Banging Mom & Sis 6


Our Cousin Joins Us

Travis had just taken mom her bedroom, and I hear her screaming loud, AAAAHH, AAAHH, AAAHH, while Travis was thrusting into mom so hard, the bed could be heard real loud, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP! Travis was fucking the shit out mom! I could hear Travis, yelling out, you like your son’s big cock, don’t you whore? Mom, was screaming, YES, YES, YES, GIVE IT ALL TO ME, ALL OF IT!

Rhonda had just gotten home for the weekend, and I got a raging hard on, so I wasted no time, I went to her bedroom and flung her on her bed and raised her skirt and started darting my tongue in her pussy. I stopped for a little while and stripped Rhonda of her clothes and carried her to mom’s bedroom, where Travis was fucking the shit of out of mom.

I laid on the bed and started fucking Rhonda with every inch of my hard cock. I couldn’t believe it, but there we were, I was fucking my sister and my brother was fucking the shit out of mom. We were fucking both our mom and her daughter, our sister, side by side, and we had them screaming, it was a very hot scene. I turned to Travis, and said, let’s change pussies, and we quickly did.

Mom was so wet, I sank all my hard dick into mom’s pussy all the way to my balls, without any resistance. I quickly started to bang her hard, and she started screaming, fuck me hard, harder! It was wild, Travis had Rhonda at a full scream as bore in mom’s pussy, how hot it was. Mom’s pussy felt so wet and hot and she was bucking her hips hard at my cock, Travis and I had turned mom into one fucking hot whore. From now one, I knew Travis and I were going to use mom and Rhonda as our whores.

Rhonda started staying at house instead of her dorm and me and Travis started fucking her almost every day. We told mom and Rhonda the only clothes needed were around the house were panties or negligee’s and heels. Me and Travis made videos of us fucking them all over the house.
While mom was at work, our cousin Steve came over and saw Rhonda in bra and panties and he just looked at her wondering what was going on and Rhonda went into her bedroom. Steve was mom’s sister, June’s son and a few months older than Travis.

Wow Rog, I never realized how hot Rhonda is.

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   I replied, she sure is. Steve replied, If wasn’t the she is my cousin, I sure wouldn’t mind busting that pussy! I told him, I will let you in on something if you keep your mouth shut, he said, sure, were family. What’s up? Travis and I have been popping that pussy for a while now. He said, WHAT? I said, shut up not so loud, and yes you heard me right, Travis and I have been busting that pussy for about 3 months, and that is why you saw her in bra and panties when you got here. We keep her dressed that way, so we can use her when we want to, we made her out little whore and Rhonda loves to fuck.

Steve, you want to take a dip that pussy and try it out?Steve replied, yes, who wouldn’t. I called Rhonda and she came in the room. I walked over, removed her bra and slipped my hand down the front of her panties and started fingering her and kissing her neck and tits. In no time, I had Rhonda breathing hard and bucking against my fingers. I asked Rhonda, who’s whore, are you? Rhonda replied, I’m your whore. I replied, you like being our whore don’t you? She replied, YES as her pussy is now bucking very hard against my three fingers in her pussy.

I asked Rhonda, are you going to let cousin Steve take a dip in your pussy and test it out? She replied, I am so fucking hot, I want both of you to fuck the shit out of me. Come Steve, take my place and start working on that pussy and Steve wasted no time and started fingering Rhonda hard. Steve said, wow Rog, she is such a hot whore. I told Rhonda, we are going to start letting Steve come over bang you too and Rhonda replied, it’s more fun in the family.

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   I said Steve, I have some things to do, so take her to her bedroom, have a great time and I will be in there in a while.

As I was putting a website together, I could hear Steve and Rhonda fucking down the hall. I was about 3:00 PM and Steve was Rhonda were still fucking hard. Travis walked in and said, who is fucking Rhonda? I replied, Steve our cousin, he has been fucking her since 11:00 this morning. Travis said, I am getting a raging hard on, just listening to all that fucking. Just then, we heard mom come in and Travis went to meet, her and I knew what he wanted and he was going to take it now. I heard mom, ask who is in the house with Rhonda? Travis just said never mind and went into her bedroom with her. Through my laptop video, I saw Travis lean mom on the edge of the bed and pull her red panties down to the floor. Travis quickly took his hard cock and put it up mom’s ass, mom started grunting and moaning as pushed in further and further in her ass. Travis said out loud, I love to fuck this ass, man this is great ass! He yelled out, MOM, you have a great ass, and started ramming hard. Mom, just said, OH DAMN, Travis kept ramming and ramming her ass, hard, THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD. Mom started screaming, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK YOUR WHORE MOTHER’S ASS HARD!Travis said, that’s right mom, now you understand, you are our fucking whore and Roger and I will use you when and how we want to. Mom said, I don’t care just keep fucking my ass! Fuck it hard! There was no doubt now, we had turned our hot looking mother into our total slut for us to use how we wanted, we could even probably whore her out if we wanted to.

Steve and Rhonda came in and Steve saw the video, wow Travis is fucking your mom?I turned to him and said, Yep, that is the other half of the surprise. We also started plugging mom about 3 months.

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   Travis loves to bang her ass almost every day. Travis has a huge very thick cock and every time he is done with her, he leaves that ass bored out. He also leaves her pussy huge. After Travis gets done, I usually fuck her right after, though my cock is a little bit longer than Travis’s, his cock is much thicker than mine. I can sink my cock all the way to my balls, with no resistance, right Rhonda, you know the deal, I practice lots on your pussy. She replied, you sure do!

Hey Steve, you want to bang mom, your aunt. She is hot looking lady, don’t tell me you never had any kind of hots for her, Travis and I always wanted to fuck her, so now we are fucking the shit out of her almost every day, you can join in. Steve said, maybe you guys can get my mother to start fucking me, I have always wanted to fuck my mom? I am sure we can handle that right Rhonda? Rhonda replies, sure can. Then Steve says, you think your mom will let me fuck her? She won’t have a choice, we are just going in there and just fuck her, come on, let’s go. I got Rhonda and lead her by the hand to the mom’s room. As we entered, Travis had mom on the edge of her bed on her knees with her ass up in the air and Travis just reaming her ass fast and hard, his balls were slapping hard right against her ass with every thrust, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, just totally leaving a huge asshole. Mom, was facing away from us, she was just screaming, OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK. I LOVE YOUR HUGE COCK, KEEP FUCKING ME, FUCK MY ASS HARD, REAL HARD!

I walked over to Travis and tapped his shoulder to let Steve go at it. Steve already had a rock-hard cock ready to go, so as soon as Travis moved away, Steve went inserted his cock right in her ass all the way to his balls with no resistance. At this point mom had just turned into delirious whore gone wild and plainly didn’t give a shit who fucked her.

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   Steve started banging mom real hard with his balls slapping her ass, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, and making the bed rock real loud, THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD. Steve said, man, this is a fine fucking ass, no wonder you like bang it all the time Travis.
    Travis said, I’m telling you!

    Steve stopped thrusting in mom’s ass and mom started backing up hard on his cock, hard. Mom was now repeatedly thrusting her ass at Steve’s cock, and kept saying, OH FUCK! OH FUCK! Steve said, look at this whore go! You guys have turned your slut mom into a great fucking hot whore. I tapped on Steve shoulder and I took his place, and mom started repeatedly thrusting her ass at my cock, screaming, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME! I quickly slipped out of her ass and grabbed mom, and I sat down on the edge and I sat her as I penetrated her pussy and she started riding me real hard. I laid back with mom on top and I said, one of you guys take that ass, lets do a DP on this whore! Travis quickly obliged and quickly started taking mom’s ass. Travis told Steve get on top of the bed and fuck her mouth. Let’s turn her into a real nympho whore.

    This was the hottest seen, I was fucking my mother’s pussy while my brother tore up her ass and our cousin fucking her mouth. Steve was making mom drool and gag, but Steve kept driving as much cock as he could down her throat. Mom started throwing up, and Travis threw a towel and Steve just wiped her mouth as he kept driving more cock down her throat. Steve told mom, take it all whore, come on take it all, look at this whore, she has all my cock down her throat, good job whore and Steve started fucking her mouth hard, just if he was fucking her ass. Travis was tearing up mom’s ass as I was fucking her pussy hard. All mom could do is grunt and moan loudly, because Steve was fucking the shit out her mouth.

    Steve said, get ready slut, I am get ready to come and he started blasting gobs of cum down mom’s throat, swallow it all slut, when he was done, Steve started withdrawing his cock and cum started dripping out of the sides of mom’s mouth.

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      Steve said, man, your mother is great cocksucker. Just then, Travis said out loud, as he thrust his cock one last time in mom’s ass and held her ass tight on against his cock, I’m coming deep in her ass, damn her ass feels so good. Travis started to take out his cock and I felt drops of his cum drip out of mom’s ass and land on my legs. Travis was done, so mom kept riding me hard, I flipped her around on her back and said, Steve hold her legs by her shoulders. When Steve held her legs, mom’s pussy was up in the air, and I started drilling that pussy hard, after a few minutes, I grabbed her by her hips and mom put her feet on the bed and used them as support, so she could lung her pussy at my cock and I thrust down to meet her pussy. We had turned mom in to a super- hot whore. I suddenly tensed up and held mom’s hips tight against my cock and she helped, holding her pussy tight against my cock and I started dumping a river of cum in her hot pussy. As I was coming mom was grinding her pussy against my cock, saying, give your whore all your cum, put your cum deep your whore’s pussy.

    I turned around and I saw Rhonda riding Travis on chair and Steve was fucking Rhonda’s mouth. I turned over to mom and asked, how do you like fucking your son’s and nephew? She said, I know it was wrong, but now she loves it, where else can an older woman go and have young great looking studs fuck her. Mom, Steve wants to fuck his mom also, since she is your sister, you think you can help him with that? Mom replied, I am sure I can get her to start fucking Steve and you guys, I know a lot about my sister that you guys and Steve don’t know.

    Mom went on to say, I sure won’t be going on any more dates, when I have all the cock I can handle here at home. Then mom said, you guys have fun with Rhonda, I will go downstairs and fix something to eat, we all will need to keep our strength up.

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