Astrid Part One


Hey, this is my first story of this kind on any site. I welcome any advice.
NOTE:This story takes place in a different time period. It takes place in Athens, Greece sometime in B. C. I don’t have any extensive knowledge of this period, nor of this culture even. I just thought it would be fun to do a period piece. Also, I may switch perspectives from time to time. Usually, the row of stars will indicate a shift in time, or a shift in perspective. This story may come in installments, so you may see multiple parts. (If it gets good reviews, that is)


“I’m tired of arithmetic Aeneas,” Persephone said, pouting. “I’m tired of philosophy too. ”
Aeneas rolled his eyes. “Well, that’s what your father is paying me to teach you, Persephone. I’m a tutor, not an entertainer. ”
Persephone plopped into a soft, cushioned chair.

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  “How much more do we have to go…” she said, placing her head on her propped up arms.
“Well,” Aeneas said, “It just so happens that your lesson for today is over. ”
Persephone nearly jumped for joy. “See you tomorrow Aeneas,” she said, jumping down from the expensive chair and running over to her even more expensive bed. She went over and picked up her cat, Persephone, whom she had named after herself. Both were often mischievous and Aeneas had a hard time telling which one the servants complained about more.
Persephone would be seventeen in a week, and she already looked very much like her mother. She was small and petite, with light brown, curly hair that reached down almost to her back. Her brown eyes were set on a small, pixie like face. She had even inherited her mother’s impatience and occasional informalities.
Although, Aeneas thought, that was due a lot to her age. Children were often very obstinate even at sixteen.
Aeneas himself wasn’t exactly the perfect picture of a tutor. At nineteen, he was tall, almost six two, and he had long, wavy brown hair that reached down to his shoulders. Most of the men in Athens were either scholars, who were as a rule very low key, or they were sailors or soldiers.

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  They all kept their hair cut short and neat, but Aeneas kept his long. His eyes, which were grey, would have seemed cold and impersonal on another face.
He was also much more athletic than your average tutor. He didn’t even live in Athens, technically. He lived off in the countryside, about an hour from the gates, in a cabin in the woods. It had been his fathers who, after retiring from the army as a middle rank officer, had moved out into the country and started a living there. Aeneas now tended it. He hunted and fished, and even farmed a little. He hardly spent any of the money he earned, which was well for a tutor, on food. As a result, his tall body was lean and muscular, with his skin being a little brown from the sun. No, not the body of a tutor at all, but more like the body of a soldier. He had wanted at some point to join the army, as his father had, but his mother had always wanted him study and become a scholar. So, he had studied philosophy and mathematics and everything that was practical to learn as a scholar, and soon found himself tutoring the sons and daughters of senators and generals. He earned a lot more than your average tutor. So, in his mind, he had made a compromise.

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Aeneas began packing up his things. “Tomorrow,” he said, grinning, “You will learn about Pythagoras. ”
“Fantastic,” Persephone said sarcastically. “Aeneas, am I smarter than Sophia?”
“She’s your older sister,” Aeneas said. “She’s a little farther in her lessons than you. ”
“Well,” Persephone said, “I was talking to Sophia and she didn’t even know Plato’s thesis on the afterlife. ”
“Well do you,” Aeneas said, chuckling.
“You told me,” Persephone said. “I just don’t understand it. But Sophia doesn’t even know what it is. Her face just turned red and she told me to go and study. ”
“Well maybe I forgot to explain it to her,” Aeneas said. “I’ll do that today. ”
“I think I’m smarter,” Persephone said. “Mother says that smart women are always behind the greatest men.

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“I think she’s right. I’ll see you tomorrow Persephone. I’ve still got Sophia and about four other children to tutor today. ” Aeneas said, swinging his pack over his shoulder.
“Okay, bye Aeneas. ”She said.
Aeneas would have to give Sophia some books that she could use to brush up on her studies. Lately they had been up to more than just studying. If Aeneas wasn’t careful, people would start getting suspicious.
Aeneas made his way down the hallway and said his hellos to the servants before he made his way into Sophia’s room.
Sophia lay stretched out on her bed, a book in her hand. When she saw him enter, she stood up. “Aeneas,” she cried, running over to him, “You’re late. ”
Sophia’s mother was a small and petite woman, with long brown hair. Sophia on the other hand was much taller, almost as tall as Aeneas, and was much curvier.

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  She was also, Aeneas noted as he did every lesson, well endowed. Her breasts just the right size, Aeneas thought. They weren’t petite like her mother’s, and they weren’t so large that they drooped. They hung on her chest perfectly, seemingly unaffected by gravity. She did share her mother’s hair, long and brown, although hers was less curly, more wavy. Her eyes were green, however, and her face was a little fuller. Her lips a little more sensuous.
Sophia strode up to Aeneas on her long, smooth legs (one advantage to being tall) and pressed her ample breasts up against his chest.
“Shall we get started,” she said, kissing his neck. “We didn’t have a lesson yesterday, and today you’re late. ”
Aeneas ran his hands slowly down her slim waist and watched her shiver at his touch. She filled out a little more at the bottom and he kissed her deeply as he grabbed her round, but firm ass.
He slipped his tongue into her mouth, loving the taste of her saliva and the feel of her tongue on his. He heard her sigh as he brought one hand away from her backside and reach in between her legs.
His could feel the dampness between her legs as he moved her panties aside with his hand.

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  He slowly rubbed her pussy with his hand, feeling her juices saturate his hand as he opened her. He parted her pussy lips and stuck a finger gently into her. She held her breath and pressed her head against his chest, then started breathing deeply as he fingered the inside of her pussy.
Using his other hand, Aeneas slowly pulled down her dress from the top. It was white, and hung loosely from her body, as was the style. He slid down her dress, revealing her breasts. He lifted her up and placed her on the bed, which was only a few steps away. He could see all of her now. The light pink of her nipples set against the creamy white of her skin.
He bent down over her and took one of those nipples into his mouth, gently teasing it with his tongue. He loved how it stiffened even more in his mouth.
“Aeneas,” she said, breathlessly. “Aeneas…my…”
He knew what she wanted. He brought his hand back to her pussy and resumed fingering her. She squirmed on the bed, her thighs gently squeezing his arm.

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Going away from her breasts, he parted her legs stared at her pussy. It was clean shaven, as were most girls in Greece, and he could see the pink of her pussy and how wet she had got. At some point she had slid her panties off, so he had unobstructed access to her pussy.
He bent down and ran a finger up and down along her slit. She moaned gently and placed her hands on his head. He parted her and marveled at her. He loved the how pink she was inside. He opened her even more, seeing how far he could see into her pussy.
He could see the moisture clinging to the inside of her pussy walls and he had to taste. He slid his tongue deep into her, keeping her open with his hands.
“Aeneas!” she said, breathing deeply and running her hand through her hair.
He licked her pussy in as far as her could.
    He loved tasting her. He then noticed that her clitoris had grown and was now red. He obliged it and licked and tickled it until she begged him to stop.

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    “It’s too much, Aeneas,” she said, “I’ll…I’ll cum”
    He didn’t listen and kept eating her out. Her breaths grew more rapid her grip grew tighter.
    “Aeneas,” she moaned, “I’m cumming…I’m cumming. ”
    Just as she said that he pulled away. He took his pants off quickly and stripped down, his penis now fully erect. He was about eight inches, and thick.
    He quickly went back to licking her pussy. She was now drenched. When he heard her breath in sharply, he pulled back again and plunged into her with one stroke.
    She almost screamed as she came, his penis buried into her to the hilt. He lay there inside of her, feeling how wet and tight she was. When she had recovered from cumming so suddenly and so hard, he slowly started moving in and out of her.
    “Oh Aeneas,” she said, “I want you to go harder. ”
    He kept his pace at medium, teasing her. She was so thoroughly wet now that he moved in and out of her with ease.

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      He could feel the walls of her pussy contracting around his penis and he could feel all the little intricacies of her pussy rubbing along his cock as he slowly fucked her.
    “Aeneas,” she said imploringly, “I want you to go harder. ”
    “Hmm,” he said.
    She blushed. He had had sex with her before, but she still wasn’t very bold.
    “I,” she began, “I…I want you to fuck me…I want you to fuck me and make me cum. ”
    Aeneas grinned and began thrusting into her, picking up speed and plowing into her pussy.
    She started moaning in rhythm with his thrusts as he fucked her. Her legs reached around him and he bent over her, allowing her to lock his legs around him.
    His cock was pounding her hole now and he was thrusting into her hard.
    “Aeneas,” she said suddenly, “I’m gonna’ cum!I’m gonna’ cum!”
    He could feel himself nearing orgasm. He held on a little more and thrusted one more time deeply, feeling her cum all over his cock.
    She didn’t say anything this time, she just lay back, her eyes closed, as she came.
    Aeneas thrust a few more times and, just as he was about to cum, pulled out and exploded, sending streams of cum onto her belly. His cum lay in a huge wet pile on her belly and their combined cum left a wet spot on the bed.

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    Aeneas lay back on the bed beside her, listening to the sound of her breathing as she recovered from what was becoming a frequent activity between them.
    Aeneas sighed and opened his eyes. His heart jumped when he saw a pair of brown eyes staring around the doorway at them.
    At some point Persephone had walked in and become a spectator. Her eyes were wide and curious, no doubt wondering at what she had seen. Aeneas looked, and he could see her eyes were focused on his cock, which was covered in Sophia’s cum.
    Suddenly she saw that she had been caught. She disappeared around the corner.
    Aeneas lay there, thinking of what to do. Did she know what sex was?Had she seen them before?Aeneas could only hope that she would keep it to herself.
    Aeneas got up a dressed quickly.
    “Sophia,” he said softly. “Sophia. ”
    She had fallen asleep so he gently nudged her awake. “What,” she said.


    “I’ve got to get to my next lesson. I’ve left you some books to study. I’ve marked the pages. Persephone is getting suspicious…about us…I think it would be a good idea to read up. ”
    Aeneas didn’t normally leave right after sex; he liked to stay with her. He wasn’t like some guys who just wanted a quick fuck so they could get out of there. However, he really was going to be late, as he had not really had an appointment with Sophia today.
    He also didn’t normally lie to her. Persephone was more than just suspicious now. He would just have to deal with that problem later.
    And hope he still had a job here…

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