Another Dream I have repeatedly


Waking up in bed, the first thing I notice is that I am very wet. Did I pee myself out in my sleep? I reach down and touch the sheets under my naked butt, but no, just a tiny spot of wetness… 

My hand goes up to my pussy. Jeez – soaking wet! And not only wet as in horny, I must have had a "wet dream", because this is cum juice – no doubt about that.  

And suddenly I remember what my dream was…. Re-dreaming it, I keep my hand where it is, slowly moving one finger between my wet folds. My pussylips are still swollen and the clit start responding to my gentle touch….  

In my dream, I was ona sigthseeing abroad with my husband.  
Suddenly a hand slides around my waist, turning me around to face a stranger. Yes, stranger. . but still something disturbingly familiar. He smiles down to me, and speak in a soft voice.  

- Sweetheart! It's been so long! I almost forgot how beautiful you are.

And then he lower his head and kiss me. His lips nibble at mine for a second, the tip of his tongue probing to get inside my mouth.  
 I know this man somehow… can feel it in my inner soul that this is right! Him kissing me is the most natural thing in the world, and I respond to the kiss.

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   His tongue invading my mouth, flicks softly at mine. I twist my head a bit to the right and suck his tongue… just as if I did this a thousand times before.

 His body, tight against mine, fits perfect to my curves. His one leg between my thighs in perfect position for my pussy to be squeezed, his chest at my breast crushes them so lovely, his hand on my lower back holding me close.
 I feel how my whole body respond to him –  we are melting together, becoming one. . . . just as love stories describe.  

- What the hell are you doing!

My husband grabs me by the shoulder, tearing me away, furious.

-Who the hell are you?

The stranger looks at me, smiling.

- She is mine, and I am taking her back.  

- Are you both gone crazy?! This is MY wife, and I dont know what the hell you were thinking kissing her. As for you, Kristin - do you know this man?

I look at my husband, unable to answer. The stranger grabs my chin and turn my head to face  
him again.

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 - How could she ever forget. . she were mine for much longer than you've know her. . .

And then the dream switches. . . me and this stranger that I somehow know, is in a private room. Ripping off eachothers clothes, we are both burning of lust.   My eyes caresses his naked body, the gorgeous spear of flesh that throbbes in front of him as he watches me step out of my panties.

he grabs them, lifting them to his nose and take a deep breath.

- I missed the smell of you, honey.

- The smell and the taste of your pussy, the feeling of your tigth pussy wrapped around my cock! 

He pushes me to the wall and lift my one leg up. Bending his knees a bit he places the tip of his erection at the entrance to my vagina
Slowly, painfully slow he push himself up and inside me.

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    His dick stretches my soft love canal.
It feels like he re-opens me, that somehow my pussy never was filled the way it should have been before.   With a hard push at the end he burries himself deep inside me.
His teeth   and his tongue  at my neck paints burning drawings on my skin. His one hand crushes my breast when he start moving again.
Sliding almost all the way out of me before thrusting deep and hard.

- Oh my God!
I scream of pleasure and can do nothing but holding on to his shoulders.
He fucks me now - deep, rough and fast. Every thrust almost lifting me off the ground, nailing me to the wall.

The feeling of his desires, his lustful moans and the shive rin his body as he starts to cum, pushes me over the edge.
Wonderful waves of soothing satisfaction starts running through my body.
- Oh Bent. . . I'v missed you too!


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