Away From Home


I had always been fascinated hearing stories about girls who live far away from their families for some reason or other. I always hoped that some day I could also be one of those girls. I got my chance when I had to go away to study. Though excited at first, it also meant that I would have to leave behind my friends and my boyfriend. Despite that, I was excited to be going.


After a few weeks at the hostel, the girls I was staying with became good friends. Each of us had a boyfriend and they had all left their boyfriends behind for this opportunity. In other words, we connected. After about a few weeks we were having a long weekend and my friends decided to go home for the weekend. I, on the other hand, decided to stay back. I also asked the girls permission to allow my boyfriend to stay over with me in their absence. They agreed and after our classes, they left. I went back to the apartment to wait for my boyfriend. We had arranged everything before. Once the girls told me they were going away for the weekend, I had immediately told my boyfriend and he had decided to take a few days off work to come be with me. I had told my parents that I intended to study for the weekend and so could not come home.

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He finally arrived in a taxi. We had dinner and he started a porn video. I was sharing a bunk bed with one of the other girls. I had chosen the bottom bed as I have a problem of moving a lot when sleeping and was worried I might fall down…lol. I had no idea when I fell asleep. We had a practical class and I was tired. I had a dream that my boyfriend was licking my pussy and tongue fucking me. I had a wonderful orgasm and opening my eyes, I realized that it was not a dream at all. He was watching porn even after I fell asleep and after about an hour when he thought I had rested enough he had managed to take my panties off and had started to lick my pussy.


Seeing that I was awake, he came up to me and gave me a wet kiss. I could taste myself on him and without wasting another moment; I started to stroke his already hard dick. He got on his back and let me go down on him. His 8-inch cock was welcoming and it felt wonderful to finally have a cock in my mouth after weeks of masturbating. His cock filled my mouth and I started the up and down movements. Once I reached the tip I encircled the tip of his cock with my tongue before taking him all the way back in.

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   I continued doing that for 5 – 10 minutes. Eventually stopping to lick his dick with my tongue from bottom to top before taking him back in. I could hear him moaning softly and that added fuel to my fire.


Not being able to take it any longer, I got up and mounted him. Once his cock was at the entrance of my pussy hole, I slowly started to press down.

Taking him in inch-by-inch. Savoring the feeling of being filled by a cock again. Once he was fully inside I waited a little while to feel him inside me before starting to rock my hips. He also started an upward thrust and soon we had both settled on a rhythm. Fucking slowly, his hands were on my hips, encouraging me to slowly increase the pace. My tits were bouncing in rhythm to our fucking movements. I leaned forward and he took my tits in his mouth. I loved my breasts to be suckled while fucking and I had my second orgasm.


After I had calmed down, he indicated that he wanted missionary style position. That position was his favorite while mine was doggy style.

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   He mounted me and came between my legs. After two orgasms, I was much lubricated and my pussy swallowed up his cock hungrily. I braced both my legs on the top bunk and he started his powerful thrusts. My tits again started to jiggle and taking them in my hands, I pressed them together and massaged them. Moaning slowly. He fucked me with strong powerful thrusts. Increasing his pace after every few minutes. After about 15 – 20 minutes, he finally came inside me. Triggering yet another orgasm in me. Satisfied for now he took his shrinking cock out of my well-fucked pussy and we cuddled.


This was just the start of the long holiday. Do not hesitate to let me know what you think of this story and hopefully if I get a good feedback, I will definitely post more.


This is a true story and I will be happy to share more experiences.


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