best 2 weeks of school ever!


hi, this is my first story so please tell me if i'm very good,so i can make another story.
This story is first person and it is related to something that happened to me. names have been changed

There i was standing outside of the school waiting to go in. This was my first day of grade 9 and it was a new school so i was completely unfamiliar with anyone. As i was waiting for the teachers to call in the different classes, i started to inspect all the other kids whom will soon become my classmates. Most of them were guys about 6 of them were girls. Most of the guys were cool except one gay guy but that doesn't matter, so i started to inspect the girls and to my dismay only 1 of them was moderately good looking and most of the other guys were already on her. All the other girls were just too unattractive to even think more about talking to. After this 'inspection', i started to think this was going to be a horrible year but i didn't have much time to think because the teachers were calling in everybody.
'All grade nines, please follow me upstairs!" the teacher called. we all followed her upstairs.

As i walked in to class i hadto choose were to sit but then someone interrupted me. . . "hey! come sit over here!"
i looked over and to my surprise, i saw someone who looked very friendly, so i sat down beside him.

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  . whats your name" he said. "my names Greg' i replied. "well, its very nice to meet you Greg" he said. " my names Brock"
After that it was all good for the rest of the day and i figured i had it going good for myself with my new friend Brock, so that meant the only problem was that there was no potential girlfriends for me.


"hey Brock" i said, as i sat down beside him in the first class which was attendance period.
"hey dude" replied Brock as he looked up from his cellphone that he was hiding under his desk.
I said, "who are you texting?' 'oh just my girlfriend" he replied.
That made me think, what was i going to do this year? turn gay from lack of girls? just then the teacher spoke up; "class! before you go to your next period, i would like to introduce you to Erika, your new classmate!" At that point my mind was totally focused on Erika. She was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen in my entire life. She had a perfect face with blue eyes and black slightly curly hair and some very nice 36C breasts and to top it all off, her ass was fantastic. After i finally snapped out of my hypnosis i realized that nobody else was paying any positive attention to Erica, all i saw was people frowning and whispering to each other how much of a slut she is and other shit like that.

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after half the day of ignoring class and staring at Erica, it was lunchtime and i proceeded to unlock my locker and get my money for lunch. but then i remembered that i forgot my pencil case in math class so i ran back to go get it. When i came back to my locker, everyone was already downstairs eating lunch in the cafeteria, so all of upstairs was basically empty.
after i got my money, i was just about to go downstairs when i heard what sounded like someone screaming into a blanket come from the boys washroom, so i turned around and walked in to the bathroom and realized that two guys from my class were holding down gagged Erica while they unbuckled their pants.
they both turned around and saw me and one of them asked 'hey do you wanna help us teach this bitch a lesson about being a slut?'
I got so angry i didn't say anything i just walked up to them and fucked them up so bad that they needed to go to the hospital. (i know Karate) i then proceeded to un-gag Erica who was in tears. "are you OK?' i said 'yes i am but if you hadn't come those fuckers would have raped me. Thank you!' She then gave me a kiss on the cheek and walked away with the principal to work everything out. i then walked into the bathroom stall to clean the jizz out of my pants from getting kissed by Erica.


During the previous week, i had become best friends with Erika alongside Brock. Every day i found that me and Erika were getting closer and closer together and becoming more than just friends.
it was a Friday and i was sitting at the table eating lunch with Erika and Brock.

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Erika stood up and went to the bathroom.
"Dude,she really likes you" whispered Brock.
'And i really like her' i replied.
'you should ask her out' Brock said as he was chewing on his sandwich
'OK ill try' I replied
Erica then came back from the washroom.
'um. . . Greg,do you think you could come to my house today so we can help each other with the science project?' Erika asked
'sure' i said as me and Brock gave each other a glance.
'alright, see you after school!'
Erika walked away to class as the bell rang. . .


There i was standing on the sidewalk in front of my school thinking how lucky i am when Erika walked up to me.

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"sorry im late' she said. 'I had to ask a teacher about something'
'thats OK' i said.
We proceeded to walk towards Erika's house and we talked.
while we were talking, she took my hand and i tried to act natural and not burst into tears of joy.
'oh heres my house up here' she said excitedly.
we both walked into her house. 'my parents wont be home until Monday because they went to las Vegas' she said
i took off my shoes and we both ran up to her room.
i walked in first and proceeded to look out the window when i heard the door close behind me.
i turned around and looked at beautiful Erika.
i swear we were staring at each other for almost a minute before i spoke up. ' Erika i know you didn't bring me here to work on science,so tell me why you brought me here'
she put both her hands on my cheeks. 'i think we both know the real reason why' she replied
andthen we kissed on the lips for long time.
then she pushed me on to the bed and started to pull off my pants when i stopped her. 'are you sure you want to do this?' i said
'i see the way you look at me everyday,and i know you want me, and i want you too!'she replied.
she then continued to pull of my pants while i took of my shirt.

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i was then sitting on her bed in my boxers watching her take of her shirt and pants to expose her bra and panties.
my 8 inch cock got a full raging boner from her standing there.
she then pulled of my boxers and sucked my cock. it was so amazing feeling her amazing lips slide over my dick and her hands squeezing my balls.
'wow! your cock is so big!' she said in amazement.
'enough of this'she said 'i want you inside me now!'
'what about a condom' i said
'i stole my moms birth control pills just for this occasion' she said
she then took of her bra and panties to expose her goddess body.
her tits were so perfect with large nipples and her pussy was perfect also with its tightness and it was pink and drooling wet.
Erika jumped on top of me and i inserted my now 10 inch cock into her pussy.
she screamed with pleasure as i opened her up with my throbbing dick.
she then bounced up and down my dick and i could feel the entrance to her womb my dick was so big.
"oh yah!!' she screamed as she bounced up and down faster and faster.
'your fucking cock is ripping me open'
she bent over to kiss me while i fucked her
she then layed down on the side of the bed so i could penetrate her even deeper.
'i want all of you inside me now'
i stuck my cock inside her hot dripping pussy and i continued to fuck her.
oh yes! oh! oh yes fuck me! she screamed
she then started to orgasm over and over i pulled out and she screamed as she squirted all over the room. uh ya!
i then stuck my dick into her again and this time i was pumping in the deepest i could and she was screaming with pleasure.

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   as i went faster and faster i could feel her pussy squirt juice dripping over my cock.
faster and faster i went until i gave off the biggest cum shot of my life as she gave off the biggest squirt of her life. i sprayed cum all inside her hot pussy then i pulled out and continued cumming on her face for 30 more seconds.
ooh yah!
after i was done, we both fell asleep on the bed together. she was white with hot cum and i was dripping with pussy juice.

that is the end of my story and please tell me in the comments if you would like me to continue the story! thank you for reading

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