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Lara: you know what i feel in the mood for?
Zach: Hmm?
Lara: master/slave. . . being the slave
Zach: Do you want to?
Lara: yupyup 
Zach: Okie.
Lara: ok you make the scene, you're the master 
Zach: Mmm. . .
Zach: How about. . . you're cleaning the house, and I come up from behind.
Lara: Okie
Lara: *is wearing a maid outfit too small for her curves as it shrunk in the wash, scrubbing a sculpture*
Zach: *strolls slowly through the house, not making any noise*
Lara: *hums softly, drying the sculpture now and wiping down its stand*
Zach: *rounds the corner and sees you cleaning, hiding back behind a wall*
Lara: *bands over to clean the bottom, unconsciously taunting you*
Zach: *tip toes up behind you, waiting for you to stand back up*
Lara: *dries it off, standing up slowly as she works her way up*
Zach: *steps behind you swiftly, wrapping his arms around your waist*
Lara: *feels her heart jump, turning her head to see you* is everything alright master?
Zach: *nuzzles your neck softly, pulling you close* Just seeing how my pet was doing.
Lara: *draws herself closer to you, not wanting to upset you* i-isnt. . . the lady of the h-house home.

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  . . ?
Zach: *kisses your cheek* She isn't. She's gone for today.
Lara: *feels a certain amount of relief, arching her neck slightly to your kiss*
Zach: How's the cleaning coming along? *kisses your cheek again*
Lara: good. . . good. . . im getting it d-done faster than usual today *bites her lip and looks away from you, trying to speak but cant*
Zach: Oh? Why's that? *kisses down your neck*
Lara: I-I~. . . did something i shouldnt~ have. .

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Zach: *gnaws gently at your neck, his hands moving below your waist* And what would that be?
Lara: w-when. . . i shrunk my uniform. . . it was on purpose to get you to look at me. . . i dont want the lady to be upset at me, please, punish me. . .
Zach: *rubs your inner thighs and hips, whispering softly in your ear* Is that what you want, to be punished?
Lara: *shakes and looks at you, biting her lip* y-yes. .

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  . its driving me crazy. . .
Zach: *kisses your cheek again, pulling away* Bend over.
Lara: *feels her heart sink as she looks at you in surprise, pausing before slowly bending over, lifting her own skirt and biting her lip*
Zach: *makes his hand flat, and slaps your ass cheek hard*
Lara: *grabs onto the stand for the sculpture and lets out a cry*
Zach: That's a bad slave, trying to get my attention like that. *smacks your ass again twice in a row*
Lara: *moans back to back, arching her back down as she feels herself getting wet* P-please f-forgive me. . .
Zach: We'll see about that. You know you don't need to try and show off your body like that to get me to look at you. *smacks your ass rapidly*
Lara: *grabs the stand tightly, crying out in rhythm to your smacks, panting* H-How else w-would i be able to m-master?. .
Zach: Just ask me when we're alone, no need to be subtle. *alternates between cheeks until both are bright red*
Lara: *bites her lip and looks down, her pussy dripping slightly as she blushes a bright red, unable to turn her head to face you* mmm.

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  . .
Zach: *gives both cheeks one final, hard slap* Do you think you've been punished enough, slave?
Lara: *almost topples over, letting out a sharp cry* Its not my say. . . A-Are you satisifed~ m-master?. .
Zach: I'm not. My wife, should I say, is uninterested in me, so I feel a bit deprived. Now, stand up.
Lara: I-Im sorry. . *stands up slowly, her knees wobbling as she looks up at you admiringly, still blushing and panting slightly*
Zach: *gazes directly into your eyes*
Lara: *gazes back, feeling her body shake with eagerness and fear*
Zach: *leans down, and passionately kisses you*
Lara: *kisses back weakly at first, afraid to betray your wife and slowly kisses deeper*
Zach: *watches your eyes, suddenly breaking off this kiss* Strip down.
Lara: y-yes sir. .

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  . *weakly undoes her apron and slides down her skirt, revealing herself in a pair of black panties and a corset, looking up momentarily, blushing and awaiting approval to continue*
Zach: *frowns for a moment* I didn't say stop.
Lara: s-s-sorry *unties her corset and lets it drop in front of her, her nipples hard as she blushes, and slowly slides her panties down and steps out of them, crossing her arms in front of her breasts as she looks up at you blushing, her pussy moist from the spanking*
Zach: *grabs your arms away from your breasts, revealing them* You seem so shy, why is that?
Lara: I-I. . . Ive always fantasized about you m-m-master. . . im just nervous that youre actually h-here. . . *looks down*
Zach: *takes you by your wrist, dragging you along to the upstairs bedrooms, tugging harder* We'll fix your nervousness then, pet, and maybe you can tell me what these "fantasies" of yours are.
Lara: *tries to keep up, blushing as she listens to you and biting her lip, realizing where shes being taken*
Zach: *flings open the master bedroom doors, revealing the lush, expensive bed, while tugging you inside*
Lara: *looks around, stunned by the luxuriousness of it all, feeling unfit to be here and following you slowly*
Zach: *leads you roughly to the bed* Sit.
Lara: yes sir~ *sits at the edge of the bed, looking down nervously*
Zach: *pulls off his shirt, tossing it carelessly to the side* Now, tell me what you fantasize about.
Lara: w-when im in the shower i often picture y-you.

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  . . kissing me in front of your wife. . . watching me touch myself. . . many bad thoughts. . . *looks at you for a moment and looks down, ashamed*
Zach: *snorts, lifting your chin and looking into your eyes* Keep going. I want to know in full detail.
Lara: *looks up at you, pausing* . .

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  . I have many fantasies of you touching me. . . or kissing me. . . with your wife frozen, looking on. . . or me masturbating by the pool and you pleasuring yourself as watch. . . or hopping in the shower with me as i pleasure myself to these thoughts, having your way with me. .

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Zach: Is that so? Pick one then, I'll make it come true.
Lara: *looks at you, unable to speak as her heart races* I-I. . . I cant. . . pick for me. . .
Zach: *glares at you with an evil eye* I said pick one, not complain.
Lara: yes sir~ *bites her lip, cautiously and spreads her legs gently, sliding a hand in front of her and rubbing up and down her slit, looking up at you, blushing*
Zach: *continues to glare at you* I meant now, pet.
Lara: watch me mastubate then m-master. .

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  . a-and touch yourself~ *feels her heart race*
Zach: *smirks, sliding down his pants and boxers, letting his semi-hard cock fall free*
Lara: *looks at your cock, tensing up and shocked for a moment, seeing her masters naked body, sliding a finger into her pussy and massaging her clit*
Zach: *grabs his cock and begins to pump slowly, growing harder with each movement*
Lara: *looks on eagerly, leaning her head back slightly as she spreads her lips and slides in a second finger, pumping them inside herslelf as se grabs her left breast with her free hand, rubbing it*
Zach: *strokes himself faster, smiling devilishly at you* I didn't know my slave was so dirty.
Lara: d-do you like it master? *blushes, looking into your eyes as she spreads her pussy with those fingers before rubbing her clit*
Zach: Of course I do. I've had my own thoughts about my beautiful servant. *strokes himself harder, growing rock hard*
Lara: i will be as dirty as you want me to be master~ *fingers herself deeper and harder, moaning deeply as she watches you jerking off* what thoughts?. . . *bites her lip*
Zach: Like sneaking up on you from behind, and forcing you to do naughty things. *breathes harder, jerking off faster*
Lara: w-what types of things? *eager to please her master, as she fingers deeper, sliding in a third finger and moaning heavily*
Zach: Many, many things. I've also fantasizing about what we're doing now, I've came many times to it. *steps forward, pumping his cock near your face*
Lara: *looks at your cock, moaning deeply from her own touch and looks up at you innocently*
Zach: *smirks again, smiling deeply* Is there something you wanted?
Lara: I-I want to please you master. . . *looks at your cock, her pussy growing moist as she licks her lips and looks at you innocently again*
Zach: *jerks off his hard cock inches from your mouth* Then please me.
Lara: yes sir~ *pauses, stunned that she is in this position with her master and gently wraps her lips around his head, sucking at it softly*
Zach: *lets his hand fall away, groping at your breast and nipple, his other hand pushing your face into his cock*
Lara: *purrs into your cock, sucking down deeper from your touch, tilting her head to get it as wet as she can*
Zach: *strokes his hand through your hair, wincing from pleasure*
Lara: *sucks harder and faster, her heart racing as she realizes what shes doing to her master*
Zach: *pants quicker, looking down to see his servant sucking* It isn't fair you get to taste my cock.

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   69 position, now.
Lara: *lifts her head suddenly, feeling her body shiver* yes master!~ *sets her body up, letting her pussy sit inches from her masters mouth, turning her on so much she deepthroats*
Zach: *moans for a moment, before burying his face into your pussy, eating his faithful servant out hard*
Lara: *moans and purrs into your cock, shivering as she sucks up and down*
Zach: *hums into your clit, sending waves through you, his tongue sliding all around*
Lara: *cries out, her lips still wrapped around your cock, sucking down deeper and faster as she shivers*
Zach: *blows air onto your slit, teasing you, before pushing his face back in, moaning into his servant's pussy*
Lara: *arches her back, shaking from your mouths touch as she pulls up for a second, panting, and licks circles around your head*
Zach: *closes his eyes and tries to control his breathing, his cock throbbing as it builds up cum*
Lara: *is even more turned on, knowing that she is pleasing her master and kisses his cock deeply, sucking at his head*
Zach: *bites down on your lips in return, pulling them with his teeth, running his tongue along your slit before pushing it in deep and hard*
Lara: *arches her neck down and moans deeply, pausing momentarily before sucking down hard and beginning to face-fuck her master*
Zach: *eats his servant out faster, his cock pulsing quick and hard, ready to explode*
Lara: *feels her pussy about to flow and begins to suck harder, wanting her master to cum at the same time as her, deepthroating him and twisting her head*
Zach: *takes a deep breathe, still tongue-fucking you, as his cock reaches its limit and throbs fast and hard, moments away from climax*
Lara: *pulls up, still sucking at your head, not wanting to gag at her masters cum as she purrs deeply, pausing as she cums, crying out into your cock as she shivers*
Zach: *cries out in unison as his cock unloads, shooting into your mouth as your cum flows into his*
Lara: *gulps down her masters load, triumphant that she was able to please him as she shakes, sensitive from cumming*
Zach: *laps up his servant's cum, swallowing it as it runs down his cheeks and chins, satisfied*
Lara: *kisses and pulls at her masters head with her lips, drawing out any more cum as she shivers*
Zach: *winces from his cocks sensitivity, shooting out a little more*
Lara: *licks it off of her masters head as her body aches*
Zach: *pants, his face soaked, still flicking your clit with his tongue to catch more cum*
Lara: *purrs gently, shaking as shivers from sensitivity, motionless*
Zach: *gently slides from underneath you, rolling you onto your back and laying besides you*
Lara: T-That was wonderful.
    . m-master *giggles as she licks her lips, watching the expression on your face*
    Zach: *grins slyly at you, licking his lips back* Is that enough "punishment" for you, pet?
    Lara: for today sir. . . i need to do more cleaning or the Mrs. will be angry. . . *bites her lip*
    Zach: The Missus won't do anything so long as I'm around. *kisses your cheek*
    Lara: *strokes her palm up and down your arm, looking into your eyes*
    Zach: *kisses you again, quickly tweaking your nipple playfully* How would you like to be more than a lowly slave?
    Zach: You'd still serve me, but you would be better off.
    Lara: *looks at you as her heart sinks* what do you mean master? *as her eyes widen*
    Zach: Nothing important right now, we'll discuss it later. Clean up and go back to cleaning.
    Lara: yes sir~



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