Auntie Mabel


Auntie Mabel.    The Seduction of John. ,




John woke up late, but it was no problem as it was a Saturday and he didn’t have to go to work this weekend. He had overslept a bit because last night had been his eighteenth birthday and he had been out with a few friends celebrating.


Luckily he never suffered from hangovers so although a bit tired he was otherwise ok. Feeling the now familiar ache in his cock he resigned himself to his morning wank.


He had tried often to ignore his cock’s demands but if he didn’t see to it then he would think of nothing else all day but girls.

Once he had come he would feel the welcome relief and relaxation of all his muscles that was the good side of masturbation.


The bad side was the recognition that although he was now officially a man he had still never had sex with a girl.


John was an apprentice engineer and as such was in a predominantly male world.

The walls of the factory were covered in pinups of naked women, some with their legs wide open and leaving nothing to the imagination. Most of the banter between the engineers was about who they fancied in the office and who had fucked who lately.


Like most lads he tried to give the impression that he had plenty of girlfriends and was quite a man of the world, but unfortunately he was just to shy to approach any of the girls he fancied, and too honest to pretend to fancy the ones he didn’t.


However before he could commence his relief, he heard his mother coming up the stairs towards his room.


‘Come on John, get up quick, you promised to help me this morning,’ she shouted through his bedroom door before returning to the kitchen.

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To take his mind off he sexual problems he tried to remember what it was that he had to do that day.


Oh yes, he remembered that he had promised to help his mother’s old friend Auntie Mabel move in to her new house just up the road from theirs.


He had never met her, apparently she wasn’t really his Aunt but was just a very old friend of his mother’s sister and after being widowed a few years ago had downsized into a small flat close to his mother for company.


He got up, washed and dressed and ran down to the kitchen. His mother Doreen, who had been up since 7am made him some tea and toast and then they both left the house and walked the few hundred yards to the flat.




The removal men had just driven away and the first thing john noticed was a woman bending over a box in the garden.

She was wearing a pair of denim shorts, a tee-shirt, and a big floppy hat and he noticed that she had a lovely little bum.


‘Who is that?’ he asked his mum as they went through the gate.

His mum ignored him as she walked right up to the woman and lightly smacked her on the bottom.


‘Hello trouble, here we are at last, I’ve brought you a strong pair of arms to do the heavy lifting so you don’t need to lift that box anywhere’.

The woman straightened up and turned to face them with a welcoming smile on her face.


She was about five foot tall and although generally slim she had a well-developed bust under the tee-shirt.


He realised that although from the rear she looked like a young woman, her beautiful heart shaped face belonged to a mature worldly-wise woman.

Her eyes were a stunning deep blue and they focused on john as he stood by the gate.

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‘Hello Dor, lovely to see you, who is this fine young man?’ she asked smiling at John.

‘This is my son John, John this is your Auntie Mabel’. Introduced his mum.

‘For heaven’s sake Dor. You make me feel old, Auntie indeed, ‘just call me May, John’ she replied shaking his hand and looking up at him with a smile.


From his height advantage he looked down at her and his eyes were drawn involuntarily to where the top of her loose tee-shirt had gaped open and was giving him a partial view of two firm large breasts.


Like most teenagers he was transfixed for a few seconds before he noticed May was still shaking his hand which had the effect of making her breasts wobble in a most disturbing way.


To his horror he felt his unruly cock stiffen in his pants and he could feel his face going red. ‘ Nice to meet you he stammered’.


‘I can see that’ she replied with a mischievous grin and turned and walked towards his mother who was waiting just inside the door of the flat for them.


John used the few seconds when they were both looking the other way to put his hand into his pants and adjust his cock so it didn’t stick out so much.


His mother had gone into the flat and was moving things about in the small kitchen, but May had stopped at the front door and to John’s further embarrassment she seemed to be observing him in the reflection of the glass panels in the door.


She turned to him with a smile and said, ‘ when you have sorted yourself out John, could you bring in that box of things marked for the kitchen please’.

She then joined his mum in the kitchen, while he located the box required and brought it in to them.


They spent most of the morning settling her in and John found himself really liking May, he found her charming and witty and gradually relaxed in her company until he felt that he had known her for ages.

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After a tea break during which his mum quizzed May about her life before coming to the village, John learned that she had been married to a wealthy businessman who had spent a lot of the time travelling around the world for a big oil company.

Sometimes he would take May with him to exotic places, but more often she was left behind in England. He had died in Bahrain and his body was flown back to England for burial a few years ago.


May had been alone in their big house in Berkshire until she had finally decided to move closer to her friends and family.


May had a lovely melodious voice and John found himself empathising with her as she spoke of her childhood and amusing anecdotes of her life as a teenager and a young woman.


John noticed that there was no mention of children in her stories and he also noticed that his mum avoided asking about any.




As they finished up in the lounge May asked john to take a box of bits up to the room that she would be using as a her bedroom.

He carried the large box carefully upstairs negotiating the narrow stairs with care lest he dropped it and finally lowered it onto the double bed that he had previously assembled.


The box however gave up the ghost when it hit the bed and its contents spilled out over the covers.


He gave a resigned sigh and started to gather up the bits and pieces into a neat pile.

Suddenly he noticed that he was holding in his hand what appeared to be a copy of his cock.


It was slightly bigger than him at full size and seemed to be made of a soft latex that felt rather nice and warm in his hand.

Although a virgin he knew from stories told to him by the older engineers that this was a vibrator, and women used them to make themselves orgasm.


A picture of May lying on her back stark naked with this thing thrust up her cunt flashed unbidden into his mind and instantly his cock sprang again into full erection.

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He groaned and with the hand that wasn’t holding the vibrator he grasped his unruly cock and squeezed it to try and get it back to normal.

Unfortunately all this achieved was to make it even bigger and he had to drop the vibrator on the bed in order to use both hands so as to straighten his cock upright in his pants for as much comfort as he could get in his present condition.


Just when he thought things couldn’t get any more embarrassing he looked up to see May standing in the doorway watching him with a wry grin on her face.


‘I see you have met my secret lover; sorry about the box it was to old for the job, a bit like me’ she said quietly.


‘Sorry Aunt May’ he stammered going red again, ‘ it just fell out and I picked it up, and I don’t think that you are to old at all, I think you are fantastic and I like you a lot’


‘Do you really like me John? That’s very nice to hear at my time of life, when you get to Sixty you tend to think that a lot of things are over for you. Its nice to hear that someone still thinks about you in a certain way’.


‘You don’t look anything like Sixty’ he replied ‘you have got a better figure than most of the girls at college’.

‘Why John what do you mean? Are you referring to these by any chance, I couldn’t help but notice your interest earlier’ she said with a smile.


John looked on in amazement as she cheekily held her breasts, one in each hand and slowly lifted them up, he couldn’t help but notice that her nipples had gone hard as they pushed against the thin material of her tee-shirt.


‘We get erect too you know, just like someone we know’ she whispered conspiratorially to him and winked as she walked out of the bedroom.


‘John, May, tea’s ready when you are’ yelled Doreen up the stairs to them. John followed May downstairs, he took his time to give his cock a chance to shrink back to normal before he had to appear in front of his mum.


May thanked them both for all their help and invited them both round the next day for a small housewarming party. Doreen said they would be delighted to come and that they would bring her husband Sam as well.

That night as he lay in bed John couldn’t think of anything but May.

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She fascinated him, she was still beautiful and sexy and so obviously experienced compared to the young silly girls that he was used to in College.


He kept seeing her lifting her fantastic breasts up for him and the thought of her hard nipples caused him to wank his cock harder and longer than he had ever done before.


When he finally came his cum shot up into the air a good few feet before splattering back over his belly and pubic hair.


The image that ignited his massive orgasm was of him sucking those glorious nipples and hearing May moan his name as he called out hers in the midst of his orgasm.




The next day couldn’t come soon enough for him and he was up, showered and dressed by eight and surprised his parents by appearing in the kitchen without them having to call him.


He had taken special care in dressing and his mother complimented him on how smart he looked.


‘Seeing a new girl are we’ commented his dad jokingly.

‘Leave him alone Sam, its nice to see him up, let alone smart for a change’, said Doreen with a fond smile at them both.


The evening finally arrived and they walked over to May’s flat.

John had been looking forward to seeing her all day but when she opened the door to let them in he was stunned.


She was wearing an evening dress of scarlet silk, which chastely covered her breasts.

However the sight that took John’s breath away was her hair. The previous day she had been wearing a big floppy hat that had almost completely hidden her hair.


Today it was revealed in all its glory, it was thick, wavy, golden blond, and hung down her back to within a few inches of the floor.

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John just stared at May and said in a wondering voice,’ it’s like a golden waterfall, I’ve never seen anything so beautiful in my life’.

Both his parents looked at him in surprise.


‘Thank you kind sir,’ said May with a giggle,’ I hardly ever bother to wear it like this except for special occasions’.


‘It looks lovely dear’ said Doreen,’ you always were proud of your hair as I remember’.


May had cooked them a lovely dinner, and John watched her enthralled, as she played the gracious host during the evening.


She was in a sparkling mood and even had his dad laughing out loud at some of her stories.


They all drank far too much wine including John who was given a few extra glasses by May when she heard that he had just turned eighteen earlier that week, despite the half-hearted protests from his parents.


‘If he is eighteen, then he is now a man and must be treated as such’ she stated.

When his parents had both taken the dishes into the kitchen to load the dishwasher, he was left alone with May.


The wine and food had gone to his head and he found himself explaining to her that although he appreciated her remarks concerning him being a man at eighteen, he wasn’t really a man yet as he hadn’t had a girlfriend.


In the midst of telling her how beautiful she was he fell off the chair and lay on the floor with his head spinning in a pleasant way.


He wasn’t sure if he imagined that she knelt down beside him and leaning over kissed him slowly and sexily on his mouth. ‘We will see about that in good time’, she whispered in his ear, before getting up and calling for Sam to help his son to his feet.


John lay in bed that night and went over everything that had happened so as to be sure not to forget any part of it.

He tried to have a wank but he was so drunk that his cock didn’t work and he fell asleep still thinking about May.

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The next few days passed without any sign of May and he began to wonder if indeed he had read far too much into some innocent friendly remarks.

It wasn’t until the next Friday evening that his mum asked him if he could do her friend Mabel a favour, and help her with her garden the next morning.


At first he didn’t know who she was talking about, then he remembered that May’s real name was Mabel.

Even thinking about her seemed to change the word Mabel into May Bell.





Mabel was having a hard time deciding what to do about the situation with her and John.


Up to this point there was no situation, and she knew that she shouldn’t proceed any father along the road of seduction that she was considering for John.


All her good intentions however were being eroded by three major facts.

One, he was so tall and handsome and obviously innocent of the sexual side of life between the sexes.


Two, she knew she could introduce him to sex better and more sensitively than any young chit of a girl could.


Three, since the death of her husband she had been so terribly lonely.


She hadn’t mentioned, and Doreen hadn’t taken her up on the fact, that her husband had been twenty years younger than she was when they married. May had been attracted to younger men than herself all her life.


She knew that she was taking a terrible risk with her friendship with Doreen, but she was weak and needed love and attention like anyone else.


She stood naked in front of her full length mirror and arranged her hair so that it covered both breasts whilst leaving her curly golden pubic hair in full view.

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Lady Godiva eat your heart out she thought with determination, I want him and I need him and I am going to teach him all there is to know about love.


When he is ready for his first young woman he will be a confident and experienced young man thanks to me.  

She turned away from the mirror and laid on her bed, her hand reaching for her battery powered lover.


She switched it on and gently rubbed it between her thick pubic hair until it was over her clitoris. She closed her eyes as the waves of pleasure started and thought of John.




John had thought of no-one else but May since he was last with her and after a few insincere mumblings about missing out on drinks with his mates he apparently reluctantly agreed to help his mum’s friend with her garden.


When the agreed time came, he was once again clean and smart in his workshirt and jeans, and waving to his mum he set out towards May’s flat with a spring in his step.


She was waiting for him with a big smile and a hug, ‘my hero, thank you so much for saying you would help me.

I haven’t anyone else to lean on except you’ and pulling his face down to hers she gave him a warm kiss on his lips.


Before he could react in any way she had turned and walked out of the patio doors and onto the rear patio.

He had no choice but to follow her and listen as she explained the jobs that needed doing.


Basically the lawns needed mowing, the hedges needed cutting, and various bits of assorted rubbish needed to be cleared away; and that was just the beginning apparently.


He noticed that she was wearing very similar clothes to the ones she was wearing when he first met her.

She had on her big floppy hat, which he now knew concealed her gorgeous golden hair.

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The same loose fitting tee shirt, but instead of shorts made from denim she was wearing shorts made of a type of soft towelling material which he was quick to notice clung to her bottom like a second skin.


Also they were a light buff colour and gave the impression when she bent over to pick up the grass cuttings that she was naked below her loose top.

After he had mown the lawns she called a break and they went into the lounge for a cup of tea.


‘I don’t know how you keep on John’ she said as she poured him his cup from her teapot.


John assumed that she didn’t know that her top gaped open when she leaned towards him to fill his cup.

He had a good view of her breasts as they hung free beneath the loose top. This time he could be sure that she wasn’t wearing a bra.


She sat back in the opposite armchair to his and sipped at her tea. ‘Would you like a biscuit dear?’ she asked taking one for herself and pushing the plate towards him.


As he reached to get one she accidentally knocked hers onto the floor by the side of her chair. As she stretched sideways and down to pick it up she had to stretch her opposite leg out for balance.


This left her with her legs wide open in front of him as she searched around for the elusive biscuit.


The soft material of her shorts was stretched tightly across her pubes showing him her deep cleft clearly.

As she had been working as hard as him her crotch was moist with sweat, and it was as if she was naked for him.


Again his cock reacted fiercely and swelled up in his pants as if it had a mind of its own.

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May was well aware of what she was doing and from her position she could see under the table and observe the effect her show had on John’s cock. She was very impressed at the size of his bulge and determined to continue her plan.


She found her biscuit and settled herself back in her chair with a sigh, she was glad that Doreen wasn’t there with them as she would have seen instantly what was going on and put a stop to it.


Again guilt reared its head but May thrust it aside firmly.

After tea and a chat in which she reminded him of the rest of the jobs to do, they went back into the garden.




She pointed out an old tin bath that was on the roof of the shed and suggested that they lower it to the grass to see what was in it.


John could reach it easily but it was very heavy and as he pulled it towards him he realised that it was full of stagnant water.


He was just about to warn May to stand clear when she jumped up and grabbed the edge of the bath.


The next second a wave of dirty stinking water slopped over them both. May squealed in shock as the water soaked her and John who would have been able to jump out of the way was forced to stand holding the bath so that it didn’t fall on her.


After the first cold shock they stood looking at each other, suddenly May burst into laughter, ‘John why on earth didn’t you jump away you silly man you are soaked like me now. ’


John explained that if he had the bath would have fallen on her and might have hurt her badly.

‘I didn’t realise that, I’m so proud of you, you really are my hero aren’t you. ’ She whispered.




He lowered the bath to the grass and took a good look at May, her top was soaked and stuck to her breasts like a wet tee shirt does.

He could see her nipples clearly and the cold water had made them stick out like strawberries.


She stepped towards him to give him a hug, but before she touched him she recoiled in horror.

‘Oh my God John we both stink to high heaven, I can’t let you stay like this I will have to wash your stuff out before Doreen has a fit’. She looked down at herself and noted that she also needed a good scrub.




Her plan had worked well so far, she had topped up the bath of stagnant water so that however carefully it was moved it was bound to slosh over them.

When it had looked like John had it under control, she had ‘helped’ him by jumping up and grabbing it, ensuring that they were soaked.

Over his protests she dragged him by the hand into her bathroom and insisted he strip off and hand her his clothes so she could put them in the washing machine whilst he had a good long shower to remove the smell of stagnant water.


When he hesitated she told him not to be silly as she wouldn’t look, and anyway he didn’t have anything she hadn’t seen before during her long life.


When he still dithered she said she would go first to show there was nothing to fear, and without further ado took of her hat and pulled her top over her head and threw it into the dirty laundry bin.


He only caught a glimpse of her large breasts before she turned away and commenced to pull down her shorts. She was now only wearing a pair of white cotton knickers and as she pulled them down he saw her tight little bottom come into view. When she bent right over to take off her sandals he could see a mass of golden hairs between her legs.


He quickly turned his back on her so she wouldn’t think he had been watching and quickly stripped off his wet clothes.

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   He threw them in the bin and dived into the shower cubical.


As he commenced his shower he could hear her putting their clothes in the washing machine and turning it on. She was humming a happy little tune that he couldn’t make out over the noise of the shower.


He was soaping his face with his eyes tightly shut when he felt the shower door open.

Before he knew what was going on she had come in with him.


‘Move over a bit John, I’m only small but I do need a bit of space to get this smell off me’ she said in a business like tone of voice ‘ I can’t wait until you have finished’.


He automatically obeyed her and when the soap had cleared from his eyes he saw that she was standing with her back to him and was in the process of undoing her hair.


When it was all loose it hung over her shoulders like a golden cape effectively hiding her charms from him.

‘There you go John we may be sharing a shower but I’m as decent as if I were dressed aren’t I’ she quipped looking over her shoulder at him coyly.


Before he could reply she started to soap her body under the cover of her hair and seemed to be ignoring the fact that she was sharing a shower with a naked man.


Suddenly she bent over to reach her feet and this brought her bottom into contact with his rampant cock.

Amazingly although he could clearly feel that his cock had slipped between the cleft of her bottom she showed no reaction and continued to soap her feet as if nothing untoward was occurring.


He quickly turned around in the cubicle but this action meant that he dragged his cock out from between the cheeks of her arse and ended up by him rubbing his naked bottom against hers.


‘Keep still John you nearly had me over then, I’m going to need you to wash this hair of mine as I can’t do it all by myself’. She remarked unconcernedly.

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May reached up to the shower shelf and handed him a bottle of shampoo. ‘Be a love and rub this in for me please’ she asked in a matter of fact voice.


He was forced to turn towards her again and started to rub the shampoo into her mane of hair as requested.

As her hair had somehow managed to be hanging down the front of her body she also turned so he could reach it.


Although her hair hid her breasts from his eyes, as he rubbed the shampoo further down the length of her tresses the back of his hand was rubbing against them.


He could fell her nipples clearly pushing against his wrists as he continued to rub the shampoo in. However she made no comment about this and he started to relax as much as he could with a raging hard on.


‘Kneel down so you can do the ends for me, and while you are down there I can shampoo your hair in exchange’ she suggested.

He carefully knelt down on the cubicle base, thankful that at least she wouldn’t see his rampant cock, and rubbed the shampoo into the final ends of her tresses.


She commenced to rub shampoo into his hair and he found the sensation very nice indeed, it caused him to close his eyes for a moment in pleasure.


When he opened them a few seconds later she had somehow positioned herself so that he was looking directly between her legs at a mass of golden pubic hair.


It was so thick and curly, that as if of their own volition, his fingers reached forward, and gently felt the soft wet springiness of her pubic curls.