Angel & Karens Night Out 4 (Bar)


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Pulling his black nut sack out I stared in aw at that enormous cock lie up around his stomach it had to been 10 plus inches. “ Get down on it and suck it!” I smelt his black aroma putting my smooth mouth around that fat brown head. My head was a whirl on that cock head.
 “ You got a small penis huh bitch? I bet that white boy in there can’t give it to her like myself”
Placing his large hand on the back of my head as I stroked him hard with my hand and mouth going to the entrance of my lubed throat. I answered with my head moving around my mouth nodding. I herd Larry walk to the back of the van he rocked it a little bit as he walked getting the pipe from Anthony laying back.
“The nut sack bitch! Come on! Get on floor! I bet Angel could show you how to suck my dick. ”
 I was on my knees quickly, grabbed hold of that large sack and placed a ball in my mouth as he jerked it against my forehead getting hard! “ You see Karen now don’t you after we bang the fuck out of her, I think Angie would want some and you know the saying Bitch once go black you don’t go back!” she’s not going back she’s licking that fat cock of Tyron’s. I am sure Angel will to. So how old is the Ugly bitch she don’t look that good in the face, but I fuck her mouth. She takes it up the ass? Put that shit in your throat whore. ” Na I bet the only thing you know about her ass is your face.
            My head was bobbing furiously on the back floor getting Anthony’s deeper in my stretched throat I stroked his cock and grabbed his nut sack as I was so turned on by him talking down to me, and talking about giving his black cock to Angela. I felt Larry reached over and played with my nylon thigh raising my shirt felling my fake boobies, laughing out right.

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            “ What a sissy you are for wanting too see your girlfriend fucked by a real man. You think she can handle this” stroking the base of his black dick shoving more down my choking throat? I bet the old whore can she’s looks like she’s been used a lot. ” He grabbed a hold of my ear and head pushing his cock head into the back of my throat. My hands went on the back seat he stretched my mumbling lips around his thick shaft gagging hard I couldn’t get my head off his cock in my throat pushing deeper fucking my mouth until eight full inches were lodged in my drooling mouth. “Keep it right there you fucking whore oh fuck yea” I kept my mouth around his meat breathing threw my nose, as Anthony held my head straight on his enormous dick. Pumping a few more strokes until a few more inches made it down my stretched throat his balls slapped my chin he used my face to jack off his cock shooting down my throat then immediately. Blowing cum out from my nose, and mouth getting most of it in my stomach tasting his powerful blast in straight to my stomach and mouth tasting thick salty cum. I stroked his penis going soft in my mouth.
 “Alright Angel told me the routine about putting my dick back up. ”
 I slowly bobbed up his shaft mumbling around his wet head tasting all his nasty sperm. I pulled it from my mouth breathing hard I was so hot in the back of this van. Larry handed the pipe back to Anthony as he got up. “Angel smoke crack right?”
 “ Well pot I don’t think she smokes crack. What about the money” I was worried he wasn’t going to pay. “I’ll give it to Tyrone now I am going to go hit on your girlfriend.

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   He slid the door open and left. I got back up on the seat. I was in aw at this point using my fingers to fix myself crossing my silky legs, dangling my heel.
 Would Angel or Cliff go along with sleeping with Anthony thinking to myself? He seamed to me he was on the hunt. Larry asked about Angel and Karen I told him information about us.   We had a good conversation before he told me on my knees in front of him in a co-captains chair, I knelt down using my small jewelry fingers unbutton his pants I could feel his big bulged thicker then Anthony’s. “Oh my its so big” I pulled it out from his underwear and tasted his uncircumcised fat head stroked his moving dark skin with my hand. “ Yea lick it like a dirty whore while I think about that Redhead on my jock common baby. She has some big tits 38C you said. Whew! Um yea Dang she’s have a loose pussy to I bet I could stretch her out with this black cock and make it squirt. ” He wiggled it around my mouth. Larry had about the same length 10 inches, but Larry’s was fatter, and uncircumcised. I mumbled stroking that fat meat only getting half of it in my mouth stroking, and sucking it easier going in and out of my smeared mouth. Panting in loud slurps moving his meat furiously back and forth. He sat forward grabbing the back of head jerking a few more inches in my slurping mouth.

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   I couldn’t help it anymore I found my hand rubbing my small penis threw my sheer nylons the other grasped his hairless balls. Larry thrusted forward finding my throat I gagged hard around that fat black penis getting hard in my gasping mouth. My lips felt tight I gagged hard blowing around his thick black shaft. I stroked myself fast getting my cracker little dick to its full length of 5 inches and his dark skin moved between my mumbling lips, and feeling his uncut head moving in and out of my stretched throat.
            “You Like that uncircumcised dick in your throat ho? I bet you do yea play with your self-bitch. You know its just amount of time before Anthony is going to have Angel, on his shit like you are. Get the ugly bitch drunk, she’ll put out I am sure. Karen has probley told her about Tyron’s cock. Yea that’s right slut suck it make it come. Um yea suck it. ”
 I gagged hard with that thick dick moving in and out of my throat making it sloppy, slurping humiliating noises pummeling my face.   I sucked his fat uncut for a while before a knock on the side of the van. I thought it was the sound of my head hitting the driver’s chair. “ Bitch gets in the back hurry! I hurried crawling in the back losing a heel. Larry packed his hard cock away.

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   He slid the sliding van door open some. “Man I getting my shit sucked in here yea she’s in here get in. The two young teens came inside the van one in an all red jump suit braids around 19 tall and toned.
    The other was in a Black and white players shirt black pants. They were young and head strong, obnoxious.
    “Sup Larry when you going to get the other two bitchs in here?”
    They shut the door. “ Man I don’t know nigga. You guys wanting some head you going to have to wait a second coming back to the back seat unbuckling his meat again still hard finding my mouth standing up. “ Na we want some of Strawberry and the other bitch. ” I took that uncut head back to the back part of my mouth moving the thick prick in a rhythm in my mouth. I sat there opened my legs as his hips found its mark thrusting up in my mouth grabbing a head full of hair slamming my mouth getting most of his meat in my sloppy mouth tasting gooey pre-cum slide around my throat. Gagging hard my hands went to waist only to get swatted away. I took all of his 10 inch meat in my mouth gargling obscene breaths. My face made a big O around his dark meat. His nuts slapped my chin, and my jaw knocked fucking my face hard.

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       He pulled it out I heard the boys applauding upfront “On the face!”
    I stomped my right pump on his foot in the van floor choking me on his meaty dick. My head was against the backseat when he jerked my head off it slapped my gasping face shoving it back in he continued to jerk 4inchs in and out of my sloppy mouth, then pulling out his meat with a plop, and splashing cum all over my nose, and eye. He continued to jerk his cock in my mouth making sure I swallow some holding my head splashing my forehead. Shaking his spent black penis across my lips and cheeks. “
    “Hey Larry yo want get high I got some skunky weed here. ”
     I kissed the head putting it back in his pants fixing him. “Thanks Larry I said swallowing catching my breath coughing some in the back.
     “No problem ho” Larry zipped his pants up walked in the front of the van. Turning on some music playing it kind of loud, as they got high. I got out my compact I knew my mouth was smeared, and probley my face. My other heel was somewhere over by that thug. I excused myself reaching down for my heel.
     “Yea while your down there ho suck on some of this bag grabbing his meat in his white jump suit. ” Taunting me.
     I smelt the good herp as they smoked and made fun of my facial for the next hour they humiliate me.

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       I even posed at there request a few places in the van with my ultra sheer silk pantyhose down around my knees showing my bubble butt and my little white penis pre-cum out of it. I couldn’t really hear them except for a sudden knock on the side door. It was Cliff handing a surprise to the young blacks a cucumber, they laughed hysterically even when they bent me over the back seat making me say “That will be extra!” I fucked the warm cucumber inside my moist ass all over the van. It was still open from Angel’s fuck earlier. Cliff climbed in and started talking about his girlfriend and him pimping me to Tyrone asking 10 for my mouth and 20 dollars to play hide the cucumber. Those three puffed on the chronic for some time and laughed hard at my expense. The two came up with 30$ down. I could tell he wanted to get back to Angel. I fucked myself with the green veggie until I came all on myself. None of them watched as I came.
    I sat there for about 10 minutes fixing myself up again rapping
    the cucumber up. I had to look for my bow under the under the seat. I
    could barely fix myself in the dark. I stepped out with my purse looked
    myself over in side window. Walking sexy across the dim lit lot
    adjusting my skirt a little more sway in my hips feeling such the slut in
    theses purple heels, and adjusting my fake boobs.

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       When I got to the
    front sidewalk entrance a police car strolled by they slowed down oh my
    I hope I don’t get caught tonight.
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