly squirmed them to my knees. Shaking. “Cliff has something you can smoke. ” Giggling to her self-trying not to laugh to hard. I heard Angel whisked the plastic away from the maxi fumbling around pressing the deodorant pad to my crouch. She reached up playing with my wee wee. “I hope you enjoy tonight Cuckold? I know I will. With a smack on my round ass, “Ok your set. ” pull them up. ” Karen she must of told her as I rolled my hose up. Turning around fixing my skirt feeling the embarrassment of the pad, and these to women set me up. “Ohh don’t worry Desira your going to get some in that slut mouth of yours.


   Chuckling. “You ready to watch a real man tonight, hum. I know you want him too. He’s bigger then what you have honey* exacerbating her hands. I really can’t feel you, but I’ll do you like whore tomorrow when he goes to his house. ” Groping my butt and tit, pinching my nipple rubbing her whole hand on my Pantyhose clad Pad pre cum wet my tops. I am glad she didn’t see all that. She saw me in heat squirming up against the door. “Where are your heels slapped across the face?” Twisting my nipples go but on your pumps slut. Cliff was at the table finishing rolling a joint hearing me embarrassingly stepping towards to slip into my shinny heels. Licking the paper “Did you forget something, chuckling to himself? “You know Angel has a sweet pussy” smiling wicked. “She needs this She told me she can’t feel you, but you think she can feel this?” Unbuckling zipping down his jeans. Pulling out his thick soft long penis. Oh my even soft he was defiantly bigger “Just like your slut mouth of yours. C’mon get those pumps on! And get on your knees show me what you can do with this.

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  ” He wiggled his semi hard penis around with his hand. Those words cut threw me hard blushing and almost crying, I slide them on against the cabinet there looking at him wiggle it, and behind him I saw Angel shut the door in the bathroom getting ready for Cliff. I was overwhelmed with excitement, and knowing my cuckold experience was only going deeper with Angel. I stepped close to Cliff between his legs getting on my knees. I looked up and saw his half tooth grin as I grabbed his semi hard penis that had Angel’s sweat juices on it, and wrapped my lipstick mouth around the head. Sucking it. .

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