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Like most hot blooded young men, at the age of sixteen I started seeing my mother as hot woman, instead of my mom. My name is Roger and my birthday falls on New Year’s day, and I recently turned twenty-one. The urges of my banging my mother have only grown stronger every day. At times I walk around the house thinking of banging mom that I have a raging hard on and I have a hard time trying to hide it.

Against my mother’s wishes, I decided not to go to college. Since I graduated with all “As” in computer science, I started my own computer media business and I had gotten very successful at it. I can just about develop anything with my knowledge of software and hardware.

My mother’s name is Victoria, her friends and family call her Tori for short. My mom is a knockout at thirty-eight years old. She is a slim tall woman with long legs all the way up to her ass, mom has an appearance that of a twenty-six to twenty-eight-year-old woman. Mom doesn’t wear mini-skirts, but she does wear pleated and pencil short skirts and dresses. Mom has long red hair and beautiful green eyes and she turns men’s heads everywhere she goes, she sure does turn my head and makes my cock rock hard, all 10 inches. It was unusual that I was 10 inches in length and thick as a beer can while my old man had a pencil dick of about six inches in length.

My mother is a real estate broker and owns her own company while my father, Robert, works for an International company that keeps him traveling all over the world, I think we saw him about six times a year, so finally their marriage ended up in divorce. I have a nineteen-year-old sister, Rhonda, in college, I also have an eighteen year old brother, Travis, that will be going to college.

One day I was laying in my bed thinking about my “HOT MOM” with a raging hard on.

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   I was trying to come up with the best ways to approach her and tell her I wanted to bang her, I concluded there were no good ways, and I was just going to fuck her, no matter the consequences.

One day when mom was not at home, I set up several recording minicams around the house and her room and bathroom. I also had installed some cameras in the stairway, this would enable me to see up her skirt. I was determined to spy on her and see what she was really like during her personal time. I connected all the cameras to my laptop and pad via Bluetooth, I was ready!

Mom finally came in about 7:30 PM, she was wearing a short pencil black skirt with a red top. Mom used the stairway as she did every day without suspecting that she was being recorded, she finally went into her room. I went to my laptop and I was so surprised that my cameras worked with more clarity that I thought they would. As mom walked up the stairs I could see she had white panties on under her short black pencil skirt. I followed mom with my cameras all the way up the stairs until she entered her room.

When mom entered her room, she removed her skirt and top and there she stood in front of my cameras from different angles, in white bra and panties. Mom’s took her bra off and she revealed the most beautiful pair of tits that I have ever seen. Mom went over to her dresser and took out black lingerie with matching panties, she laid them on the bed. Mom finally started taking her panties off until they hit the floor and I could see my mom’s beautiful round ass and her pussy was neatly trimmed. If I had any doubt, I didn’t have doubts anymore, I was going to bang my mom, no matter what, I just didn’t know how yet, but I was going to make it happen.

I flipped to my bathroom cameras and there was my beautiful mom naked taking a shower! She finished and toweled herself dry and while she was naked she blew her hair dry and combed it.

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   She then walked over to the bed and put on her very sexy see through lingerie and covered herself with a knee length robe. She stood in front of the mirror and she seemed satisfied.

She walked over to her dresser and brought out a bottle of whiskey. Mom kept a small fridge in her room and she reached for a drink and glass to mix her whiskey with. Mom was stretched out on a chair with her long legs on an ottoman looking at her phone while watching TV. When mom was moving her legs, her robe came open and she left it that way, I could see through her negligee all the way to her tits and panties. Mom was on her fifth or sixth drink and she seemed a little tipsy. Mom stood up and started going out her bedroom door and downstairs. I followed her to the kitchen and asked how are you doing mom? She replied, pretty good now and grabbed a bottle of water and she sat the living room watching TV, and soon started to sleep.

    Mom was vert tipsy and went to sleep, I purposely sat on the floor, so I could take the opportunity to see up her robe. When mom moved in her chair, her robe came open and gave me the rare opportunity for me to view a close-up of her tits through her sheer negligee. While she was asleep I took out my phone and started taking pics of mom in her sheer negligee. I brought my phone close to her tits and I started taking several pics. I called her name several times to see if mom was asleep, she was pretty knocked out.

    I slowly raised the hem of mom’s short negligee and I could see mom’s pussy through her sheer tiny black panties.

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       I moved her panty crotch to one side and started to finger mom’s pussy very slowly. Mom responded by lowly moaning and slowly bucking against my fingers. I wanted to bang her so bad, but I was not sure how to go about the whole situation.

    I was very excited and unsure how to proceed, so I closed her robe and picked up mom and put her over my right shoulder and carried her upstairs. As I carried her to her bedroom, I did not miss the opportunity to finger her pussy. After I laid her down, I removed her robe and there I had mom in her short black sheer negligee. I raised the hem of negligee above her waist and spread her legs and started taking pics and videos of her pussy. I also started to lower her shoulder straps and until I was able to expose her beautiful tits. I took several selfies of me kissing mom’s tits. I had never seen mom’s tits that close-up and she had some knockers. I than decided to also take a closeup video of myself fingering mom’s pussy. Mom started to lowly moan as I was fingering her pussy very slowly, and I could tell she was liking it even in her drunken state because she slowly was bucking against my finger.

    It was getting late and I knew mom had to go to work next morning, so I raised her shoulder straps and covered with a blanket and I left. I went to my laptop and downloaded all my great pics and videos, so I could view them. I was so surprised how clear and hot they were.

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       Mom was a very hot sexy woman, a total MILF and soon I was going to make her my MILF!

    To Be Continued…….

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