Baptism of Fire


I'd come into this gay sauna in Hamburg just to find out what it was like but I hadn't counted of being seduced by this blond bearded hulk who was kissing me passionately and fondling my body as he held me close in the shower. I could feel his hard dick rubbing against my belly and his hands were massaging my butt cheeks and then a well soaped finger pushed firmly into my tight little anus. I tried to protest but as my mouth opened wider he just pushed his tongue even further down my throat. I dug my fingers into the flesh round his shoulder blades wincing in pain but he just pushed his finger further in and instinctively I lifted my leg resting my thigh on his hip and allowing him to enter me more easily. He took this as an invite and moved his other hand to lift my other leg so I had both wrapped round his waist then he groped round my buttock so he could get a finger on this hand into me as well. I gasped and arched my back but he just grinned and looked into my eyes as though asking if I wanted to stop. I opened my mouth wide in a mixture of pain and ecstasy and hung on tight round his neck resting my head on his shoulder and kissing his neck. He nuzzled my ear licking it and nearly driving me crazy his fingers still slowly stretching my sphincter till I thought I would scream and I opened my mouth wide closing it on the base of his neck. He chuckled and whispered “bite me little one, I like that” and he pushed the second finger right in so the two could pull me wider open. I sunk my teeth hard into his neck to stifle a scream but he just lifted me up so I felt his hard cock slide down my belly past my own rigid member and then spring up against my balls. He lowered me slightly till I was resting on his shaft his fingers still working hard to expand my rectum so my teeth bit harder into his firm neck muscles. I heard him chuckle and murmur “ bite hard , harder you bite, harder I fuck!”.

He twisted round turning off the shower, lowered me to the ground and reached for his towel hanging on a peg nearby before drying me thoroughly paying special attention to my genitals and ass. I took the hint and grabbed my towel to dry him all over making sure I got a good feel of his cock, my god it was huge with pendulous balls swinging low in a shaven sac. He pulled me to him kissing me deeply again then breaking off wrapped a towel round his waist and said abruptly “we find room, want fuck you!”He marched off quicklybarely giving me time to grab my towel and no time to wrap it round me. He dragged me to the desk me blushing as we passed various grinning guys me still dragging my towel as he had me by the wrist and I couldn't wrap it round me one handed.

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  I almost died with shame when he said bluntly to the receptionist “want room, condom, lube!” (discovered later he was Russian and spoke only basic English). The guy didn't bat an eyelid just handed over a key, two or three packets of billy boy condoms and a tube of gel which my captor paid for with some notes out of a small purse he'd been carrying. He grabbed me by the wrist again (at least while he was paying I'd been able to regain some modesty by wrapping the towel round me) and marched me towards the room on the key fob pushing me inside and locking the door behind us. There wasa low couch with a rubber covered mattress and a TV on the wall which he proceeded to switch on and select a gay channel with a young boy being well shafted by a couple of older men. He turned to me grinning and dropped his towel showing a huge but now not quite hard cock and said “I fuck you like that!” then before I could stop him he grabbed my towel and whisked it away leaving me shivering and revealing my very erect tool.

He pulled me to him kissing me again and rubbing my cock against his, he licked my ear pushing his tongue right inside and as he squeezed my cock he whispered “cock hard, show you like. ”I tried to protest but he grabbed my hand and put it on his own shaft saying “get me nice and hard, go in your ass”. I rubbed his cock feeling it swell in my hand and eased down a little so I could rub the tip on my nipples. He noticed immediately and said “ah you like tits rubbed” and dropped on his knees licking them in turn and suckling them softly. Well my nipples have always been very sensitive and I just grabbed his head locking my fingers in his hair and moaning in pleasure. His sucking became more and more intense until I was squealing for him to ease off but he just laughed and started to nip them in turn with his teeth. I was just begging him to stop but he chuckled and said “you beg suck cock, you beg fuck ass, I stop!” and nipped even harder pulling my nips out until they finally slipped from between his teeth. I shrieked in pain but he just did it again and again muttering “you beg suck, you beg fuck I stop” till I told him what he wanted to hear. He grabbed my nipples and stood up yanking them down till with a yelp I dropped to my knees and took his massive tool in my mouth sucking it hard hoping to make him cum quickly. I should have known he wouldn't let me off so easily.

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  Before he got too close he yanked my nips again pulling me up on tip toe to kiss me his tongue exploring my mouth again while his cock pressed hard on my belly. He kept yanking me up and down to alternately suck his cock and kiss him till I was breathless and faint when he nuzzled my ear and mumured “ready to fuck now, you beg cock up ass!”Because I didn't respond immediately he bit my right nipple again and drew it up almost lifting me off the ground till I shrieked in agony.

Well!What could I do?He didn't even stop when I begged him to fuck my ass.

He kept on biting my tender flesh till it was raw telling me to “beg better, say what do!”He made me beg for his huge cock up my tight little hole until I was sobbing and pleading with him to do it. He handed me the sachet of lube for me to grease myself and made me pull my sphincter open till it hurt. He tore open the condom and pushed the teat end in my mouth then shoved in his member so I unrolled the rubber down his huge shaft as he pushed it slowly into my mouth till I was gagging. He motioned for me to bend over which I did andimmediately felt the cool of the rubber pressing on my narrow little entry. I tried to relax but had to bite my arm as I felt his huge cock spread me wide open and I felt my tender hole tear a little. I stifled the scream my mouth wanted to give but he heard and chuckled in glee. He slid slowly but smoothly into me until I felt his balls slap against mine. Then he drew back and slid in again more forcefully this time. I started to groan as I felt his tool right up inside my belly making it ache as though it was full which I guess it was.

God knows how long he fucked me , I was almost passing out at times. He pulled out and I sighed with relief thinking he must have cum but he motioned me to roll on to my back. He pulled me to the edge of the bed and pushed my legs up beside my chest then shoved his cock up my ass again, it was at least easier by now.

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  He fucked me hard and fast, this time squeezing my cock with his hand to hold me in place as he rammed into me. He grinned “you want cum?” as he started to wank me then laughed as he squeezed my balls to stop my orgasm in its tracks. I know I was moaning and begging him but what I was begging for I don't know. Eventually his breathing became faster and he started to wank me in earnest saying “cum bitch boy, cum”. I tried to hold on but exploded all up my belly with a strangled scream. He immediately let out a gasp as my tight little hole clenched and unclenched on his straining cock. His hand grabbed me cock even harder making me yelp in pain as he gave several heavy thrusts smacking his hips hard against my sweating buttocks. He slowed his movements until he finally withdrew holding up his softening shaft and peeling off carefully the condom so all his juice ran back along the massive shaft. Without any ceremony he grabbed my hair and pressed me face to it saying” lick, clean good!”. I licked every drop from it dreading that if I got him hard again he would fuck me some more.

Thank god he didn't, with a grunt he turned and unlocked the door and walked out without a word!I lay limp and humiliated for a few minutes, then still scared he might come back for more, I grabbed my towel and ran for the showers my own cum still dribbling down my belly. I didnt relax till I was several blocks away and all I had was a very sore ass to remind me of my baptism of fire!


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