Auntie Babs farm part 4


     Abigail smiled, she had seen how flushed her Auntie Babs had looked, when she came downstairs, and Abby wondered if her auntie had been in the shower with Richard, washing his back, and probably doing a lot more. Abby had discovered that she had voyeuristic streak a mile wide. Watching her auntie masturbating, and watching Richard have his way with her at the kitchen sink yesterday, had ignited that need, and she wanted to see a lot more.

     When Abby said her goodnights, and went to her room, she stayed wide awake, hoping for more action that she could spy on. As it was, she didn't have to wait very long.

     About 30 minutes after Richard and her Auntie Babs went to bed, she could hear his stealthy footsteps passing by her door. She eased her door open, and saw him creeping down the hallway to her room. When he eased open the door, then closed it, she dashed to the bathroom connected to the master bedroom, slid in quietly, and inched forward. She saw it, and watched, and drank her fill.

     Richard had turned on the overhead light to a dim glow, perfect, Abigail could see what was about to happen. She saw her brother drop his robe, his cock hard, eager and ready. Abby stifled a growl, god, it looked so sexy, so hot, that 8 inches of pussy filling pleasure eager for Auntie Babs. Richard slid into bed, and his hands slid back the bedcovers, and his hands stroked and caressed her body, eliciting soft moans and sighs, until Auntie Babs awoke. She rolled over, facing him.

      Her voice, husky with desire, cooed "Oh yes, so glad you came back, I don't give a damn if you are my sister's son. Just fuck me, fuck me, your cock is too hard, too stiff, too perfect, to say no, I want your pussy pleaser deep inside me!"

     His voice growled back, "Oh yeah, I love fucking my Auntie Babs!"

     Abby could feel her pussy heating up quickly, hearing them say such things was wildly exciting.

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   She watched her Auntie relaxing on her back, and Richard climbing between her thighs. He paused, then he thrust his hips forward, Auntie Babs let out a squeal of pleasure, and Richard replied with a grunt as he buried himself. Pulling back, he quickly entered into a rhythm, driving his cock forward and back, in and out.

     "Yes, oh yes my darling nephew, give it to me, let me have it!"

      Abby could see that Richard was happy to oblige, riding deep inside Auntie Babs, she wondered if her Auntie's pussy was as hot as hers was. She could feel the juices dripping, running down her thighs. She reached up, pulled a towel off the towel rack, and stuffed it between her legs. The towel slid over her aroused clit, oh that felt so good. She grabbed the ends of the towel, and started to saw it back and and forth between her legs, feeling her clit tingling as the towel's plushy fabric swiped against it over and over.

     Richard was fucking Auntie Babs faster, the room was full of their mingled cries and grunts of pleasure. Abby was glad, because she couldn't help it, she was making noises of her own, her clit was throbbing, and she could feel it building. Through lust glazed eyes, Abby watched as Richard stiffened up.

     "Oh yeah, cum with me, cum all over my cock!", Richard growled.

     "Yes, yes sweet nephew, give me everything, fill me up with that juicy wet spray, yes, oh yes, YES!"

    He thrust hard, and let out a roar, while Auntie Babs' cries of sexual completion filled the room, and Abby joined them, her pussy pulsing with the force as her orgasm rushed at her, doing her best to not cry out too loud, lest she be discovered spying.

     Abigail slumped down, gasping for breath, jeez, her orgasms were like a thunderstorm, when she was able to watch. She observed more, as Richard pulled out and re-positioned himself.

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     "Now, I'm going to lick the sweet pussy I just fucked, I want you to cum by my tongue, Auntie Babs!" Richard growled.

     Auntie Babs cooed, "Do it my sweet nephew, get your cock nice and hard again, and them I'm going to suck every drop out of that hard, stiff beauty!"

     Abby watched, the tingling starting up again, as Richard pushed his face eagerly into the spread V of Auntie's thighs. She heard Auntie Babs squeal of joy, and the moans of passion as Richard settled into licking at her, licking at the pink seam. Abby was eager to know what that felt like, she'd never had a tongue down there, let alone a cock. Her and her friend Donna had enjoyed masturbating together, but aside from that first time, when Donna had played with her boobs, watching each other masturbating was as far as they had gone. Judging from the sounds of passion Auntie Babs was making, it sounded like it must be really good.

     Suddenly Barbara cried out, "Oh my god, making me cum, yes, yes, cumming, YES!"

     She grabbed his head, holding him steady against her most tender spot, and let her orgasm consume her, fuck, fuck, it was pleasure and then some. Barbara's loud cries of sexual joy filled the bedroom, she just had to let out the pleasure that was lighting up her body. She could feel her juices running like a river, giving Richard lots of mixed nectar to swallow.

     Abby saw Richard's cock, back at a full stiff erection again, and she watched, eyes wide, as Auntie Babs swallowed his cock in one go. Richard growled as he felt his cock being deep throated, holy fuck, it was amazing. She listened to Richard's sighs of pleasure, as Auntie Babs worked his cock over, her head bobbing up and down on his hard stalk of flesh. Abby could feel her pussy lighting up again. I want to do that, she thought, I want to suck my brother's cock. That sudden realization made her feel so dirty, but it also made her feel so incredibly horny, she could feel her juices churning again.

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   She grabbed the towel, and again started sawing it between her legs, back and forth. She felt the rising again, oh fuck, yes she was gonna cum again.

     Richard growled, "Oh fuck yeah, gonna cum, gonna cum, swallow my load, yeah, yeah YEAH!"

     That did it for Abby, and she quickly tumbled into orgasm again, doing her best to stifle her cries of pleasure, shaking with the pleasure blazing through her body.

     Barbara had been eager, needing his load, and she pulled back slightly, and felt the first hot blast splatter against the roof of her mouth. Two more thick streams gushed out, coating her tongue, and the last dribbles, she kept her mouth tightly around his cock, wanting every drop. She slowly pulled back, looked up, smiling, and Richard could see her throat muscles working as she swallowed it all.

     "Ummm, my nephew has the best tasting cum in the world. I wonder what my sister would think if she could see her son fucking me?" Barbara said, then giggled.

     "Your sister is kinda kinky, in her own right. " Richard said softly.

     With that kind of line, Barbara just had to know what he meant by that. Richard started to tell her, and two pussies started to heat up again, and one cock rose up to hard, throbbing eagerness, as he related what had happened two months ago.

     "I'd been planning to out with Jenni, she said to meet her at Starbucks, and we'd go on a date from there, but I got stood up. It sucked, here it was, 8:00 PM on a Saturday night, and no place to go. Well, I just decided that the best thing to do was go home, there were a couple of movies that I could watch, I didn't think my parents would mind, they'd be a bit surprised that I was home early, but I'd just tell them what happened, no big deal, or so I thought!"

     Barbara thought about Richard and Abigail's mom, her sister Lindsay, she was really built.

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   Curvy waist, nice wide, but not fat, hips, strawberry blond hair, long legs, and a cute face, with a spray of freckles. Barbara had wondered, idly, how that face looked in the heat of passion.

     Richard continued, "So, I went home, and no one was downstairs. I heard some giggles from the upstairs master bedroom, they'd left the door wide open, and as I had to pass by their room to get to mine, I just looked, and did I get an eyeful!"

     "Our next door neighbors, the Branson's, were in their bedroom. Not only that, but all four of them were nude. I got a look at the backside of our neigbor, Sheila, oh man is she hot. Light blonde hair to the middle of her back, slim, trim, and tall, she's six feet easily. And that Australian accent, whenever she talks, it makes me hard! So, Sheila was standing in front of my Dad, and my Mom was standing in front of Mr. Branson. They were stroking up and down the hard stiff cocks, listening to moans of pleasure from the men. "

     "So, Sheila says, 'Come on Lindsay, let's give our men the best cock sucking that we can!'"

     "I watched, transfixed, as my Mom and Sheila took to their knees. Mom was eager, she swallowed our neighbor's cock in one gulp. Sheila was kissing up and down my Dad's cock, her tongue swirling around his shaft, up over his cock head, then she swallowed him down in one gulp, also, right to the balls. "

     Richard paused for a few seconds, and Barbara was astounded. Her sister, the one she always thought was so straight and pure, involved in mate swapping? She wondered if their husbands had been the ones to set that in motion.

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   Richard's next recollection deflated that balloon.

     "Sheila pulled her mouth back, just a bit, and said, 'Ummm, Lindsay, you have the best ideas, this is gonna be great!'"

     "My Mom laughed and said, 'I do, don't I?'"

     "I watched, and saw the naked backsides of my hot Mom and our hot neighbor Sheila, watching their heads bobbing back and forth, sucking wildly at my Dad and John, Mr. Branson. I couldn't tear myself away, fortunately, the guys were too involved in their own pleasure to worry about being watched, and with my Mom and Sheila having their backs to me, they wouldn't see me either. "

     Richard paused, then he said, "I have to admit, watching the scene gave me a stiff, hard cock, I'd never seen my Mom or Sheila naked, I'd seen them in a swimsuit at the pool, and I had wondered how good they looked naked, and here I was, getting a first hand look!"

     "I could hear our neighbor, John, tell my Mom 'Oh yeah Lindsay, you got a great mouth, nice tight cocksucker lips, suck my load out baby, and swallow every drop!'"

     "Then Dad said, 'Oh, so nice, suck it Sheila, your hot mouth around my cock feels so good!'"

     "With that kind of urging, and their hot mouths so eagerly sucking a licking, it didn't take long before the men grunted, and let their loads fill up the hot, hungry mouths.

Sheila and my Mom released the cocks, then mashed their lips together, and I could see slick, cum coated tongues twinning together, they were mixing the loads together, before swallowing it. A few minutes later, Sheila and my Mom were on the bed together, my Dad was giving Sheila a pussy licking, and our neighbor was doing a lick job on my Mom. "

     Richard paused again, and Barbara could feel her pussy starting that lust burn that she knew so well. She could see Richard's cock had climbed up to stiff, pussy filling status, she was going to take advantage of that.

     In the bathroom, Abigail was similarly simmering with lust, she wanted to hear it all, then scurry to her room and fuck her pillow like she was possessed.

     "After my Mom and Sheila had enjoyed noisy, very gushing orgasms, they were ready for more. Sheila said to my Dad, 'I just got waxed today, do you like my Brazilian look?' She giggled as my Dad growled out, 'oh fuck, yeah,' as he powered his hard cock inside. My Mom was eager for John to do the same, and she growled with pleasure as he sank his cock into her. They were really going at it, I could see John watching as his wife got fucked by my Dad, and my Dad was watching as my Mom got fucked by John. It looked like both of them enjoyed watching their wife get fucked by another guy as much as they enjoyed fucking each others wife.

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   The room was filled with growls, squeals and cries of joy, and it didn't take too long before shrieks and howls of ecstasy filled the room, as two hard pumping cocks filled two hot and very horny pussies. "

     "As they were relaxing in the afterglow, Sheila said to my Mom, 'Next time, I'll take you with me to my salon. We'll both be freshly waxed, with matching Brazilians, for our husband's pleasure. You'll love how sensitive it feels, without that damn hair in the way. '"

     Barbara couldn't stand it one second longer, her pussy was on fire. She took to a doggy style position, and Richard quickly mounted her, ramming his renewed hard-on deep. She squealed with pleasure.

     "Fuck, fuck, fuck, so fucking hot, my sister's such a cocksucking, let the neighbor fuck her slut, and it's so hot!" Barbara growled.

     She held out for 30 seconds, then she felt that wave rush at her.

     "Lindsay's a horny bitch, she's a cocksucking slut, fuck, fuck, fuck, yes, yes, YEEEESSSS!"

     Hearing Auntie Babs say that made Richard's cock lurch and swell up tight. As Barbara rushed into orgasm, he felt her pussy clench tightly at his shaft, and that did it. His cock erupted, and their cries and howls of orgasm filled the room, her pussy wrapped tightly around his prick, his cock pumping thick ribbons of spunk into her eager tightness. As their orgasms began to ebb, Richard pulled out and lay back, while Auntie Babs rolled into his arms, pulled the blankets over their bodies, and they settled in.

     Abby figured this was all she'd see for tonight, and she crawled quietly, stealthily to the door to the hallway. One outside the bathroom, she pulled herself up, her legs felt a little unsteady, and she made her way quickly, quietly back to the comfort of her own bed.

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   She lay down, pulled the blankets over her, her mind was whirling. Hearing what a cock hungry slut her Mom was had really started the fire going. She wanted in, she realized. She wanted to lick Auntie Babs' pussy, she wanted her pussy licked, she wanted to suck Richard's cock, she wanted him buried deep inside her own pussy, fucking away her virginity, then the feel of her brother's passion jetting into her, feeling the warmth of his cum filling her. Then, she wanted to watch her Mom fucking the neighbors, and anybody else she cared to share her pussy with.

     Her pussy was humming with lust, and she flipped over onto her belly, stuffed the pillow between her legs, and went at it. She ran everything she had seen tonight back in her mind, then tossed in the mental picture of her Mom and Dad and the neighbors going at it, grinding and rubbing against that plushness, it didn't take long for her orgasm to quickly rise up, and seize her again, her juices gushing, her body lightening up from the sensory rush, shaking and gasping in the grip of her climactic pleasure.

     She rode that blissful wave, until she flipped over on her back, gasping with the pleasure as it she felt the wave start that receding, leaving her in the dreamy, contentment of the afterglow. She ran her hands gently, caressing all over her body, feeling the pleasure that she could give herself, enjoying the sensuous prickling of her skin under her fingers. She was not interested in building herself up to try for another orgasm, but when she wanted self love, she wanted it all. If she didn't have the hands of a lover to stroke and caress her in the afterglow, her hands could do that. She let out little coos of contentment as she fingers grazed her body in sensuous caresses, ummmm, that always felt so good.

     In that dreamy state, she felt sleep approaching, and drifted off with a happy smile on her face.  


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